Roads Sample Clauses

Roads. All roads necessary for the full utilization of the Improvements for their intended purposes have been completed and/or the necessary rights-of-way therefor have been acquired by the Governmental Authority having or exercising jurisdiction over such matters or have been dedicated to public use and accepted by such Governmental Authority and all necessary steps have been taken by Borrower and such Governmental Authority to assure the complete use thereof.
Roads. 16. (1) The Joint Venturers shall —
Roads. The Purchaser is required to construct the roads shown in Table B-1 per the schedules stated, as shown on the Sale Map, Attachment A, and to the specifications and drawings in Attachment B and other applicable attachments. TABLE B-1. ROAD CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Road Name or Number Approximate Length Miles Type of Construction Operation Period Completion Date or Requirement South Beaver Road 1.7 West Beaver Road 0.5 May (excluding Memorial Day weekend) and/or North Woods Lake Road 3.5 Heavy Maintenance September 16 to March 15, any time soil is not too wet or too dry to and BMP Site allow shaping and Spur 18B 0.6 Improvement compaction as determined by the Forest Prior to Log Hauling and following harvest Officer North Beaver Lake Road 3.6 South Boyle Lake Road 1.1 Spur H temp 0.4 New Temporary Road Construction and reclamation any time soil is not too wet or too dry to allow shaping and compaction as determined by the Forest Officer B. ROAD CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS ESTIMATE: TABLE B-2: MATERIALS FURNISHED AND INSTALLED BY THE PURCHASER: The Purchaser is required to furnish the described material and install as required in Attachment B. Quantities are estimated, and the Attachment B requirements and specifications must be met regardless of the estimated amounts. All materials furnished by the Purchaser become the property of the State when installed. If, due to a minor design change, material is not installed, the material will be delivered to the nearest DNRC Unit Office and become property of the State upon delivery. Corrugated Metal Pipe Other Materials No. Diameter Length Gauge Amount Description 1 18” 36’ 16 1 40’ 18” CMP Band Slash Filter Fill Material Amount Type Delivery Location 1045 cu yds 40 cu yds 10 cu yds ¾ inch crushed gravel Pit run gravel Talus Beaver Lake 2020 Roads North Beaver Lake Rd. Segment 2, MM 0.51 TABLE B-2 (CONTINUED): SEED AND FERTILIZER REQUIREMENTS The Purchaser is required to furnish and apply certified noxious weed-free, pure live seed mixture(s) and fertilizer in the amounts shown. Total pounds mixed seed are pure live seed, corrected for germination and purity. Germination and purity tests must have been conducted within the last 12 months prior to delivery. Purchaser shall furnish documentation of germination and purity tests to the Forest Officer prior to application. Certified Noxious Weed-Free Seed Fertilizer Pounds Description Pounds Analysis (N-P-K) 101 20% Annual Ryegrass 15% Slender Wheatgrass 25% Mountain Brome 1...
Roads. No roads, driveways or parking areas may be established or constructed on the Protected Property without the prior approval of the Easement Holder under the provisions of section 7.6 of this Easement.
Roads. Roadways or drives constructed by Lessee on the Leased Premises during active drilling or development phases shall not exceed fifty (50) feet in width, or a minimum width required to perform required operations without prior written consent of Lessor, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. In the event of a producing well on the Leased Premises, any permanent access road for well servicing purposes shall be a maximum width of twenty (20) feet, or a minimum width required to perform maintenance and other operations without prior written consent of Lessor, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Lessee agrees to construct or maintain all roads used by it in good repair utilizing shale, gravel, or crushed stone, culverts, and supports as necessary to provide normal use under all reasonable weather conditions, and when such roads are no longer being used, Lessee agrees upon Lessor’s request, to remove toppings and to restore the surface as nearly as possible to its former condition. Lessee shall not use shale, gravel or crushed stone from the Leased Premises without the prior written consent of Lessor. Lessee shall prevent its employees, agents and contractors from operating vehicles in a negligent manner or at speeds in excess of 25 miles per hour while on the Leased Premises.
Roads. (1) Subject to this clause, the Territory shall, at no expense to the Company, with all reasonable expedition having regard to the proposed timetable for the McArthur River Project and subject to clause 19 Force Majeure, where necessary construct and maintain all the road from the intersection of the access road from the H.Y.C. deposit with the Carpentaria Highway to the Mineral Lease on Bing Bong Pastoral Lease No. 686 as shown in Annexure B (in this clause referred to as the "road").