Construction of Sample Clauses

Construction of. 33/220 KV Substation SPD at its own cost shall Construct and Commission 33/220 kV substation at the Solar Park periphery. The substation shall be constructed through 2X50 MVA transformers, in line with the specifications as approved by Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Ltd. (AEGCL).
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Construction of. (a) a wastewater interceptor of approximately 8.4 kilometers (km) in length and 3.0 meters (m) in diameter following the alignment of the NLTN Canal with approximately 42 permanent manholes;
Construction of. (i) sheds (or rehabilitation) to store equipment for combatting oil spills; (ii) three (3) vessel traffic system stations in Algiers, Skikda, and Arzew; and (iii) four (4) laboratories in Algiers, Bejai, Skikda, and Arzew;
Construction of. If Tenant wishes to construct improvements upon IMPROVEMENTS: the portion of the Premises known as 000 Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxx and referred to herein as Parcel 4B, Landlord has the first right to construct those improvements. LANDLORD'S ADDRESS: 00 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx 00000 Attn: Trustee TENANT'S ADDRESS: 000 Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx 00000 Attn: President TRIPLE NET LEASE AGREEMENT THIS LEASE is made and entered into as of this 1st day of November 1997, by and between the XXXXXXXX FAMILY TRUST R-501 (the "LANDLORD") and JRJ INVESTMENTS, INC., a Nevada corporation (the "TENANT").
Construction of. “Lessee” In this Agreement, any reference to the “Lessee” shall be deemed to be a reference to Avis Alquile Un Coche, S.A. acting as lessee under the Spanish Master Lease Agreement.
Construction of. (i) classrooms at existing elementary and secondary schools and
Construction of. 1. a pilot septage treatment plant at Dagat-Dagatan with a capacity of about 200 cubic meters per day (m3/d); and
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Construction of. During the current negotiations the union and the employer had extensive dialogue as to the current plans for the construction of additional capacity. The parties recognize the need for open and honest communication relative to construction and the future operation of the facility and to that end the employer agrees to keep the union apprised of any changes to the current plans and to keep the union apprised as to the status of the project. During negotiations the parties agree further that there will be a need to develop a process to discuss and resolve issues surrounding the development of the facility and the impact on the residents and the members of the bargaining unit and work cooperatively in this regard.
Construction of a wastewater treatment plant for secondary treatment of wastewater, with an average capacity of 100,000 cubic meter per day (m3/day), in the Baisha area of Liubei District and associated wastewater treatment facilities, including interceptors, culverts, and pumping installations; and training facilities.
Construction of a wastewater treatment plant for secondary treatment of wastewater, with an average capacity of 125,000 m3/day, in Xxxxxx Xxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx and associated wastewater treatment facilities, including low lifting stations and a network of sewers; an administrative office; and a training center.
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