WAGES AND Sample Clauses

WAGES AND. Engineers operating cranes, clams, backhoes, derricks, pile-drivers, mobile cranes, caisson boring machines and over, sidebooms and similar equipment, type cranes. Grader Operator “A” and tine grade bulldozer operator. Date Wages Vacation Pay Benefit Plan Pension Plan TOTAL June i $ $ May $ $ Nov. $ $ $ $ May $ $ Nov. $ $ $ $ $ Heavy Duty Field mechanics and equipment repair welders. Date Wages Vacation Pay Benefit Plan Pension Plan TOTAL June i $ $ $ May $ Nov. $ $ May $ $ $ Nov. $ $ $ $ $ Schedule Article 2 continued Hydra-Lift truck mounted hydraulic cranes. Date Wages Vacation Benefit Plan Pension Plan TOTAL June $ $ $ May $ $ Nov. $ $ $ May $ $ Nov. $ $ $ Operators of bulldozers, tractors, scrapers, grader overhead loaders or similar equipment, farm and industrial tractors with excavating attachments, trenching machines, caisson boring machines under snippers, axe and tree farmer, xxxxxx shear, lubrication unit operator, skid steer loaders, skid steer loaders, Bobcat type excavators and those less than and similar types, skidder type equipment with hydraulic and cable attachments, curb machines and self-propelled power drills, hydraulic, etc., off highway vehicles. Wages Vacation Pay Benefit Plan Pension Plan TOTAL June $ $ $ May $ $ $ $ Nov. $ $ $ May $ $ $ $ $ Nov. $ $ Servicemen on shovels, compressors, pumps, self-propelled rollers, boom truck drivers, operators of 5 or more heaters. Wages Vacation Benefit Plan Pension Plan TOTAL June $ $ $ $ May $ $ Nov. $ $ $ $ May $ $ $ $ Nov. $ $ Schedule Article 2 continued Oilers, greasers, mechanics helpers. Third Year
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WAGES AND. WAGE RATES POSTED agrees to inform all employees of the wages and copy of the wage bulletin board, and shall they are working, by posting a a copy of the Agreement, on the Employee benefits. deducted for the last minutes. SPRAY DISPENSER PREMIUM: bargaining employees are additional fifteen cents per hour. BEREAVEMENT PAY: Three for immediate family. (Father, Sisters, Grandparents, MATERNITY LEAVE R NOTICE: A request for a shorter period in mu total of six (6) consecutive weeks. require an employee to commence a the said employee cannot reasonably the pregnancy and such leave of work.
WAGES AND. (a) Employers will pay rates of wages to the various classifications of employees within the Union jurisdiction as outlined in Schedules and as attached hereto and forming part of this Collective Agreement. Provisional apprentices and first year probationary apprentices required on the job site shall be issued work permits and shall be paid the rate of wages applicable to their classification. Such workers shall not be entitled to participate in the Welfare Plan, and only payments as detailed in Section shall be paid on their behalf.
WAGES AND. This Agreement shall apply to all employees of the Company, save and except Manager, Assistant Manager, Office S t a f f , Room Clerks, Cashiers, House Officers, Telephone Operators and Departmental Heads with authority to hire and fire. The scale of wages are considered minimum scales and do not prohibit t h e Company from granting merit increases to more proficient employees. The Union shall be notified of any merit rate: The following hourly rates of pay shall be effective with the start of the pay period coincident with or next the following dates: CLASSIFICATION current APPENDIX "A" 1/90 May 1/91 1/91. May 1/92 1/92 May 1/93 Room Attendant I n spe!ct re H sep e r s n GROUP Bell Person Doorman Bell Captain GROUP Maintenance GROUP Bartender Server LORD ELGIN HOTEL LIMITED OF OTTAWA APPENDIX "A"
WAGES AND. Wages and classifications shall be as agreed upon and shall be to and an integral part of this Agreement (see Appendix "A" attached). of Wages be paid in a manner convenient to Company but in such a way as to eliminate needless waiting on the part of the employee. Employees will be given a proper o f all hours worked, indicating overtime hours earnings and deductions covering each pay period. ARTICLE SECTION
WAGES AND second It is agreed and understood by the parties hereto for the this Agreement shall be When pay stubs will be on the Friday day. Parent Advisors A Parent Advisor required by the Hospital to travel to locations away the Hospital (or office) shall be paid a allowance according to the current Infant Development Department Policy.
WAGES AND covered by this Agreement shall be paid accordance with the wages and classifications as sat out Schedule II II Il Il II I Employees covered by this Agreement who are required to do casual watching or work as a Traffic Control Person on a casual or basis will not have the rate reduced as per the attached Schedule. Labourers Local and the Contractor (Employer) shall initiate and maintain apprenticeship programs for members of Local Apprenticeship programs must be successfully completed by all applicants, at the Labourers' Local Training Centre and thereafter they will be accredited with trade status at the end of the applicable apprenticeship program. Apprentices shall be paid according to the following: Seventy percent (70%) of the applicable rate for the first eight hundred (800) hours worked; Eighty percent of the applicable rate for the next eight hundred (800) hours worked; Ninety percent (90%) of the applicable rate for the next eight hundred (800) hours worked. No benefits shall be for the first two hundred (200) hours. Progression from each level to the next level first hours to the second hours) shall be contingent the of hours of work and the successful completion of the required at each level, Local will determine who the apprentices are and credit be given to members who have demonstrable experience in related sectors of the construction industry. may request apprentices from Local and Local will advise the Employer with the names and hours of the apprentices. All apprentices should be given work in accordance with the specific skills they have been trained in.
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WAGES AND. That each employee's job shall be described, evaluated and assigned to a wage grade in accordance with the provisions of the Manual and Manuals, as set forth Schedule and Schedule hereto annexed, and such employee shall receive a wage rate appropriate for the wage grade to which the job is thus assigned, it being understood and agreed that the wage rates for a wage grade shall be the wage rates for all jobs assigned to such wage grade. Where an out-of-schedule rate (above) as defined by the said Manuals, has been established for the job, and such employee is included in the list referred to Clause hereof, such employee shall in addition, receive such out-of-schedule rate during such time as occupies the job, subject to the following:
WAGES AND. The following rate and classification shall apply for the duration of this Agreement. CLASS
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