Trade Union Sample Clauses

Trade Union. Unless otherwise required by law, no Group Member has any agreement or other arrangement (binding or otherwise) with any trade union or other body representing its employees or any of them nor does it recognize any trade union or other body representing its employees or any of them for negotiating purposes.
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Trade Union. For so long as required by applicable PRC Law, the staff and workers of the Company shall have the right to establish a trade union organization and conduct trade union activities in accordance with applicable PRC Law.
Trade Union. The organisations agree that it is natural that part-time workers are members of the same trade union as the other employees in the enterprise. Clause 7 Shiftwork‌
Trade Union. The Company’s employees may establish a trade union organization in accordance with the Trade Union Law of the PRC. If such trade union is established, the Company shall contribute two percent (2%) of its monthly actual payroll of employees to the trade union. The trade union’s activities shall comply with applicable laws and regulations of the PRC. Chapter 10 Financial Affairs, Taxation and Auditing
Trade Union. Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxxx HR Expert, Strategic Recruitment Unit Chairman EWC ČEZ ČEZ a.s. Odborový svaz ECHO Duhová 2/1444 Nám. W. Churchilla 2 140 53 Prague 4 130 00 Prague 3 Tel.: +000 000 000 000 Tel.: +000 000 000 000 Email: xxxxxx.xxxx@xxx.xx Email: xxxxx.xxxxxx@xxx.xx Dual training / Denmark Learning Objective / Summary: In Denmark, we have a system based on dual training in our vocational training system, where two thirds of the training takes place in a company. Description of the initiative: The dual training and learning system simply makes young people much more employable. The benefits of dual training are:  It combines education with labour market needs and is demand driven  It gives the young people a working experience which is very valuable when they are looking for their first job - also for marginalised groups  It makes education more attractive for the many young people who learn better by combining theory and practical learning  The young people acquire both theoretical and practical skills and learn to “stand on their own feet”. Many become innovators and entrepreneurs  Enterprises and their employees get used to training and integrating “newcomers” and they see the importance of learning  The young people learn how it is to be part of a labour market and they can bring to the company the newest know-how from the training institute Assessment / Results: Youth unemployment in Denmark is very low among graduates of vocational education training – not least compared with other European countries. Contacts: Employer: Trade Union: Confederation of Danish Employers – DA Xxxxx Xxxxx Møller Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx 000 EU-konsulent/EU og International afdeling DK-1790 Copenhagen Direkte tlf.: 0000 0000 Denmark Mobil: 00000000 Tel: +00 00000000 Email: xxx@xx.xx
Trade Union a sector association of Employees that has a legal personality that can enter into a Collective Agreement by virtue of its articles.
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Trade Union. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Lavoro e Welfare - Confindustria CGIL - Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro Viale dell'Astronomia n. 30 - I - 00144 Xxxx Xxxxx d'Italia 25 - 00198 Roma - Italy Tel.: + 00 00 00 00 000 Tel: +00 0000000 Email: x.xxxxxxx@Xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx Email: x.xxxxx@xxxxx.xxxx.xx “Talento delle Idee” and “LATUAIDEADIMPRESA®” Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs / Italy Learning Entrepreneurship
Trade Union. Employees of the EJV may establish a trade union and carry out trade union activities in accordance with the Relevant Laws and Regulations of the PRC.
Trade Union. In a company or a group of companies with employees unionised in Industri Energi, irrespective of whether operations are covered by the present basic agreement, Industri Energi may establish one or more trade unions with the right to negotiate under Chapter II. Addition to record of proceedings: The right to establish additional unions within a federation is ensured by section 3.2. The parties acknowledge that the wording of section 3.2 may involve a financial burden to companies. It is therefore important that the provision is not applied in an unreasonable manner.
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