Site Work definition

Site Work means soil preparation including soil analysis, grading, drainage, utility trenches, and foundation systems prepara- tion, and field-installed work including terminal and connections, on-site utility connections, accessibility structures, egress paths, parking, lighting, landscaping, and similar work.
Site Work. Site Work" is defined in Recital E of this Agreement and is shown on the Site Work Plans, and includes all Infrastructure Improvements, as well as the installation and construction of all above- and below-ground footings, girders, columns, braces, load-bearing walls, foundations and standard structural support elements necessary for the construction, support, structural integrity, enclosure and operation of Buildings and other improvements constituting the Redeveloped Aladdin except for the Music Hotel and the Central Energy Plant, and any replacement, substitution or modification thereof, all of which shall be designed, installed and constructed by the Aladdin Parties, at their sole cost and expense.
Site Work shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.2.

Examples of Site Work in a sentence

  • Power Plant, Tunnels, Amusement Park, Athletic Stadium Site Work ,Pollution Control,Sewer Plant, Waste Plant, & Water Treatment Facilities, Construction.

  • The quoted Prices towards Transportation, Supervision, Training, Site Work, AMC shall be inclusive of all taxes & duties except Goods & Service Tax (GST).

  • If Contractor maintains or is capable of generating summaries or reports comparing actual Project costs with Bid estimates or budgets, Contractor shall provide Owner with a copy of such report upon Owner’s request.B. Contractor shall maintain daily job reports recording all significant activity on the job, including the number of workers on Site, Work activities, problems encountered and delays.

  • Contractor shall maintain daily job reports recording all significant activity on the job, including the number of workers on Site, Work activities, problems encountered and delays.

  • Hard Costs--The sum total of Building Costs, Site Work costs, Off-Site Construction costs and contingency.

More Definitions of Site Work

Site Work as used in this Schedule Z shall include all work related to: (a) sidewalk opening/demolition; (b) trenching to power source (e.g., light pole);
Site Work has the meaning set forth in Exhibit G.
Site Work. The term "Site Work", which includes Common Area, shall mean onsite and offsite work to be constructed by Tenant and paid for by the Parties as set forth in Section 3.F as reasonably required to prepare the Property for development as contemplated in this Construction Agreement (including any additional onsite or offsite work that may be required in order to obtain any required governmental approvals (including, but not limited to, the Planned Community Permit and any building permits) or to obtain approval for any increased size of development on the Property), including, without limitation, construction and improvement of the Common Areas of the Complex, grading, any required street improvements, any required onsite or offsite extension of utilities, any required onsite or offsite landscaping, any required levee reinforcement, and the Property's share (which is equal to 66% of the total) of any required onsite or offsite burrowing owl mitigation. Tenant's legal fees and consultant's fees associated with Tenant's due diligence review of the Property and any costs related thereto (including, but not limited to, any fees or costs related to the drafting and negotiating of this Construction Agreement, the Leases, the Ground Lease being entered into by Tenant and certain members of Landlord, or the limited liability company formation documents related to Landlord), shall not be included in the cost of the Site Work but Tenant's legal fees and consultant's fees associated with seeking or obtaining any governmental approvals or permits associated with (or imposed as a condition to) developing the Complex shall be included in the cost of the Site Work (including by way of example, 66% of the legal fees and consultant's fees associated with the negotiation, preparation and review of the applications, reports, license agreements and memorandums of understanding relating to the burrowing owl mitigation plan).
Site Work means all of the obligations required to be performed by or on behalf of Landlord in order to furnish and construct or cause to be furnished and constructed, the Shell of the Premises in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Lease.
Site Work means the portion of a construction project that is not part of the building structure, including but not limited to, grading, excavation, landscape irrigation and the installation of driveways.
Site Work means that portion of the work set forth in Appendix A, and detailed in the Corrective Action Plan, that is to be directly performed by Settling Defendant or its contractors in connection with the investigation and remediation of the former Northside Drive and Water Street facilities; the installation, operation, and maintenance of POETs; the provision of alternative water supplies; and long- term monitoring and well-testing. Site Work shall also include site investigation work performed by Settling Defendant in Corrective Action Area II. Site Work shall not include the Water Extensions Work.
Site Work means the site preparation work within the Redevelopment Site that is necessary to enable the construction and operation of the Super Target or an equivalent facility for an Alternate User, which consists of, without limitation, (a) the demolition of all existing structures and designated utilities within the Redevelopment Site; and (b) the construction and dedication to the City of Reed Street, as shown on the Site Plan, from Church Ranch Boulevard north to the eastern boundary of the Redevelopment Site; (c) rough grading and environmental work, if applicable; and (d) any other site preparation work designated by DHC or an Alternate User, as applicable.