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In Contact means coming within six (6) feet or closer.
In Contact means that no visible layer is present between the tumour and the neighbouring structure. For vessels, a “contact” means that less than 50% of its circumference is in contact with the tumour (more than 50% being named “encasement”). The termcompression” is additionally used for veins with reduced diameter but still partially visible lumen. The term “compression” is also used for spinal cord and airways when a tumour is in contact and causes the short axis of the structure to be reduced. For other vital structures (neighbouring organs), a “contact” may be associated withdisplacement” (abnormal anatomic location) or “distortion” (abnormal anatomic shape) of the structure, but neither with “total encasement” nor “infiltration”. When a tumour is “in contact” with a vital structure, according to previous definitions, an IDRF is not present. However, “compression” of the trachea or the spinal cord is considered as an IDRF.
In Contact means that, in the pharmaceutical form, the active compound is either intimately mixed with the polymer matrix (full contact) or it is partially mixed with the polymeric matrix, for instance when the core (in which the active compound is present) is overcoated by a composition comprising the polymeric matrix (partially in contact) [0064] "Non extended release form or formulation" is a pharmaceutical form or formulation that releases the active compound immediately after dosing and does not allow a reduction in dosage frequency. The pharmaceutical form or

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  • In contact with some metals (Aluminium, Zinc and their Alloys) Hydrogen Gas is formed, which may form an explosive mixture with air.

  • In contact erosion, the fine soil particles intrude into the coarse-particle soil layer.

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In Contact. A Cross-Linguistic Typology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
In Contact means coming within six (6) feet or closer. “Person or personsincludes all persons not exempted from wearing face coverings or masks in this ordinance. The terms include business employees, as well as customers, visitors, guests, clients and invitees.

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