Cessation of Sample Clauses

Cessation of. If MSGI shall cease to [***], this Agreement shall terminate upon thirty (30) days written notice by Mount Sinai.
Cessation of. 1 1. The loss by CONTRACTOR of legal capacity.
Cessation of. Services Up on termination of this Contract p ursuant to Clauses GC 2.7 hereof, or up on exp iration of this Contract p ursuant to Clause GC 2.3 hereof, all rights and obligations of the Parties hereunder shall cease, excep t (i) such rights and obligations as may have accrued on the date of termination or exp iration, (ii) the obligation of confid entiality set forth in Clause GC 3.3 h ereof, ( iii) the Consultant’s obligation to p ermit insp ection, copy ing and auditin g of their accounts and records set forth in Clause GC 3.6 h ereof, and (iv) any right which a Party may have under the App licable Law. Up on termination of this Contract by notice of either Party to the other p ursuant to Clauses GC 2.7.1 or GC 2.7.2 hereof, the Consultant shall, immediately up on disp atch or receip t of such notice, take all n ecessary step s to bring the Services to a close in a p romp t and orderly manner and shall make every reasonable effort to keep exp enditures for this p urp ose to a minimum. With resp ect to documents p rep ared by the Consultant and equip ment and materials furnished by the Client, the Consultant shall p roceed as p rovided, resp ectively , by Clauses GC 3.7 hereof. GC- 10
Cessation of. 1. The loss by CONTRACTOR of legal capacity. following events: 11 INTERMEDIARY shall be adjusted to an amount consistent with the reduced term and/or the 12 terminated program 13
Cessation of assured tenancy If the Tenancy ceases to be an assured tenancy (because for example, you stop living in your Home as your only or main Home) NCHA can end the Tenancy by serving 4 weeksnotice in writing on you.

Related to Cessation of

  • Cessation A Person shall cease to be a General Partner upon the transfer of its entire interest in the Partnership or upon any event of withdrawal set forth in the Act. Upon the occurrence of any such event of withdrawal, such Person or its transferee shall have the right to receive distributions and allocations with respect to its Partnership interest, shall be treated as the transferee of a Limited Partner, and shall have the right to become a Substituted Limited Partner upon the unanimous written consent of the Limited Partners.

  • Cessation of Business Except as otherwise expressly permitted hereunder, any Loan Party shall take any action to suspend the operation of its business in the ordinary course, liquidate all or a material portion of its assets or Store locations, or employ an agent or other third party to conduct a program of closings, liquidations or “Going-Out-Of-Business” sales of any material portion of its business; or

  • Cessation of services 3. The delegation or assignment of CONTRACTOR’s services, operation or administration to another entity without the prior written consent of COUNTY.

  • NO CESSATION OF WORK 4.01 Neither the Union, the Local Union, nor any employees shall take part in or call or encourage any strike, sit-down, slowdown or any suspension of work or other concerted activity designed to restrict or limit the operations of the Board. In the event of any such activity, the Union and the Local Union, through its officers, representatives and stewards, will instruct the employees involved to return to work and perform their usual duties and, if advisable, resort to the grievance procedure provided herein. The Board shall not engage in any lockout of the employees. "

  • Cessation of Operations Notwithstanding any other provision of this Fee Agreement, each of the Company and any Sponsor Affiliates acknowledges and agrees that County’s obligation to provide the FILOT incentive may end, and this Fee Agreement may be terminated by the County, at the County’s sole discretion, if the Company ceases operations at the Project. For purposes of this Section, “ceases operations” means closure of the facility or the cessation of production and shipment of products to customers for a continuous period of twelve (12) months. The provisions of Section 4.03 hereof relating to retroactive payments shall apply, if applicable, if this Fee Agreement is terminated in accordance with this Section prior to the end of the Investment Period. Each of the Company and any Sponsor Affiliates agrees that if this Fee Agreement is terminated pursuant to this subsection, that under no circumstance shall the County be required to refund or pay any monies to the Company or any Sponsor Affiliates.

  • Termination of Relationship In the event an Optionee's Continuous Status as an Employee or Consultant terminates, Optionee may, to the extent otherwise so entitled at the date of such termination (the "Termination Date"), exercise this Option during the Termination Period set out in the Notice of Grant. To the extent that Optionee was not entitled to exercise this Option at the date of such termination, or if Optionee does not exercise this Option within the time specified herein, the Option shall terminate.

  • Termination of Business Relationship If the Optionee ceases to maintain a Business Relationship with the Company (or any affiliated corporation) for any reason other than death or disability, termination without Cause or termination due to a change in control of the Company, no further installments of this Option shall become exercisable and this Option shall terminate 90 days after the date the Business Relationship ceases, but in no event later than the scheduled expiration date. In such a case, the Optionee's only rights to exercise options hereunder shall be those which are properly exercisable before the termination of this Option, and the Optionee may exercise this Option for the number of Option Shares which have vested and become exercisable prior to the date of termination.

  • Cessation of Employment In the event Executive shall cease to be employed by the Company for any reason, then Executive's compensation and benefits shall cease on the date of such event, except as otherwise provided herein or in any applicable employee benefit plan or program.