The Owner shall Sample Clauses

The Owner shall a. provide the general schedule for the Work provided Owner is of the opinion such schedule is necessary. The general schedule will set forth the Owner’s plan for milestone dates and completion of the Work;
The Owner shall. 2.1.1 deliver a copy of the Material to (***) within (***) of the date of this Agreement;
The Owner shall. (a) notify the Grantor, in writing, of any sale or transfer of the Owner's Lands;
The Owner shall. 2.1.1 deliver a copy of the Material to NCC within 30 days of the date of this Agreement;
The Owner shall. (a) after selecting one (1) of the applicants for a unit, prepare and have executed a lease, in its standard form, for the unit, with that applicant; each lease printed or stamped with the words Housing Supplement subsidized by the City.
The Owner shall. 1) Be responsible for assuring that the property meets municipal zoning by-laws, and if necessary, that special permission has been obtained from the appropriate authorities for the work covered in this contract.

Related to The Owner shall

  • Construction Manager The individual, partnership, corporation, joint venture, or any combination thereof, or its authorized representative, named as such by the District. If no Construction Manager is used on the Project that is the subject of this Contract, then all references to Construction Manager herein shall be read to refer to District.

  • Property Manager Any entity that has been retained to perform and carry out property rental, leasing, operation and management services at one or more of the Properties, excluding persons, entities or independent contractors retained or hired to perform facility management or other services or tasks at a particular Property.

  • Operator The Optionee shall be the operator for purposes of developing and executing exploration programs.

  • Contract Manager The Contract Manager for the Board is Xxxxxxx Xxxxx. The Contract Manager for the Contractor is the Contractor. The parties shall direct all matters arising in connection with the performance of this Agreement, other than notices, to the attention of the Contract Managers for attempted resolution or action. The Contract Managers shall be responsible for overall resolution, action, coordination, and oversight relating to the performance of this Agreement.

  • Owner’s Representative Owner designates the individual listed below as its Owner’s Representative to provide direct interface with Construction Manager with respect to Owner’s responsibilities: Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Owner’s Project Manager.

  • The Supplier must a. keep and maintain Records in accordance with prudent business practice and all applicable laws

  • Contractor’s Contract Manager The Contractor’s Contract Manager, who is primarily responsible for the Contractor’s oversight of the Contract performance, will be identified in a separate writing to the Department upon Contract signing in the following format: Contractor’s Contract Manager Name Contractor’s Name Contractor’s Physical Address Contractor’s Telephone # Contractor’s Email Address If the Contractor changes its Contract Manager, the Contractor will notify the Department. Such a change does not require an amendment to the Contract.

  • Customer will 1.1 Select and notify Boeing of the suppliers and part numbers of the following BFE items by the following dates: Galley System Complete Galley Inserts Complete Seats (passenger) Complete Cabin Systems Equipment Complete

  • Construction Phase Part 1 –

  • Construction Phase Fee Contractor’s Construction Phase Fee is the maximum amount payable to Contractor for any cost or profit expectation incurred in the performance of the Work that is not specifically identified as being eligible for reimbursement by Owner elsewhere in this Agreement. References in the UGSC to Contractor’s “overhead” and “profit” mean Contractor’s Construction Phase Fee. The Construction Phase Fee includes, but is not limited to, the following items: