Definition of Tenant Improvements

Tenant Improvements means, collectively, (i) tenant improvements to be undertaken for any Tenant that are required to be completed by or on behalf of Borrower pursuant to the terms of such Tenant's Lease, and (ii) tenant improvements paid or reimbursed through allowances to a Tenant pursuant to such Tenant's Lease.
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Tenant Improvements means the WOrk descrtbed in Section 7.1.
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Tenant Improvements means the interior walls and wall coverings, floors, ceilings,
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Examples of Tenant Improvements in a sentence

Tenant shall be solely responsible for ensuring that the TI Construction Drawings reflect Tenants requirements for the Tenant Improvements.
Landlord shall have no obligation to bear any portion of the cost of any of the Tenant Improvements except to the extent of the TI Allowance.
If Tenant shall request changes to the Tenant Improvements (Changes), Tenant shall request such Changes by notifying Landlord in writing in substantially the same form as the AIA standard change order form (a Change Request), which Change Request shall detail the nature and extent of any such Change.
Landlord shall commence construction of the Tenant Improvements upon obtaining a building permit (the TI Permit) authorizing the construction of the Tenant Improvements consistent with the TI Construction Drawings approved by Tenant.
If a judgment is entered against Landlord for such errors, omissions, or defects of Landlord's architects, engineers or contractors, Tenant's damages shall be limited to the cost of reconstructing the Tenant Improvements to correct the error or omission in the Space Plan or Working Drawings or the defect in the Tenant Improvements.

More definitions of Tenant Improvements

Tenant Improvements means any improvements to leased premises at any Property made by Borrower pursuant to Qualified Leases or related work letter agreements. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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