Engaged Sample Clauses

Engaged. When a member consents to participate in a Population Health program, the member can be determined to be engaged.
Engaged and to a mission that includes providing “the best quality of life and environment in which our businesses and residents can thrive”. In 2013‐2014 City Council adopted among its 2013‐2014 goals, a goal that called for the following: ”Create a gathering place where the Dublin community can celebrate creativity in both personal and shared experiences of the arts. Review and consider community models for creating a cultural arts center in Dublin, envisioning a multi‐disciplinary complex, with space for educational resources, popular and innovative performing arts, and exhibit space for visual arts.” Toward the realization of this goal, over the past four years the City has completed a market study, business plan, and a fundraising feasibility study to determine the potential for a cultural and performing arts center. Additionally, in partnership with Ohio University, the Dublin Arts Council and Crawford Hoying, the City has served on Ohio University’s Tantrum Theater Advisory Committee and completed site visits to several theaters throughout the U.S. Based on recommendations provided by the firm that completed the capital Campaign Feasibility Study in November 2017, the City realizes the need to have an individual dedicated to focusing on building awareness of and support for a cultural and performing arts center and identifying and helping to build relationships with additional Center partners and users.
Engaged. When a member consents to participate in a Population Health program, the member can be determined to be engaged. EnrolleeA person who has been determined eligible for TennCare and who has been enrolled in the TennCare program (see Member, also). Enrollee Marketing – Any communication, from the CONTRACTOR to a TennCare enrollee who is not enrolled in the CONTRACTOR’s MCO, that can reasonably be interpreted as intended to influence the person to enroll in the CONTRACTOR’s MCO, or either to not enroll in, or to disenroll from, another MCO’s TennCare product. EnrollmentThe process by which a TennCare enrollee becomes a member of the CONTRACTOR’s MCO. EPSDT – The Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) service is Medicaid’s comprehensive and preventive child health program for individuals under the age of 21. EPSDT was defined by law as part of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 (OBRA ‘89) legislation and includes periodic screening, vision, dental, and hearing services. In addition, Section 1905(r)(5) of the Social Security Act (the Act) requires that any medically necessary health care service listed at Section 1905(a) of the Act be provided to an EPSDT recipient even if the service is not available under the State’s Medicaid plan to the rest of the Medicaid population. The federal regulations for EPSDT are in 42 CFR Part 441, Subpart B. Essential Hospital ServicesTertiary care hospital services to which it is essential for the CONTRACTOR to provide access. Essential hospital services include, but are not limited to, neonatal, perinatal, pediatric, trauma and burn services. Evidence-Based Practice – A clinical intervention that has demonstrated positive outcomes in several research studies to assist consumers in achieving their desired goals of health and wellness; specifically, the evidence-based practices recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS).

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  • Business Activities The Company will not, and will not permit any of its Restricted Subsidiaries to, engage in any business other than Permitted Businesses, except to such extent as would not be material to the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries taken as a whole.

  • Association Business A. Duly authorized representatives of the Association shall be permitted at all reasonable times to enter the facilities operated by the Medical Center for purposes of transacting Association business and observing conditions under which nurses are employed; provided, however, that the Association’s representative shall comply with the Medical Center's security and identification procedures. Transaction of any business shall be conducted in an appropriate location subject to general Medical Center and clinic rules applicable to non-employees, shall be confined to contract negotiation and administration matters, and shall not interfere with the work of the employees.

  • COMPANIES This Exhibit forms a part of the Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement, entered into as of December 7, 2015, between Joy Global Inc. and .

  • No Business Activities Merger Sub has not conducted any activities other than in connection with the organization of Merger Sub, the negotiation and execution of this Agreement and the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby. Merger Sub has no Subsidiaries.

  • Business Relations Neither the Company nor Sellers knows or ------------------ has good reason to believe that any customer or supplier of the Company will cease to do business with the Company after the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby in the same manner and at the same levels as previously conducted with the Company except for any reductions which do not result in a Material Adverse Change. Neither Sellers or the Company have received any written notice of any material disruption (including delayed deliveries or allocations by suppliers) in the availability of any material portion of the materials used by the Company nor are the Company or Sellers aware of any facts which could lead them to believe that the Business will be subject to any such material disruption.

  • Activities The Depositor shall not engage in any business or activity of any kind, or enter into any transaction or indenture, mortgage, instrument, agreement, contract, lease or other undertaking, which is not directly related to the transactions contemplated and authorized by this Agreement or the other Transaction Documents; provided, however, that the Depositor may purchase and sell (or grant Liens in respect of) contracts and/or other related assets similar to the Contracts to other Persons in securitization or other non-recourse financing transactions involving CFUSA or any of its Affiliates on terms and conditions (with respect to the liabilities imposed upon the Depositor by virtue of such transactions, as well as in respect of agreements or restrictions concerning activities of the Depositor and its relations or interactions with CFUSA or a Financing Originator or other applicable Affiliate relevant to "bankruptcy remoteness" or "substantive consolidation" analysis), in each case substantially similar to such terms and conditions applicable to the Depositor hereunder and under the other Transaction Documents.

  • Other Business Activities During the Term, Employee will not, without the prior written consent of the Company, directly or indirectly engage in any other business activities or pursuits whatsoever, except activities in connection with any charitable or civic activities, personal investments and serving as an executor, trustee or in other similar fiduciary capacity; provided, however, that such activities do not interfere with his performance of his responsibilities and obligations pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Business Landlord acknowledges that it is not the intent of this Section 30 to prohibit Tenant from using the Premises for the Permitted Use. Tenant may operate its business according to prudent industry practices so long as the use or presence of Hazardous Materials is strictly and properly monitored according to all then applicable Environmental Requirements. As a material inducement to Landlord to allow Tenant to use Hazardous Materials in connection with its business, Tenant agrees to deliver to Landlord prior to the Commencement Date a list identifying each type of Hazardous Materials to be brought upon, kept, used, stored, handled, treated, generated on, or released or disposed of from, the Premises and setting forth any and all governmental approvals or permits required in connection with the presence, use, storage, handling, treatment, generation, release or disposal of such Hazardous Materials on or from the Premises (“Hazardous Materials List”). Tenant shall deliver to Landlord an updated Hazardous Materials List at least once a year and shall also deliver an updated list before any new Hazardous Material is brought onto, kept, used, stored, handled, treated, generated on, or released or disposed of from, the Premises. Tenant shall deliver to Landlord true and correct copies of the following documents (the “Haz Mat Documents”) relating to the use, storage, handling, treatment, generation, release or disposal of Hazardous Materials prior to the Commencement Date, or if unavailable at that time, concurrent with the receipt from or submission to a Governmental Authority: permits; approvals; reports and correspondence; storage and management plans, notice of violations of any Legal Requirements; plans relating to the installation of any storage tanks to be installed in or under the Project (provided, said installation of tanks shall only be permitted after Landlord has given Tenant its written consent to do so, which consent may be withheld in Landlord’s sole and absolute discretion); all closure plans or any other documents required by any and all federal, state and local Governmental Authorities for any storage tanks installed in, on or under the Project for the closure of any such tanks; and a Surrender Plan (to the extent surrender in accordance with Section 28 cannot be accomplished in 3 months). Tenant is not required, however, to provide Landlord with any portion(s) of the Haz Mat Documents containing information of a proprietary nature which, in and of themselves, do not contain a reference to any Hazardous Materials or hazardous activities. It is not the intent of this Section to provide Landlord with information which could be detrimental to Tenant’s business should such information become possessed by Tenant’s competitors.

  • Business Activity As long as this Note shall remain outstanding, Maker shall make no change in its business activity that would make it or any of its business activities non-compliant with SBA regulations and guidelines.

  • Outside Activities (a) After the Closing Date, the General Partner, for so long as it is the General Partner of the Partnership (i) agrees that its sole business will be to act as a general partner or managing member, as the case may be, of the Partnership and any other partnership or limited liability company of which the Partnership is, directly or indirectly, a partner or member and to undertake activities that are ancillary or related thereto (including being a limited partner in the Partnership) and (ii) shall not engage in any business or activity or incur any debts or liabilities except in connection with or incidental to (A) its performance as general partner or managing member, if any, of one or more Group Members or as described in or contemplated by the Registration Statement or (B) the acquiring, owning or disposing of debt or equity securities in any Group Member.