Unless otherwise agreed definition

Unless otherwise agreed means unless the secured party and the debtor agree otherwise.
Unless otherwise agreed always means expressly agreed and in writing.
Unless otherwise agreed means unless the

Examples of Unless otherwise agreed in a sentence

  • Unless otherwise agreed in individual contracts, all orders are subject to the current version of the “General Terms and Conditions of Würth Elektronik eiSos Group”, last version available at www.we-online.com.

  • Unless otherwise agreed by Registry Operator and ICANN, the file will be made available for download by ICANN in the same manner as the data specified in Section 3.1 of this Specification.

  • Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, the arbitrator(s) shall render a decision within ninety (90) Calendar Days of appointment and shall notify the Parties in writing of such decision and the reasons therefor.

  • Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties, Supplier warrants that items ordered to specifications will conform thereto and to any drawings, samples or other descriptions furnished or adopted by County, or, if not ordered to specifications will be fit and sufficient for the purpose intended, and that all items will be new, merchantable, of good material and workmanship, and free from defect.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, Dane County will pay properly submitted vendor invoices within thirty (30) days of receipt of goods and services.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, no delay, act or omission by a party in exercising any right or remedy will be deemed a waiver of that, or any other, right or remedy.

  • Unless otherwise agreed, items purchased at a price F.O.B. Shipping point plus transportation charges are understood to not relieve the contractor from responsibility for safe and proper delivery notwithstanding the Authorized Users payment of transportation charges.

  • Unless otherwise agreed in mediation, the Parties retain their rights to proceed to arbitration or litigation.

  • Unless otherwise agreed by Obligee, in its sole discretion, Surety shall not utilize Principal in completing the Contract nor shall Surety accept a bid from Principal for completion of the work in the event of default by the Principal.

  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing, acceptance of a Vendor’s proposal shall include approval to use the subcontractor(s) that have been specified therein.

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Unless otherwise agreed always means expressly agreed and in writing. Version: 2021/05/20
Unless otherwise agreed means unless the secured
Unless otherwise agreed means unless otherwise stated:

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  • Organization Documents means, (a) with respect to any corporation, the certificate or articles of incorporation and the bylaws (or equivalent or comparable constitutive documents with respect to any non-U.S. jurisdiction); (b) with respect to any limited liability company, the certificate or articles of formation or organization and operating agreement; and (c) with respect to any partnership, joint venture, trust or other form of business entity, the partnership, joint venture or other applicable agreement of formation or organization and any agreement, instrument, filing or notice with respect thereto filed in connection with its formation or organization with the applicable Governmental Authority in the jurisdiction of its formation or organization and, if applicable, any certificate or articles of formation or organization of such entity.

  • References to other enterprises" shall include employee benefit plans; references to "fines" shall include any excise taxes assessed on Indemnitee with respect to an employee benefit plan; and references to "serving at the request of the Company" shall include any service as a director, officer, employee, agent or fiduciary of the Company which imposes duties on, or involves services by, such director, officer, employee, agent or fiduciary with respect to an employee benefit plan, its participants or its beneficiaries; and if Indemnitee acted in good faith and in a manner Indemnitee reasonably believed to be in the interest of the participants and beneficiaries of an employee benefit plan, Indemnitee shall be deemed to have acted in a manner "not opposed to the best interests of the Company" as referred to in this Agreement.

  • Operating Documents are, for any Person, such Person’s formation documents, as certified by the Secretary of State (or equivalent agency) of such Person’s jurisdiction of organization on a date that is no earlier than thirty (30) days prior to the Effective Date, and, (a) if such Person is a corporation, its bylaws in current form, (b) if such Person is a limited liability company, its limited liability company agreement (or similar agreement), and (c) if such Person is a partnership, its partnership agreement (or similar agreement), each of the foregoing with all current amendments or modifications thereto.

  • Articles means these articles of association of the Company.

  • Reorganization Documents means each of the documents attached as an exhibit hereto and all other agreements and documents entered into in connection with the Reorganization Transactions.

  • Operating Agreements means the management agreements, service contracts, supply contracts, leases (other than the Leases) and other agreements, if any, in effect with respect to the construction, ownership, operation, occupancy or maintenance of the Property. All of the Operating Agreements in force and effect as of the date hereof are listed on Exhibit E attached hereto.

  • Organizational Document means (i) relative to each Person that is a corporation, its charter and its by-laws (or similar documents), (ii) relative to each Person that is a limited liability company, its certificate of formation and its operating agreement (or similar documents), (iii) relative to each Person that is a limited partnership, its certificate of formation and its limited partnership agreement (or similar documents), (iv) relative to each Person that is a general partnership, its partnership agreement (or similar document) and (v) relative to any Person that is any other type of entity, such documents as shall be comparable to the foregoing.

  • Construction Documents means, collectively, the Uniform General and Supplementary Conditions; Owner’s Special Conditions and Specifications; and the Drawings, Specifications, details, Change Orders and other documents prepared by A/E, its consultants, and by Owner’s consultants, that describe the scope and quality of the Project and the materials, supplies, equipment, systems and other elements that are required for construction of the Project that are accepted by Owner.

  • Governing Documents means, with respect to any Person, the certificate or articles of incorporation, by-laws, or other organizational documents of such Person.

  • Network Operating Agreement means an executed agreement that contains the terms and conditions under which the Network Customer shall operate its facilities and the technical and operational matters associated with the implementation of Network Integration Transmission Service under Tariff, Part III. Network Operating Committee:

  • Charter means the Corporation’s certificate or articles of incorporation, articles of association, or similar organizational document.

  • References in this Credit Agreement to "Articles", "Sections", "Schedules" or "Exhibits" shall be to Articles, Sections, Schedules or Exhibits of or to this Credit Agreement unless otherwise specifically provided.

  • Application Documents means collectively: (i) the grant application submitted by Grantee, including all exhibits, schedules, appendices and attachments thereto; (ii) all documents, correspondence and other written materials submitted in respect of such grant application; and (iii) all amendments, modifications or supplements to any of the foregoing approved in writing by City.

  • Constituent Documents means, with respect to any Person, collectively and, in each case, together with any modification of any term thereof, (a) the articles of incorporation, certificate of incorporation, constitution or certificate of formation of such Person, (b) the bylaws, operating agreement or joint venture agreement of such Person, (c) any other constitutive, organizational or governing document of such Person, whether or not equivalent, and (d) any other document setting forth the manner of election or duties of the directors, officers or managing members of such Person or the designation, amount or relative rights, limitations and preferences of any Stock of such Person.

  • Material Agreements shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 4.16 hereof.

  • Charter Document means as to any Person, its partnership agreement, certificate of incorporation, certificate of formation, operating agreement, membership agreement or similar constitutive document or agreement or its by-laws.

  • Governing Document means any charter, articles, bylaws, certificate, statement, statutes or similar document adopted, filed or registered in connection with the creation, formation or organization of an entity, and any Contract among all equityholders, partners or members of an entity.

  • Charter Documents means, with respect to a particular legal entity, the articles of incorporation, certificate of incorporation, formation or registration (including, if applicable, certificates of change of name), memorandum of association, articles of association, bylaws, articles of organization, limited liability company agreement, trust deed, trust instrument, operating agreement, joint venture agreement, business license, or similar or other constitutive, governing, or charter documents, or equivalent documents, of such entity.

  • Mortgage Supporting Documents means, with respect to any Mortgage for a parcel of owned real property, each document (including title policies or marked-up unconditional insurance binders, in such amounts and containing such endorsements (if available) as shall be reasonably required by the Administrative Agent, ALTA as-built surveys (in form and as to date that is sufficiently acceptable to the title insurer issuing title insurance to the Collateral Agent for such title insurer to deliver such endorsements (if available) and removing all survey exceptions to such title insurance as reasonably requested by the Administrative Agent), environmental assessments and reports, life of loan flood hazard determinations (with notice to Borrower), certificates, opinions, required consents, approvals or other instrument or document necessary to consummate the transaction, all in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent, and evidence regarding recording and payment of fees, insurance premium and taxes) that the Administrative Agent may reasonably request, to create, register, perfect, maintain, evidence the existence, substance, form or validity of or enforce a valid lien on such parcel of owned real property in favor of the Collateral Agent for the benefit of the Secured Parties, subject only to Customary Permitted Liens and such other Liens as the Administrative Agent and the Collateral Agent may approve.

  • Significant other means that a relationship exists between two people, neither of whom is married, that is intended to remain indefinitely and where there is joint responsibility for each other’s common welfare, there are significant shared financial obligations, and they must be living together in a shared primary residence. This relationship must have existed for at least six (6) continuous months before benefits under this Article may be provided. Employees are encouraged to consult with their agency/department Personnel Officer to determine if they are eligible for benefits available under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act. A medical examination or doctor's certificate may be required on account of use of sick leave for five (5) or more consecutive workdays, or because of repeated absences on days preceding or days following a holiday or weekend. When a medical examination or doctor's certificate is required on account of use of sick leave in excess of five (5) consecutive workdays, the State shall pay the difference between the cost of obtaining such certificate and the amount covered by insurance.

  • Verification Documents means, with respect to any Note Owner, a certification from such Note Owner certifying that such Person is in fact, a Note Owner, as well as an additional piece of documentation reasonably satisfactory to the recipient, such as a trade confirmation, account statement, letter from a broker or dealer or other similar document.

  • Operating or "Operation" means to provide (or the provision of) all the operation, engineering, purchasing, repair, supervision, training, inspection, testing, protection, use, management, improvement, replacement, refurbishment, retirement, and maintenance activities associated with operating the Generating Facility in accordance with Prudent Electrical Practices.

  • Identification document means a document made or issued by or under the authority of the United

  • Constitutive Documents means the Trust Deed or such other documents as defined in the Regulations.

  • Organic Documents with respect to any Person, its charter, certificate or articles of incorporation, bylaws, articles of organization, limited liability agreement, operating agreement, members agreement, shareholders agreement, partnership agreement, certificate of partnership, certificate of formation, voting trust agreement, or similar agreement or instrument governing the formation or operation of such Person.