Clean-up definition

Clean-up means all actions required under applicable Environmental Law to: (A) contain, clean-up, remove, treat or remediate Hazardous Materials so that they do not migrate or endanger human health or the environment; (B) perform post-remedial monitoring and care; or (C) respond to any request by any Governmental Entity for information or documents in any way relating to containment, clean-up, removal, treatment or remediation or potential containment, clean-up, removal, treatment or remediation of Hazardous Material.
Clean-up. The Agent is granted full power and authority by the Owner to contract for any repairs or clean-up (costs not to exceed Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) per item), which in the judgement of the Agent is necessary to maintain the premises in rentable condition. The costs of such clean-up or repair shall be paid out of the Owner's funds. This amount may be exceeded in the event an emergency exists that requires immediate action to protect the Premises or to maintain services to Tenants as called for in the lease.

Examples of Clean-up in a sentence

  • Start SmallThere are already some initiatives or proposed initiatives which can be promoted under a banner of the Devizes Green Pledge which provide a starting point:● The Clean Up Devizes Squad (CUDS) work to keep Devizes clean and the planting of wildflowers.● The Sustainable Devizes proposed Repair Cafe.

  • He explained that in order to engage with the community a number of methods had been used including “Have Your Say Day, Clean Up Day” where 19 tonnes of waste was collected.

  • Obtained PCR products of the independent replicates were pooled to one healthy and one infested composite sample per loca- tion and purified using Wizard®SV Gel and PCR Clean- Up System.

  • Thank you to all who participated in the Church Clean Up effort! Right refrigerator and outdoor lights need fixing.

  • ADD Resolution Authority Authority No. Code Class Title From To 1 9184 Management Analyst 7/1/2017 6/30/2018 Purpose: To continue resolution authority for one position approved by Council in 2015-16 (C.F. 15-0600) to support the Clean Up Green Up Program.

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Clean-up means the removal or remediation of Contamination or other response to Contamination in compliance with all Environmental Laws and to the satisfaction of all applicable governmental agencies, and in compliance with good commercial practice.