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Work performed for Data Specialties as was missing from prior document

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  • Work by Owner: Include a separate activity for each portion of the Work performed by Owner.

  • Work performed under this solicitation may fall under the State of Delaware Minimum Wage Rates or the Delaware Prevailing Wage rates.

  • Have Work performed by persons qualified to produce required and specified quality.

  • Payments made by Contractor to Subcontractors for Work performed by Subcontractors.

  • Any Work performed by Contractor prior to the Commencement Date shall be at the sole risk of Contractor.

  • Where a Shop Drawing or Sample is required by the Contract Documents or the Schedule of Submittals, any related Work performed prior to Engineer’s review and approval of the pertinent submittal will be at the sole expense and responsibility of Contractor.

  • Notwithstanding the Owner's exercise of its rights under this Article 3.5, the Contractor and its surety shall have sole responsibility to maintain and protect the Work, including without limitation, that portion of the Work performed by or on behalf of Owner pursuant to this Article 3.5.

  • County’s acceptance or payment of an invoice will not constitute acceptance of any Work performed under this Contract.

  • If the A/E is unable to make representations as provided in subparagraph 9.4.3 and to recommend payment in the amount of the application, he will notify the Owner as provided in subparagraph 9.4.1. If the Contractor and the Owner cannot agree on a revised amount, the Owner will promptly issue a Certificate for Payment for the amount for which he is able to make representations with respect to payment, due for Work performed.

  • Neither the Owner nor the A/E nor their officers, agents, assigns or employees are in any way liable or accountable to the Contractor or his surety for the method by which Work performed by the Owner or performed by other contractors pursuant to this Article 3.5, or any portion thereof, is accomplished or for the price paid therefore.

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Work performed for Audio Visual Design Group as was missing from prior document
Work performed. Reviewed all complaints in Company’s Complaint Register since January 1, 1990, relating to pricing or denials. There were a total of nine. Race Date Complaint Related? 2/11/02 Claim related No 4/9/02 Payout in relation to total premium paid No 1/3/01 Claim adjusted because of misstatement of age on application No 7/6/92 Pressure sales No 12/14/92 Premium paid greater than face amount No 5/2/96 Premium paid greater than face amount No 9/23/97 Premium paid greater than face amount No 3/3/98 Premium paid greater than face amount No 1/17/02 Based on publicity questioning if premium based on race No Conclusion: Based on review of complaints in Company’s Complaint Register, there is no indication that the Company uses race-based practices.
Work performed means and include PWS’s performance of Services, sale and delivery of Products, and/or furnishing of Rental Equipment to or for Customer.
Work performed. We reviewed policy provisions of plans with identified race-based practices and compared non-forfeiture features to similar policies that were not race-based. The non-forfeiture benefits reviewed included: o Extended term benefit and length of the extended term benefit o Cash surrender value o Paid-up benefit Three identified race-based plan codes (78,79,88) and three corresponding non race-based codes (76,77,86) were examined in detail. The non-forfeiture benefits for the race-based policies are less than the non-forfeiture benefits for corresponding non race-based policies. The tables below illustrate the differences. 5 cents weekly premium Race-based 78-B Non race-based 76-B Face value $60.98 $78.13 Available benefits Ext. Term, Cash Value Same Basis of calculation 1941 SSI, 3% 1941 SI, 3% Cash Value, issue age 20 & Year 10 $12.96 $15.08 Ext. Term, issue age 20 & Year 10 20 yrs, 2 wks 28 yrs, 16 wks 5 cents weekly premium 79-C 77-C Face value $51.02 $60.98 Available benefits Ext. Term, Cash Value Same Basis of calculation 1941 SSI, 3% 1941 SI, 3% Cash Value, issue age 21 & Year 10 $15.20 $16.01 Ext. Term, issue age 21 & Year 10 27 yrs, 11 wks 34 yrs, 36 wks $100 face amount Plan 88 Plan 86 Weekly premium 8.2¢ 6.4¢ Available benefits Paid-up, Cash Value, Ext. Term Same Basis of calculation 1941 SSI, 3 % 1941 SI, 3 % Cash Value, issue age 20 & Year 10 $20.60 $18.79 Paid-up, issue age 20 & Year 10 $45.00 $48.00 Conclusion: Non-forfeiture benefits for race-based plans were less than those of the corresponding non race-based plans. The reduced benefits include cash values, length of extended term, and paid-up amounts.
Work performed means work physically completed by Algonquin individuals (including labourers and equipment operators) on the site to complete a portion(s) of construction as per the contract documents. Work performed includes contract administration directly related to the work being performed.

Related to Work performed

  • Unsatisfactory Performance means any of the following:

  • Work Programme means the document adopted by the Commission for the implementation of the specific programme28 in accordance with its Article 12 or the equivalent document in content and structure adopted by a funding body.

  • Work Program means a program of work reasonably acceptable to both parties in respect of a particular Property, contained in a written document setting out in reasonable detail;

  • Work Product means any and all works, including work papers, notes, materials, approaches, designs, specifications, systems, innovations, improvements, inventions, software, programs, source code, documentation, training materials, audio or audiovisual recordings, methodologies, concepts, studies, reports, whether finished or unfinished, and whether or not included in the deliverables, that are developed, produced, generated or provided by Grantee in connection with Grantee’s performance of its duties under the Contract or through use of any funding provided under this Contract.

  • Work/ works means work / works to be executed in accordance with the contract.

  • Work Products are defined as all materials, tangible or not, created in whatever medium pursuant to this Agreement, including without limitation publications, promotional or educational materials, reports, manuals, specifications, drawings and sketches, computer programs, software and databases, schematics, marks, logos, graphic designs, notes, matters and combinations thereof, and all forms of intellectual property.

  • Work means all required labor, articles, materials, supplies, goods, and services constituting the subject matter of this Contract.

  • performer means any actor, singer, musician, dancer or other person who acts, sings, depicts, delivers, declaims, plays in or otherwise performs, a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work; and references to the performer in the context of the person having performer’s rights, shall be construed to include references to the person who, pursuant to any provision of this Act, is for the time being entitled to exercise those rights;

  • Contract Work means everything required to be furnished and done by the Contractor by any one or more of the parts of the Contract referred to in Article 1, except Extra Work as hereinafter defined.

  • Work or Works means the works to be executed or done under this contract.

  • Work Site or “Site” means the area or areas on or about the City’s property where the Work is to be carried out.

  • Work Progress Schedule means the continually updated time schedule prepared and monitored by Contractor that accurately indicates all necessary appropriate revisions as required by the conditions of the Work and the Project while maintaining a concise comparison to the Baseline Schedule.

  • Work Plan means a plan that describes each individual activity to be conducted to complete eligible activities and the associated costs of each individual activity.

  • Time Worked means time during which an employee is performing labor or services for the benefit of an employer, including all time s/he is suffered or permitted to work, whether or not required to do so.

  • Project Work means the work required to complete the Project.

  • Work Group means a crew or number of crews which work from a common point of assembly and perform work of a similar nature in a defined seniority block. Where more than one (1) work group works from a common point of assembly the work groups will be defined by the Employer.

  • Substantial Performance means the stage of completion when:(a) all Work, as certified by the Contract Administrator, is capable of completion or correction at a cost of not more than:

  • Task(s means one or more functions, if specified in the Contract Documents, to be performed by the Contractor for the State.

  • Scope of Work means the description of Services and Deliverables specified in the Contract and as may be amended.

  • Standard of performance means a standard for emission of air pollutants which reflects the degree of emission limitation achievable through the application of the best system of emission reduction which (taking into account the cost of achieving such reduction) the Director determines has been adequately demonstrated.

  • The Work means each and every activity required for the successful performance of the services described in Section II, the Terms of Reference.

  • Make-Ready Work means all work performed or to be performed to prepare AT&T-22STATE’s Conduit Systems, Poles or Anchors and related Facilities for the requested occupancy or attachment of CLEC’s Facilities. Make-Ready Work includes, but is not limited to, clearing obstructions (e.g., by rodding Ducts to ensure clear passage), the rearrangement, transfer, replacement, and removal of existing Facilities on a Pole or in a Conduit System where such work is required solely to accommodate CLEC’s Facilities and not to meet AT&T-22STATE’s business needs or convenience. Make-Ready Work may require “dig ups” of existing Facilities and may include the repair, enlargement or modification of AT&T-22STATE’s Facilities (including, but not limited to, Conduits, Ducts, Handholes and Manholes) or the performance of other work required to make a Pole, Anchor, Conduit or Duct usable for the initial placement of CLEC’s Facilities.