THE RULES Sample Clauses

THE RULES. 4.1 Schedule 1 to this Agreement which sets out the Rules for the operation of Climate Change Agreements has effect.
THE RULES. 15.1 The law requires the owners of units in the development to conduct themselves with consideration for the rights of other owners and the body corporate itself and provides for the creation of body corporate rules to ensure this. The rules also deal with procedural issues in the running of the body corporate / the development.
THE RULES. Bye Laws to regulate the use and maintenance of the Common Areas shall during the interim maintenance period shall be framed by the Promoter with such restrictions as may be necessary for proper maintenance and all the allottees are bound to follow the same.
THE RULES. 1.1 Under the Rules, we are required to provide the identity and contact details of the ultimate beneficiary for whom they process a transaction as well as the person(s) who give(s) instructions in relation to that transaction (the "Client Information") to the Hong Kong Regulators within two business days of any request originating from them. In exceptional market circumstances, the Client Information may have to be available very shortly after the request.
THE RULES. 17.1 The Purchaser grants to the Seller an irrevocable power of attorney in rem suam (operative from the time the Purchaser becomes the registered owner of the Section) to attend the first meeting of the Body Corporate and on behalf of and to the exclusion of the Purchaser to vote at the first meeting for the amendment and/or adoption of the Rules.
THE RULES. The rules consist of the Statutory Management and Conduct Rules in terms of Section 35(2) of the Act, together with any amendments thereto, imposed by the SELLER or adopted by the Body Corporate, and permitted by the Act.
THE RULES. 9.2 The Purchaser acknowledges that the Company or its agents shall be entitled at all reasonable times to carry out such work on the Property as it deems necessary, whether in respect of renovations, alterations, refurbishing, change of use or otherwise.
THE RULES. A copy of the Corporate Edition of the Rules can be purchased from NACHA at You agree to obtain a copy, to understand and be familiar with the Rules, and to be responsible for keeping up to date with changes in the Rules. You agree that information or advice received by you from us as to the Rules or the operation of the Rules is not legal advice and is not a substitute for your obligation independently to understand and comply with the Rules.
THE RULES. The PURCHASER agrees to abide by the RULES of the Body Corporate as established by law and/or determined or established by the SELLER.
THE RULES. Nothing in this Agreement shall exclude or restrict any obligation which the Custodian has under the Rules in relation to the Customer, whether as regards its activities as custodian of Safe Custody Investments or otherwise, or any liability which the Custodian may incur under the Financial Services Xxx 0000 or the Rules in respect of a breach of any such obligation. It is further agreed that the Custodian will hold all Securities (whether or not Safe Custody Investments as defined in the Rules) as though Chapter 4 of the Rules regulated the Custodian's custodianship thereof, except in so far as any of the Rules regulate the Custodian's activities under this Agreement in priority to the said Chapter 4. This Agreement shall be construed accordingly.