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Board of. TRUSTEES shall mean the Board of Trustees of the Trust.
Board of. Education has agreed to reimburse certified staff members for a proportionate amount of tuition in the acquisition of additional college semester hours. The amount of the reimbursement per semester hour shall equal the actual cost of tuition and books, not to exceed the Illinois State University per semester hour rate. Courses for which reimbursement is to be allowed shall be approved in advance by the Superintendent. Not more than three (3) semester hours credit (or one course, if for more than three (3) semester hours) will be approved per semester during the regular school term. Reimbursement shall be limited to a total of twelve (12) semester hours per year, per employee. The Superintendent may grant additional semester hours per employee on a case-by-case basis for special circumstances. Generally, the Superintendent shall only approve 300 level and higher courses for tuition reimbursement and movement on the salary schedule. However, the Superintendent shall give consideration to authorizing tuition reimbursement for 100 and 200 level courses for teachers, in special situations. If denied, teachers may appeal to the Board. In any event, 100 and 200 level courses shall never qualify for movement on the salary schedule. For those teachers with Master’s Degrees, 300 level courses will not qualify for movement on the salary schedule. A 400 level or higher course shall be required for movement on the salary schedule for a member with a Master’s Degree. The above reimbursement shall be paid when evidence of the following is presented:
Board of. Education shall provide full legal assistance and completely hold harmless any teacher who becomes involved as a defendant in any type of adjudication because the teacher has become involved in the role of Consulting Teacher.

Examples of Board of in a sentence

  • BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Education authorizes Mohammad Z.

  • The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has mandated the submission of Permanent Account Number (PAN) by every participant in securities market.

  • Included are the organizational chart, a list of Board of Directors, and the beneficial ownership.

  • The changes in the composition of the Board of Directors that took place during the period under review were carried out in compliance with the provisions of the Act.

  • Region 8 ESC and TIPS reserve the right to extend the six (6) month deadline to notify if approved by the Region 8 ESC Board of Directors.

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Board of. Education shall mean the public school employer, or the designee of the employer.
Board of. Directors may determine the order of priority among them.
Board of. Education: The chairperson shall present the written grievance to the Board of Education by letter to the President of the Board. Either party may request a hearing, which must be held at a regularly scheduled Board meeting, or before a committee of the Board if mutually agreed, within the time limit for the Board's response. The Board's decision shall be binding on the Grievant, Maint, and the District. The Board of Education must respond within twenty (20) working days after it receives the appeal. If the grievance is not satisfactorily resolved at step 4, or the Board of Education does not render its decision within the time limit, the grievant may appeal to step 5. Step 5-Arbitration: Within ten (10) working days after the decision has been made at step 4, the grievant may submit the grievance to arbitration by notifying the President of the Board, with a copy to the Superintendent of schools to that effect. The notice must include a brief statement setting forth precisely the issue being submitted to arbitration and the specific provision or provisions of the agreement to have been violated. Within ten (10) days after the Superintendent receives the written submission to arbitration, the Superintendent or her/his designee and the grievant and/or the Maint shall select a mutually acceptable arbitrator. If the parties are unable to agree to an arbitrator, the parties will then request a list of arbitrators from the American Arbitrators Association. If the dispute is submitted to the American Arbitrators Association, the grievant shall pay the filing fee. The arbitrator shall hear the matter promptly and shall issue her/his decision not later than thirty
Board of. Education – The local Board of Education duly elected by residents of the local school district to serve as the policy-making body of the local public schools.
Board of. Except where Shareholder approval is required by the DIRECTORS: Shareholders Agreement or by law, the Company shall be governed by a [seven] member Board of Directors (the "Board"). The Board shall be appointed as follows: [Board designation rights, ownership thresholds for designation rights and other board composition/ replacement matters TBD] [need to determine threshold for determination and modification of these rights.] BOARD OBSERVATION Shareholders who do not have the right to designate a RIGHTS: member of the Board shall, collectively, have the right to appoint one non-voting observer to the Board (the "OBSERVER"). The Observer may be present at all meetings of the Board, including any telephonic meetings, and the Company will send or make available to the Observer such notice of meetings and such copies of all minutes, consents, correspondence and other material as are sent, given or made available to members of the Board (except as may be necessary to preserve attorney-client privilege). The Observer may only be excluded from any meeting of the Board or portion thereof or from receiving any such materials, if, in any such case, the Company reasonably believes, upon advice of counsel, that such exclusion is reasonably necessary to preserve attorney-client privilege. TRANSFER: There generally will be no restrictions on transfers of equity interests in the Company; however, all transfers must comply with securities laws, the drag-along and tag-along rights set forth below and the right of first offer set forth below, and no transfers will be permitted without the approval of the holders of a majority of the Company's outstanding equity interests to the extent such transfers would cause the Company to become subject to the reporting requirements of any securities laws, or would be reasonably likely to result in the loss of any licenses or approvals that are material to the Company or its subsidiaries. The applicable transferee must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Shareholders Agreement for any such transfer to be effective. RIGHT OF FIRST Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the OFFER: Transfer section above, to the extent that a Shareholder wants to sell all or a portion of its equity interests in the Company to a non-Shareholder (other than an affiliate of the selling Shareholder), it must first offer such equity interests to the other Shareholders at a set asking price. The other Shareholders shall have ten (10) busine...
Board of. DIRECTORS shall mean, as to any Person, the board of directors of such Person or any duly authorized committee thereof.
Board of. Education shall mean the Board of Education of Independent School District No. 834, or its designee. Principals shall mean personnel included in the unit stipulated in Article II, Section 1. Superintendent shall mean the Superintendent of Schools or designee. Association shall mean the Stillwater Principals’ Association. Working Day shall mean a day the principal would have worked or a recognized holiday. Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays are excluded. Work Year is the number of weeks worked by a principal as stipulated by position in this agreement. Contract Year shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30. Full-Time Employee shall mean employees regularly scheduled to work six or more hours per day. Part-Time Employees shall mean employees regularly scheduled to work less than six hours per day. Contract Grievance shall mean any dispute or disagreement as to the interpretation or application of any term or terms of this contract. Seniority shall mean the first day of uninterrupted contractual service which includes any approved leaves of absence. Service in other non-Principal units within the district cannot be counted for purposes of displacing another Principals’ Association unit member. Terms not defined in this agreement shall have those meanings defined by the P.E.L.R.A.