Federal Regulations definition

Federal Regulations means those federal regulations relating to cable television services, 47 C.F.R. Section 76.1 et seq. (and, to the extent applicable, any other federal rules and regulations relating to cable television, including but not limited to, those described in 47 C.F.R. Section 76.3), or as such regulations may be amended.
Federal Regulations means the provisions of section 218 of Title II of the federal social security act and applicable reg- ulations adopted under the federal social security act.
Federal Regulations means the regulations issued pursuant to the Randolph-Sheppard Act.

Examples of Federal Regulations in a sentence

  • All Solar Energy Systems shall be permanently and safely attached to the building or structure or to the ground and must conform to the provisions of this Ordinance and all County, State, and Federal regulations, and safety requirements, including applicable building codes and applicable industry standards, including those of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

  • Contractor shall comply with State and Federal regulations as outlined in the latest revision of the Federal Construction Safety Standards (Series 1926) and with applicable provisions and regulations of Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Standards of the William-Steiger Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1970 (revised).

  • Quidel recommends that Positive and Negative External Controls be run:• once for each untrained operator• once for each new shipment of kits – provided that each different lot received in the shipment is tested• as deemed additionally necessary by your internal quality control procedures, and in accordance with Local, State and Federal regulations or accreditation requirements.

  • Therefore, the USBE obtained a Federal statutory waiver to some of Federal regulations to increase the relevancy of the law to meet the needs of Utah students.

  • The Subrecipient shall maintain all records required by the Federal regulations specified in 24 CFR 570.506 that are pertinent to the activities to be funded under this Agreement.

More Definitions of Federal Regulations

Federal Regulations means the current U.S. fish and wildlife service regulations and standards governing falconry.
Federal Regulations means the Explosives Regulations enacted under the Explosives Act, Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, Chapter E-17, as of the date of adoption of this Bylaw;
Federal Regulations means the specifications for the humane handling, care, treatment, and transportation of dogs and cats set forth in 9 C.F.R. Part 3, Subpart A.
Federal Regulations means the Explosives Regulations enacted under the Explosives Act, R.S.C., 1985, c. E-17, as amended from time to time;
Federal Regulations means the regulations
Federal Regulations means the rules established for Randolph-Sheppard Act programs by the U.S. Department of Education in 34 CFR 395 (as published in 1977).
Federal Regulations means the regulations promulgated under the Act at 45 C.F.R. Parts 155, 156 and 157, incorporated above at § 1.3 of this Part.