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The evidence. Both in Italo-Romance and in Sardinian the existential construc- tion consists of four components, which are illustrated in (8a-c).
The evidence. The claimantsevidence 2 Paragraph 4 In support of its claim the claimants filed witness statements from 5 witnesses namely:
The evidence. 10. The defendant called four witnesses including himself – Subhas Seepersad, Dev Anand Seepersad, Shivai Ramlogan and Andomida Massiah Boochoon. Their witness statements were tendered as evidence in chief and they were cross examined. The Third party called Sheldon Blugh. His witness statement filed on September 23, 2011 was put into evidence. He was not cross examined.
The evidence. [22] Paragraph 3 of the statement of claim contains the only reference to a loan and is set out above in para. 2 of this Judgment. The breach of this loan is not expressly pleaded anywhere in the statement of claim. In the “Reply”, the claimant pleads: “On the 27th of October 2000, the first named defendant informed the claimant that the second named defendant would service the loan. No payments were made and the loan fell into arrears again”. In relation to the adequacy of the pleadings are these two references sufficient to satisfy the rule 8 of the CPR 2000 bearing in mind also, the overriding objectives? Does it disclose the terms of the loan agreement, the circumstances that the agreement provides as amounting to a breach, the conditions under which the Defendant becomes liable, the conditions under which the Claimant can seek to recover from the Defendant and so on?
The evidence. (i) The plaintiff’s case 33 The plaintiff called one witness for its case while three persons testified for the defendant including Mr Ahmad and an expert. Initially, Mr Casimir had filed his affidavit of evidence-in-chief (“AEIC”) preparatory to being the Plaintiff’s witness. However, the court was informed by counsel of the Plaintiff that the defendant’s counsel (who confirmed) would not cross-examine Mr Casimir on his AEIC – which was then admitted as part of the evidence before the court.35 34 The plaintiff’s witness Mr Ow Yong is the current chairman of the Eighth MC. The facts extracted from Mr Ow Yong’s AEIC have been set out earlier at [2] to [21]. 33 See Defence and Counterclaim (Amendment No. 1) at paras 23–24. 34 See Reply and Defence to Counterclaim at para 9. 35 See transcript of 7 July 2021 at pp 170–171. 35 During Mr Ow Yong’s cross-examination, Mr J Balachandran, counsel for the defendant (“Mr Bala”), took issue with Mr Ow Yong’s AEIC where Mr Ow Yong had deposed that in July 2014 the plaintiff discovered the disconnection of the Grease Trap installation.36 When questioned, Mr Ow Yong clarified that the discovery was made by Goodwill who informed Vinco who in turn informed the MC.37 36 The defendant also took issue with Goodwill’s documents that were incorporated into the agreed bundles placed before the court – the defendant would not agree to the authenticity of those documents, including Goodwill’s report (mentioned above at [12]), without formal proof. In the defendant’s closing submissions, it was submitted that Goodwill’s report was inadmissible as the maker was not called to testify.38 Mr Bala had pointed out to Mr Ow Yong that there were no service reports that recorded Goodwill’s visit to the Grease Trap on 17 July 2014 when Goodwill allegedly flushed out the grease trap nor of Goodwill’s visit on 12 August 2014 to install a sump pump.39 Indeed, there were no records of Goodwill’s representative Mr Kenny Pang’s visit to JFH on 17 July 2014.

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  • Credentialing The Provider will maintain written documentation confirming that each individual providing services under this agreement has and maintains the requisite credentials. Any change in status regarding any credentialing requirements must be reported in writing, by the Provider to the Department's Credentialing Contracted Agent, within thirty days.

  • Check and complete if Transferee will take delivery of a beneficial interest in the IAI Global Note or a Restricted Definitive Note pursuant to any provision of the Securities Act other than Rule 144A or Regulation S. The Transfer is being effected in compliance with the transfer restrictions applicable to beneficial interests in Restricted Global Notes and Restricted Definitive Notes and pursuant to and in accordance with the Securities Act and any applicable blue sky securities laws of any state of the United States, and accordingly the Transferor hereby further certifies that (check one):

  • Restrictions on Lobbying If any Federal funds are to be used to pay for Contractor’s services under this Agreement, Contractor shall fully comply with all certification and disclosure requirements prescribed by Section 319 of Public Law 101-121 (31 United States Code Section 1352) and any implementing regulations, and shall ensure that each of its subcontractors receiving funds provided under this Agreement also fully complies with all such certification and disclosure requirements.

  • File Management and Record Retention relating to CRF Eligible Persons or Households Grantee must maintain a separate file for every applicant, Eligible Person, or Household, regardless of whether the request was approved or denied.

  • Assignability and Subcontracting Contractor shall not assign this Agreement or any portion thereof to a third party or subcontract with a third party to provide services required by contractor under this Agreement without the prior written consent of County. Any such assignment or subcontract without the County’s prior written consent shall give County the right to automatically and immediately terminate this Agreement.

  • General Conditions Applicable to Insurance All policies of insurance required by this section shall comply with the following requirements:

  • Files Management and Record Retention relating to Grantee and Administration of this Agreement a. The Grantee shall maintain books, records, and documents in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures and practices which sufficiently and properly reflect all expenditures of funds provided by Florida Housing under this Agreement.

  • Insurance and Fingerprint Requirements Information Insurance If applicable and your staff will be on TIPS member premises for delivery, training or installation etc. and/or with an automobile, you must carry automobile insurance as required by law. You may be asked to provide proof of insurance. Fingerprint It is possible that a vendor may be subject to Chapter 22 of the Texas Education Code. The Texas Education Code, Chapter 22, Section 22.0834. Statutory language may be found at: If the vendor has staff that meet both of these criterion: (1) will have continuing duties related to the contracted services; and (2) has or will have direct contact with students Then you have ”covered” employees for purposes of completing the attached form. TIPS recommends all vendors consult their legal counsel for guidance in compliance with this law. If you have questions on how to comply, see below. If you have questions on compliance with this code section, contact the Texas Department of Public Safety Non-Criminal Justice Unit, Access and Dissemination Bureau, FAST-FACT at and you should send an email identifying you as a contractor to a Texas Independent School District or ESC Region 8 and TIPS. Texas DPS phone number is (512) 424-2474. See form in the next attribute to complete entitled: Texas Education Code Chapter 22 Contractor Certification for Contractor Employees

  • Lessor's Right to Inspect Lessee shall permit Lessor and its authorized representatives as frequently as reasonably requested by Lessor to inspect the Leased Property and Lessee’s accounts and records pertaining thereto and make copies thereof, during usual business hours upon reasonable advance Notice, subject only to any business confidentiality requirements reasonably requested by Lessee.

  • Quality Assurance Requirements The Contractor shall be required to demonstrate by means of a Contract Quality Plan (CQP) that this organisation is so structured that all the requirements of the specification will be properly monitored and controlled. The Contract Quality Plan (CQP), which must include the Quality Control Plan (QCP), is to be drafted in accordance with QM-58 and the Supplier Contract Quality Requirement Specification (QM58). The Quality documents are to be submitted for approval to the Project Manager within thirty (30) days after a contract has been awarded to the Contractor. No work may commence unless the Contract Quality Plan and Quality Control Plan documents have been approved in writing and a copy submitted to the Project Manager. The Contractor, in conjunction with the Project Manager must sign off all Quality Control documents after completing all work as per the agreed scope. The Contractor to submit a copy of the final signed off documents/data packages to the Project Manager within one (1) week after completion of work. The Contractor shall be required to read and fully understand the contents of the Supplier Contract Quality Requirement Specification (QM58) and a copy is to be kept in possession or on premises. The Contractor shall comply with all Employer’s requirements as set out in QM-58 (Supplier Contract Quality Specification). . The Contractor further ensures that the subcontractor’s programmes comply with the requirements of the Service Information. The Contractor notifies the Service Manager of any changes to the Quality System and obtains agreement prior to implementation on existing orders and contracts, or sub orders and sub contracts. The Supplier Contract Quality Requirement Specification (QM58) shall remain applicable in the event of the contract being extended or modified for reasons permitted. By signature and acceptance of this contract the Contractor acknowledges and agrees to comply with and adhere to Eskom’s policies and procedures (current and/or latest revisions) including the Supplier Contract Quality Requirement Specification (QM58).