Adjustments to Sample Clauses

Adjustments to. “Profits” and “Losses”. When used in this Agreement, “Profits” and “Losses” shall mean, for each fiscal year or other period, an amount equal to the Partnership’s taxable income or loss for such year or period, determined in accordance with Code Section 703(a) (for this purpose, all items of income, gain, loss or deduction required to be stated separately pursuant to Code Section 703(a)(1) shall be included in taxable income or loss), and otherwise in accordance with the methods of accounting followed by the Partnership for federal income tax purposes, with the following adjustments:
Adjustments to. [*] End Date. To the extent there is a delay in the mass production of US Falcon Products for sale in United States retail markets beyond [*]that is proximately caused by [*], the parties shall negotiate in good faith an appropriate, mutually agreeable modification to the [*]date (or any other date agreed to as a result of prior negotiation and agreement pursuant to this Section) to equitably account for any such delays to the extent proximately caused by [*]; provided, however, that if both Sony Electronics and TiVo are responsible (proximately or otherwise) for such delay, such negotiations must take into account the relative responsibilities for such delay. The parties agree that there will not be any modification to the [*]date (or any other date agreed to as a result of prior negotiation and agreement pursuant to this Section) to the extent any such delays are not proximately caused by [*].
Adjustments to. CAPITATION BASED UPON RETROACTIVE HCFA OR OMAP ADJUSTMENTS - PacifiCare shall be entitled to reduce retroactively Capitation Payments made with respect to any Secure Horizons Member any time HCFA reduces retroactively the Monthly HCFA Payment made to PacifiCare on behalf of those Secure Horizons Members. PacifiCare shall be entitled to reduce retroactively Capitation Payments made with respect to any OMAP Member any time OMAP reduces retroactively the Monthly OMAP Payment made to PacifiCare on behalf of those OMAP Members.
Adjustments to. [*****] Calculations. Effective as of the Addendum Effective Date, the Parties agree to delete Section 2.5(b) of Exhibit 11.1-B (Incentive Fees for Services) in its entirety and replace it with the following: [*****] Text omitted for confidential treatment. The redacted information has been excluded because it is both (i) not material and (ii) would be competitively harmful if publicly disclosed. “After [*****] days but before [*****] days after the end of each Contract Year, the Parties will refresh the [*****] calculation for the entire Contract Year just completed. For the period [*****], the [*****] calculations will be refreshed as part of the standard monthly querying process with [*****]. For the period [*****], the calculations will be queried with [*****]. Upon the conclusion of the Scorecard Review Period for such Scorecard Calculations, such Scorecard Calculations and the amount of Incentive Fees shall be deemed final and binding upon the Parties with respect to the Actual Results reflected therein for [*****], and shall no longer be subject to any adjustment or revision. If the fees paid to R1 for such Contract Year are greater than the actual Incentive Fees for such Contract Year, then R1 will provide IMH with a credit for such difference on the next available invoice, whether such invoice is for the Base Fee or Incentive Fees. If the fees paid to R1 for such Contract Year are less than the actual Incentive Fees for such Contract Year, then R1 will invoice IMH for, and IMH will pay, such additional amount.”
Adjustments to. Consideration The Security Portion of the Exchange Consideration and the conversion formula for the Company Stock Options set forth in Section 2.2(e) shall be adjusted to reflect fully the effect of any stock split, reverse split, stock dividend (including any dividend or distribution of securities convertible into Parent Common Stock or the Company Common Stock other than stock dividends paid in lieu of ordinary course dividends), reorganization, recapitalization or other like change with respect to Parent Common Stock or the Company Common Stock occurring after the date of the Pre-Merger Agreement and prior to the Effective Time.

Related to Adjustments to

  • Adjustments to Fees Notwithstanding any of the fee limitations set forth in this Article 6, commencing upon the expiration of the first year of this Agreement, and upon the expiration of each year thereafter during the Term, the then-­‐current fees set forth in Section 6.1 and Section 6.3 may be adjusted, at ICANN’s discretion, by a percentage equal to the percentage change, if any, in (i) the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, U.S. City Average (1982-­‐1984 = 100) published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, or any successor index (the “CPI”) for the month which is one

  • Adjustments to Option The Option shall be subject to the adjustment provisions of Sections 8 and 9 of the Plan, provided, however, that in the event of the payment of an extraordinary dividend by the Company to its shareholders: the Exercise Price of the Option shall be reduced by the amount of the dividend paid, but only to the extent the Committee determines it to be permitted under applicable tax laws and to not have adverse tax consequences to the Optionee under Section 409A of the Code; and, if such reduction cannot be fully effected due to such tax laws and it will not have adverse tax consequences to the Optionee, then the Company shall pay to the Optionee a cash payment, on a per Share basis, equal to the balance of the amount of the dividend not permitted to be applied to reduce the Exercise Price of the applicable Option as follows: (a) for each Share subject to a vested Option, immediately upon the date of such dividend payment; and (b) for each Share subject to an unvested Option, on the date on which such Option becomes vested and exercisable with respect to such Share.

  • Adjustments to the Purchase Price The Purchase Price shall be adjusted as of the Closing Date by:

  • Adjustments to Purchase Price Only the items set out in Schedule B (or an amendment to Schedule B), shall be the subject of adjustment or change to the purchase price or the balance due on Closing. The Vendor agrees that it shall not charge as an adjustment or readjustment to the purchase price of the home, any reimbursement for a sum paid or payable by the Vendor to a third party unless the sum is ultimately paid to the third party either before or after Closing. If the Vendor charges an amount in contravention of the preceding sentence, the Vendor shall forthwith readjust with the Purchaser. This section shall not: restrict or prohibit payments for items disclosed in Part I of Schedule B which have a fixed fee; nor shall it restrict or prohibit the parties from agreeing on how to allocate as between them, any rebates, refunds or incentives provided by the federal government, a provincial or municipal government or an agency of any such government, before or after Closing. MISCELLANEOUS

  • Adjustments to Prevent Dilution In the event that the Company changes the number of Shares or securities convertible or exchangeable into or exercisable for Shares issued and outstanding prior to the Effective Time as a result of a reclassification, stock split (including a reverse stock split), stock dividend or distribution, recapitalization, merger, issuer tender or exchange offer, or other similar transaction, the Per Share Merger Consideration shall be equitably adjusted.

  • Rate Adjustment a) An employee who is set back to a lower paid job because of mechanization, technological change or automation will receive the rate of his/her regular job at the time of the setback for a period of three (3) months and for a further period of three (3) months he/she will be paid an adjusted rate which will be midway between the rate of his/her regular job at the time of the setback and the rate of his/her new regular job. At the end of this six (6) month period the rate of his/her new job will apply. However, such employee will have the option of terminating his/her employment and accepting severance pay as outlined in Section 3 below, providing he/she exercises this option within the above referred to six (6) month period.

  • Adjustments to Shares If at any time while this Agreement is in effect (or Shares granted hereunder shall be or remain unvested while Recipient’s Continuous Service continues and has not yet terminated or ceased for any reason), there shall be any increase or decrease in the number of issued and outstanding Shares of the Company through the declaration of a stock dividend or through any recapitalization resulting in a stock split-up, combination or exchange of such Shares, then and in that event, the Board or the Committee shall make any adjustments it deems fair and appropriate, in view of such change, in the number of shares of Restricted Stock then subject to this Agreement. If any such adjustment shall result in a fractional Share, such fraction shall be disregarded.

  • Rate Adjustments 1. Taxes applicable lo the gas delivered to Buyer hereunder as are In effect on January 1•t Immediately preceding the effective date of these terms and conditions shall be added to Buyer's xxxx. The term 'tax" as used herein shall mean any tax, license fee, or charge applicable to the gas delivered hereunder, Imposed on Seller by any governmental authority on such gas. If the existing rate of any such tax In effect on January 1.t, Immediately preceding the effective date of these terms and condlllons, be hereafter increased or decreased, or If any tax heretofore In effect or hereafter be Imposed or repealed, the resulting increase or decrease In such taxes, computed on a cents per dekatherm basis, shall be reflected, as the case may be, on Buyer's xxxx.

  • Adjustments to the Shares The Warrant Exercise Price and the number of Warrant Shares obtainable upon exercise of this Warrant shall each be subject to adjustment from time to time as provided in this Section 2.

  • Cost Adjustments Both parties agree that contracted prices shall be fixed for the first 12 months of this Contract. Contractor must submit to District any proposed cost adjustments at least 60 days before the proposed effective date of such increases with a detailed explanation for each adjustment. District alone reserves the right to reject any changes to this Contract it deems unacceptable.