COMMUNICATION OF. KNOW-HOW -------------------------
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COMMUNICATION OF. KNOW-HOW ------------------------- Atlantic will communicate to PTML in writing any material Know-how gained from experience in carrying on the Business and will allow PTML and its other licensees non-exclusive, cost free use of such Know-how resulting from that experience.


  • COMMUNICATION AND NOTICES The Administrator designated in section 4 on page 1 of this agreement is authorized to receive information, interpret and define City's policies consistent with this agreement, and communicate with Consultant concerning this agreement. All correspondence and other communications shall be directed to or through the Administrator or the Administrator’s designee.

  • TELEPHONE COMMUNICATIONS Both parties may communicate by telephone, but it is agreed that no instructions that require action will be left on any messaging service since neither party can guarantee that they will be received or actioned. Telephone conversations may be recorded by Us for training or monitoring purposes.

  • Communications and Notices Any notice to the Contractor shall be deemed sufficient when deposited in the United States Mail postage prepaid; faxed; e-mailed; delivered to a telegraph office fee prepaid; or hand-carried and presented to an authorized employee of the Contractor at the Contractor’s address as listed on the signature page of the contract or at such address as the contractor may have requested in writing.

  • Communication No notice or other communication under this Warrant shall be effective or deemed to have been given unless, the same is in writing and is mailed by first-class mail, postage prepaid, or via recognized overnight courier with confirmed receipt, addressed to:

  • Communications and Contacts Prospective respondents must direct communications concerning this ITB to the following person designated as the Solicitation Coordinator: Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Department of General Services, CPO 000 Xxxx X Xxxxx Avenue, 3rd Floor Tennessee Tower Nashville TN 37243-1102 000-000-0000 Unauthorized contact about this ITB with employees or officials of the State of Tennessee except as detailed in this ITB may result in disqualification from consideration under this procurement process. Notwithstanding the foregoing, respondents may alternatively contact: Staff of the Governor's Office of Diversity Business Enterprise for assistance available to minority-owned, woman-owned, service-disabled veteran owned, businesses owned by persons with disabilities and small businesses as well as general, public information relating to this ITB (visit xxxxx:// procurement-office--cpo-/governor-s-office-of-diversity-business-enterprise--xxxxx-- /xxxxx-general-contacts.html for contact information); and The following individual designated by the State to coordinate compliance with the nondiscrimination requirements of the State of Tennessee, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and associated federal regulations: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Department of General Services, CPO 000 Xxxx X Xxxxx Avenue, 3rd Floor Tennessee Tower Nashville, TN 37243-1102 000-000-0000

  • Communications in writing Any communication to be made under or in connection with the Finance Documents shall be made in writing and, unless otherwise stated, may be made by fax or letter.

  • Direct Website Communications Each of Holdings and the Borrower may, at its option, provide to the Administrative Agent any information, documents and other materials that it is obligated to furnish to the Administrative Agent pursuant to the Credit Documents, including, without limitation, all notices, requests, financial statements, financial, and other reports, certificates, and other information materials, but excluding any such communication that (A) relates to a request for a new, or a conversion of an existing, borrowing or other extension of credit (including any election of an interest rate or interest period relating thereto, (B) relates to the payment of any principal or other amount due under this Agreement prior to the scheduled date therefor, (C) provides notice of any default or event of default under this Agreement or (D) is required to be delivered to satisfy any condition precedent to the effectiveness of this Agreement and/or any borrowing or other extension of credit thereunder (all such non-excluded communications being referred to herein collectively as “Communications”), by transmitting the Communications in an electronic/soft medium in a format reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent to the Administrative Agent at an email address provided by the Administrative Agent from time to time; provided that (i) upon written request by the Administrative Agent, Holdings or the Borrower shall deliver paper copies of such documents to the Administrative Agent for further distribution to each Lender until a written request to cease delivering paper copies is given by the Administrative Agent and (ii) Holdings or the Borrower shall notify (which may be by facsimile or electronic mail) the Administrative Agent of the posting of any such documents and provide to the Administrative Agent by electronic mail electronic versions (i.e., soft copies) of such documents. Each Lender shall be solely responsible for timely accessing posted documents or requesting delivery of paper copies of such documents from the Administrative Agent and maintaining its copies of such documents. Nothing in this Section 13.17 shall prejudice the right of Holdings, the Borrower, the Administrative Agent, any other Agent or any Lender to give any notice or other communication pursuant to any Credit Document in any other manner specified in such Credit Document. The Administrative Agent agrees that the receipt of the Communications by the Administrative Agent at its e-mail address set forth above shall constitute effective delivery of the Communications to the Administrative Agent for purposes of the Credit Documents. Each Lender agrees that notice to it (as provided in the next sentence) specifying that the Communications have been posted to the Platform shall constitute effective delivery of the Communications to such Lender for purposes of the Credit Documents. Each Lender agrees (A) to notify the Administrative Agent in writing (including by electronic communication) from time to time of such Lender’s e-mail address to which the foregoing notice may be sent by electronic transmission and (B) that the foregoing notice may be sent to such e-mail address.

  • General Communications The type of communications described and defined in Article 5.6 herein.

  • Communication to us (a) Unless otherwise provided in this agreement, all communication, requests and instructions from you may be personally delivered to us in writing; or sent by registered post, electronic mail or SMS to us in accordance with our prescribed verification procedure prevailing at the time.

  • Information and communication The Parties shall support the development of modern methods of information handling, including the media, and stimulate the effective mutual exchange of information. Priority shall be given to programmes aimed at providing the general public with basic information about the Community and the Republic of Azerbaijan, including, where possible, access to databases, in full respect of intellectual property rights.