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Related Issues. 47.1 The parties to a dispute will divide the costs of the dispute resolution process equally between themselves.
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Related Issues. 1. No stores shall observe a closing day during a pandemic or other emergency related order that otherwise would not have had a regular closing day.
Related Issues. After consultation with CollaGenex, Atrix shall determine the amount of the adjustment and the Products to which such Purchase Price adjustment shall be made. Any adjustment shall take effect [ ]** and the [ ]** No adjustment shall [ ]** If CollaGenex disagrees with any action or inaction taken by Atrix under this Section 9.02 such disagreement shall be resolved in accordance with Article XVII.
Related Issues. The use of any MacArthur Foundation grant monies to participate in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office is also prohibited by United States law. This applies to elections both inside and outside the United States. Also, no MacArthur Foundation grant monies may be used to make any payments that would be illegal under local law, such as to offer money to a public official to perform an official action or to omit or to delay an official action.
Related Issues. 3.18.1. Severance payments and overtime are to be calculated exclusive of shift allowances and weekend penalties.
Related Issues. By participating in this auction event Buyer acknowledges their understanding of the current pandemic as it relates to the use of social distancing from other human beings in order to protect themselves and others. Xxxxx agrees to practice social distancing (as that term is generally known), to limit their contact with other individuals, to wear protective equipment as may be necessary (breathing/face mask, gloves, coveralls), and to adhere to auction day and removal instructions and guidelines as they may be presented at the site. By participating in this auction event, the Bidder agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the seller and/or Auctioneer from any and all claims or actions for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to those related in any way to COVID-19 or other pandemic related issues.
Related Issues. The parties agree that a Joint Ad Hoc Committee composed of one (1) representative from CSU National Office Component, one (1) representative from COPE Local 491, one (1) representative from CSU and three (3) CUPE representatives review and make recommendations on work reintegration related issues and L.T.D. benefit-related issues, including the following: • The completion/filing of L.T.D. claims; • The reduction or cessation of benefits; • Early intervention programs;
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Related Issues. 5.1 Top-up funding s75 (6) of the Care Act 2014 states that the Secretary of State is empowered to make Regulations requiring a local authority to comply with an individual’s preference for particular accommodation, with the individual (or a person of prescribed description) paying a top-up fee if the preferred accommodation is more than the authority’s usual cost. These regulations were issued in October 2014 within the Care and Support Statutory Guidance issued under the Care Act 2014. Specifically, within paragraph 39 in Annex A of this document it states that “The person whose needs are to be met by the accommodation may themselves choose to make a top up payment where they are receiving accommodation provided under S117 for mental health aftercare.” This is an important new change in national policy. Many practitioners will be familiar with the historical position that top ups were not permissible on s117 placements. Practitioners need to familiarise themselves with this new position and vary their advice, guidance and practice accordingly.
Related Issues a). Layoffs: For the purpose of layoff, all staff from Schedules "A" and irrespective of classification shall be merged on either a full-time or part-time priority list. Those priority lists are attached as Schedule In the event of staff reduction, the Employer will follow the procedure in Section prior to making any reduction in staff from Schedule In any event, Paperhandlers not working in traditional roles as identified on Schedule will be subject to reduction ahead of all Journeymen Pressmen listed on Schedule "A" except the five pool substitutes named in Section Paperhandlers not working in traditional roles would be subject to staff reduction in inverse order of priority shown on Schedule Those thirteen performing traditional roles would only be subject to staff reduction in the even the Employer chooses to reduce staff in those areas of the operation. For greater certainty, the thirteen in traditional roles cannot bump anyone else nor can they be bumped.
Related Issues. The Dealership shall pay, in advance to the proper agencies, for all employees the actual cost of all tests necessary to achieve any A.S.E. or manufacturer certifications required by the Dealership but will not reimburse employees for the costs of tests that are not so required. The cost of the first two (2) A.S.E. tests for the same subject matter will be paid by the Dealership. If the employee twice fails a required A.S.E. certification test, the cost of the third or subsequent required A.S.E. re-test for the same subject matter will be paid by the employee. The employee shall provide a copy of all A.S.E. test results and certifications achieved to the Dealership. Refusal to participate in required certification testing under this Section, or required training under Section 11 below, will be considered a refusal to work. If an employee is unavailable, due to fringes outlined in this Agreement during any training/testing period, this shall not apply. Beginning with the first 6-month fourth written three-month A.S.E. testing period following the date of the written notice, a failure to pass any required A.S.E. or other certification or written A.S.E. recertification test will result in one written warning letter per 6- month four three-month testing period. Written warning letters for failure to pass a required written A.S.E or other certification or written
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