Contractor or subcontractor definition

Contractor or subcontractor means a person who contracts with the eligible business or subcontracts with a contractor for the provision of property, materials, or services for the construction or equipping of a facility of the eligible business.
Contractor or subcontractor means a firm, corporation, partnership, or association who will be substantially responsible or will engage in the performance of any contract for public works project, subject to labor compliance program as determined by the Department of Industrial Relations.
Contractor or subcontractor means a person who contracts with the primary business or a supporting business or subcontracts with a contractor for the provision of property, materials, or services for the construction or equipping of a facility, located within the zone, of the primary business or a supporting business.

Examples of Contractor or subcontractor in a sentence

  • Upon each Contractor or subcontractor new hire, the Contractor must provide a statement within five (5) calendar days to the Contract Manager identifying the new hire with its E-Verify case number.

  • No officer, member or employee of the Contractor or subcontractor, no member of the governing body of the Contractor, and no other public officials of the Contractor who exercise any functions or responsibilities in the review or Contractor approval of this Agreement, shall participate in any decision relating to this Agreement which affects his or her personal interest, or shall have any personal or pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, in this Agreement.

  • City reserves the right to deny access to, or require Contractor to remove from, City facilities personnel of any Contractor or subcontractor who City has reasonable grounds to believe has engaged in alcohol abuse or illegal drug activity which in any way impairs City’s ability to maintain safe work facilities or to protect the health and well-being of City employees and the general public.

  • In accordance with Public Contract Code, Section 7103.5, by entering into this Contract or into a subcontract to supply goods, services, or materials pursuant to this Contract, the Contractor, or subcontractor, offers and agrees to assign to the County all rights, title, and interest in and to all causes of action it may have under Section 4 of the Xxxxxxx Act (15 U.S.C. Sec.

  • Contractor shall provide a company photo identification badge to any individual assigned by Contractor or subcontractor to perform services or deliver goods on City premises.

  • In the event the Contractor or any subcontractor misrepresents its eligibility to receive contract awards using federal funds, the Contractor or subcontractor agrees that it shall not be entitled to payment for any work performed under this contract or any subcontract and that the Contractor or subcontractor shall promptly reimburse the Government of the Virgin Islands for any progress payments heretofore made.

  • The Contractor or subcontractor that awards the subcontract shall retain the declaration.

  • Under MCL 423.324, the State may void any Contract with a Contractor or subcontractor who appears on the Unfair Labor Practice register compiled under MCL 423.322.

  • The Contractor or subcontractor shall insert in any subcontracts the clauses set forth in paragraph (1) through (4) of this section and also a clause requiring the subcontractors to include these clauses in any lower tier subcontracts.

  • Payment Application – a construction document (for example, AIA Form G702 or similar) that details payments made to a General Contractor or subcontractor.

More Definitions of Contractor or subcontractor

Contractor or subcontractor means a person who
Contractor or subcontractor. , unless otherwise qualified, shall mean the installer of the work specified under this Section.
Contractor or subcontractor means a natural or legal person with the legal capacity to enter into contracts;
Contractor or subcontractor means the business entity or person that is operating to perform services, work or furnish supplies in the furtherance of the event.
Contractor or subcontractor means:an individual or legal entity possessing the legal capacity to conclude Classified Contracts;
Contractor or subcontractor means a contractor or subcontractor, which directly employs labor under a construction contract for which an apprenticeship program has been approved by the New York State Commissioner of Labor in accordance with Article 23 of the New York Labor Law.

Related to Contractor or subcontractor

  • Subcontractor means any supplier, distributor, vendor, or firm that furnishes supplies or services to or for a prime contractor or another subcontractor.

  • Sub-subcontractor means any Person, including an Equipment supplier or vendor, who has a direct or indirect contract with a Subcontractor or another Sub-subcontractor to manufacture or supply Equipment which comprises a portion of the Work, to lease Construction Equipment to Subcontractor or another Sub-subcontractor in connection with the Work, to perform a portion of the Work or to otherwise furnish labor or materials.

  • The Contractor or Contractors means the firm, company or person engaged by the SBIIMS to carry out the work. It shall also include their legal representative(s), successors or assigns.

  • Contractor means the individual or entity, that has entered into this contract with the Commonwealth.

  • Principal of a subcontractor means (i) any individual who is a member of the board of directors of, or has an ownership interest of five per cent or more in, a subcontractor, which is a business entity, except for an individual who is a member of the board of directors of a nonprofit organization, (ii) an individual who is employed by a subcontractor, which is a business entity, as president, treasurer or executive vice president, (iii) an individual who is the chief executive officer of a subcontractor, which is not a business entity, or if a subcontractor has no such officer, then the officer who duly possesses comparable powers and duties, (iv) an officer or an employee of any subcontractor who has managerial or discretionary responsibilities with respect to a subcontract with a state contractor, (v) the spouse or a dependent child who is eighteen years of age or older of an individual described in this subparagraph, or (vi) a political committee established or controlled by an individual described in this subparagraph or the business entity or nonprofit organization that is the subcontractor.

  • Contractor Project Manager means the employee identified in a Statement of Work as the Contractor project manager.

  • Subcontractors means subcontractors or subconsultants at any tier that are under the direct or indirect control or responsibility of the Contractor, and includes all independent contractors, agents, employees, authorized resellers, or anyone else for whom the Contractor may be liable at any tier, including a person or entity that is, or will be, providing or performing an essential aspect of this Contract, including Contractor’s manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers.

  • Contractor / Vendor means the Tenderer whose bid has been accepted and awarded Letter of Acceptance for a specific item followed by the signing of Contract.

  • Prime Contractor as used in this clause, means a person who has entered into a prime contract with the United States.

  • Contractor System means the information and communications technology system used by the Contractor in performing the Services including the Software, the Contractor Equipment and related cabling (but excluding the Authority System).

  • Third Party Contractor as used in the Student Data Protection Act and “Operator” as used in COPPA. De-Identified Information (DII): De-Identification refers to the process by which the Contractor removes or obscures any Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) from Education Records in a way that removes or minimizes the risk of disclosure of the identity of the individual and information about them.

  • Contractor Personnel means all employees of Contractor or any Permitted Subcontractors involved in the performance of Services hereunder.

  • Sub-Contractor means the person named in the Contract for any part of the works or any person to whom any part of the contract has been sublet by the contractor with the consent in writing of the Engineer-in-charge and will include the legal representatives, successors and permitted assigns of such persons.

  • Individual subcontracting plan means a subcontracting plan that covers the entire contract period (including option periods), applies to a specific contract, and has goals that are based on the offeror’s planned subcontracting in support of the specific contract, except that indirect costs incurred for common or joint purposes may be allocated on a prorated basis to the contract.

  • Contractors means the bidder whose bid has been accepted by the COE;