The Owner shall Sample Clauses

The Owner shall a. provide the general schedule for the Work provided Owner is of the opinion such schedule is necessary. The general schedule will set forth the Owner’s plan for milestone dates and completion of the Work;
The Owner shall. 2.1.1 deliver a copy of the Material to (***) within (***) of the date of this Agreement;
The Owner shall. (a) notify the Grantor, in writing, of any sale or transfer of the Owner's Lands;
The Owner shall. 1) Be responsible for assuring that the property meets municipal zoning by-laws, and if necessary, that special permission has been obtained from the appropriate authorities for the work covered in this contract.
The Owner shall. 2.1.1 deliver a copy of the Material to NCC within 30 days of the date of this Agreement;
The Owner shall. (a) after selecting one (1) of the applicants for a unit, prepare and have executed a lease, in its standard form, for the unit, with that applicant; each lease printed or stamped with the words Housing Supplement subsidized by the City.

Related to The Owner shall

Construction Manager The Inspector shall also work with the construction manager if the District uses a construction manager on any portion of the Project. If the District does not use a construction manager on the Project, then all references to a construction manager herein shall mean the District.
The Manager The Manager assumes and shall pay for maintaining the staff and personnel necessary to perform its obligations under this Agreement, and shall at its own expense, provide the office space, equipment and facilities which it is obligated to provide under Article I hereof, and shall pay all compensation of officers of the Fund and all Directors who are affiliated persons of the Manager.
Property Manager Any entity that has been retained to perform and carry out property rental, leasing, operation and management services at one or more of the Properties, excluding persons, entities or independent contractors retained or hired to perform facility management or other services or tasks at a particular Property.
Directing Certificateholder and Operating Advisor Contact with Master Servicer and Special Servicer Within a reasonable time upon request from the Directing Certificateholder or the Operating Advisor, as applicable, and no more often than on a monthly basis, each of the Master Servicer and the Special Servicer shall, without charge, make a knowledgeable Servicing Officer via telephone available to verbally answer questions from (a) ((i) prior to the occurrence of a Consultation Termination Event and (ii) other than with respect to any Excluded Loan) the Directing Certificateholder and (b) upon the occurrence and during the continuance of any Control Termination Event, the Operating Advisor (with respect to the Special Servicer only), regarding the performance and servicing of the Mortgage Loans and/or REO Properties for which the Master Servicer or the Special Servicer, as the case may be, is responsible.
Agent Representing Both Lessor and Lessee A real estate agent, either acting directly or through one or more associate licenses, can legally be the agent of both the Lessor and the Lessee in a transaction, but only with the knowledge and consent of both the Lessor and the Lessee. In a dual agency situation, the agent has the following affirmative obligations to both the Lessor and the Lessee: a. A fiduciary duty of utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty in the dealings with either Lessor or the Lessee. b. Other duties to the Lessor and the Lessee as stated above in subparagraphs (i) or (ii). In representing both Lessor and Lessee, the agent may not without the express permission of the respective Party, disclose to the other Party that the Lessor will accept rent in an amount less than that indicated in the listing or that the Lessee is willing to pay a higher rent than that offered. The above duties of the agent in a real estate transaction do not relieve a Lessor or Lessee from the responsibility to protect their own interests. Lessor and Lessee should carefully read all agreements to assure that they adequately express their understanding of the transaction. A real estate agent is a person qualified to advise about real estate. If legal or tax advice is desired, consult a competent professional.
Operator A. Designation and Responsibilities of Operator: Vinland Energy Operations, LLC shall be the Operator of the Contract Area, and shall conduct and direct and have full control of all operations on the Contract Area as permitted and required by, and within the limits of this Agreement. In its performance of services hereunder for the Non-Operators, Operator shall be an independent contractor not subject to the control or direction of the Non-Operators except as to the type of operation to be undertaken in accordance with the election procedures contained in this Agreement. Operator shall not be deemed, or hold itself out as, the agent of the Non-Operators with authority to bind them to any obligation or liability assumed or incurred by Operator as to any third party. Operator shall conduct its activities under this Agreement as a reasonable prudent operator, in a good and workmanlike manner, with due diligence and dispatch, in accordance with good oilfield practice, and in compliance with applicable law and regulation, but in no event shall it have any liability as Operator to the other parties for losses sustained or liabilities incurred except such as may result from gross negligence or willful misconduct.
The Directing Certificateholder and the Risk Retention Consultation Party (a) (A) Other than with respect to any Serviced AB Whole Loan that is not subject to an AB Control Appraisal Period, for so long as no Control Termination Event has occurred and is continuing, the Directing Certificateholder shall be entitled to advise (1) the applicable Special Servicer with respect to all Major Decisions (other than with respect to any applicable Excluded Loan with respect to the Directing Certificateholder or the holder of the majority of the Controlling Class) and (2) the applicable Master Servicer to the extent the Directing Certificateholder’s consent is required by the applicable clauses of the definition of “Master Servicer Decision”, and (B) the Risk Retention Consultation Party shall (other than with respect to any applicable Excluded Loan with respect to the Risk Retention Consultation Party) be entitled to consult on a strictly non-binding basis with the applicable Special Servicer with respect to any Major Decision (provided, that prior to the occurrence and continuance of a Consultation Termination Event, the related Mortgage Loan must also be a Specially Serviced Loan). For the avoidance of doubt, any consultation with the Risk Retention Consultation Party under this Agreement shall occur only upon request of the Risk Retention Consultation Party with respect to any individual triggering event, and any such consultation shall be on a strictly non-binding basis and shall be subject to all limitations with respect to the procedures and timing of such consultation set forth in this Section 6.08. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, except as set forth in, and in any event subject to, the third and fourth paragraphs of this Section 6.08(a) and Section 6.08(b), for so long as no Control Termination Event has occurred and is continuing, the applicable Special Servicer shall not be permitted to take (or to consent to any Master Servicer’s taking) any of the following actions (each, a “Major Decision”) as to which the Directing Certificateholder has objected in writing within ten (10) Business Days (or thirty (30) days with respect to clause (ix) of the definition of “Major Decision”) after the Directing Certificateholder’s receipt of the applicable Special Servicer’s written recommendation and analysis and all information reasonably requested by the Directing Certificateholder, and reasonably available to the applicable Special Servicer in order to grant or withhold such consent (provided that if such written consent has not been received by the applicable Special Servicer within the applicable time period, then the Directing Certificateholder will be deemed to have approved such action):
Owner’s Representative Owner shall from time to time designate one or more persons to serve as Owner’s representative (“Owner’s Representative”) in all dealings with Manager hereunder. Whenever the approval, consent or other action of Owner is called for hereunder, such approval, consent or action shall be binding on Owner if specified in writing and signed by Owner’s Representative. The initial Owner’s Representative shall be Ella S. Neyland, President. Any Owner’s Representative may be changed at the discretion of Owner, at any time, and shall be effective upon Manager’s receipt of written notice identifying the new Owner’s Representative.
Servicer and Special Servicer Not to Resign; Replacement of Servicer or Special Servicer (a) Each of the Servicer and Special Servicer may resign and assign its rights and delegate its duties and obligations under this Agreement to any Person or to an entity, provided that:
The Operating Advisor (a) The Operating Advisor shall promptly review (i) all information made available to Privileged Persons on the Certificate Administrator’s Website (A) that relates to any Specially Serviced Loan, and (B) that is contained in the CREFC® Servicer Watch List prepared by the Master Servicer and (ii) each Final Asset Status Report delivered to the Operating Advisor by the Special Servicer.