Permit Value definition

Permit Value means a calculation of the total value of any form of construction that is to be submitted by the owner to the satisfaction of the Manager of Building and Inspections.

Examples of Permit Value in a sentence

  • Permit Value $ 25% = : Applicant: Permit No.: BB In choosing which accessible elements to provide under ORS 447.241, priority shall be given to those elements that will provide the greatest access.

  • Note that Permit Value is based on the total cumulative valuation of all building permits issued from July 2003 to the present (including the proposed project valuation) and is based off the higher of the applicant stated or system calculated valuation.c Label all room uses (e.g. bedroom) and sizes (e.g. 5’ x 8’).c Maximum Allowable Floor Area Information.

  • Relationships between indices of obesity and its co- morbidities in multi-ethnic Singapore.

  • The Reeve Report was reviewed.7.2Building Permit Value Report & Building Permit Listing - AdministrationThe report was reviewed.7.3Building Inspector/Fire Chief ReportThe reports were reviewed.

  • Approve License Agreement with Taylor NW LLC for use of County property as staging area.

  • International Association of Snowmobile Administrators, 2012 The Permit Value Proposition At the heart of the OFSC snowmobile trail funding program is the perception of value by the permit purchaser in terms of the fees they contribute weighed against the quality and availability of the trail experience provided them.In a recent major survey2, almost 96% of respondent snowmobilers indicated that they found Ontario snowmobiling to be enjoyable, very enjoyable, or extremely enjoyable.

  • Grant Base Amount Formula Cost of construction (Building Permit Value) x (% of commercial building x 0.023 + % of residential of building x 0.015) EXAMPLES: 5-Year Grant TBI Grant – portion of increased incremental property taxes being redirected to Capital Improvement Fund to pay for TBI Grant for commercial investment over a 5-year period.

  • Independent of the person and number values borne by the null subject, null subjects are licensed in question and answer contexts, as well as under coordination.

  • Final Results: Fuel Prices, Including Permit Value 102Appendix C.

  • Conditional Use Permit Value between $20,001 and $100,000$450.00Value between $100,001 and $250,000$750.00Value between $250,001 and $500,000$1,400.00Value over $500,000$2,000.00C.

Related to Permit Value

  • RI Value means, in respect of a Reference Item and a ST Valuation Date, (i) the RI Closing Value for such Reference Item in respect of such ST Valuation Date, divided by (ii) the relevant RI Initial Value (expressed as a percentage).

  • Baseline Value for each of the Company and the Peer Companies means the dollar amount representing the average of the Fair Market Value of one share of common stock of such company over the five consecutive trading days ending on, and including, the Effective Date.

  • rand value means the total estimated value of a contract in Rand, calculated at the time of bid invitation, and includes all applicable taxes;

  • Worst Value means, in respect of a ST Valuation Date, the RI Value for the Reference Item(s) with the lowest or equal lowest RI Value for any Reference Item in the Basket in respect of such ST Valuation Date.

  • Property Value means the aggregate fair value of the properties (land and buildings) held by the Group according to the latest consolidated Financial Report, adjusted for any investments in and depreciations of the properties, respectively, during the period starting on the day falling immediately after the last day of the period covered by the latest consolidated Financial Report and ending on the relevant Record Date.

  • Appraised Value The value set forth in an appraisal made in connection with the origination of the related Mortgage Loan as the value of the Mortgaged Property.

  • Stored value means monetary value that is evidenced by an electronic record.

  • Best Value means the method by which a proposal/contract, if any, is awarded, in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Best Value includes multiple parameters, including experience, references, quality of the Vendor's product(s)/service(s), and price, as detailed in Section 6.0 Evaluation and Award.

  • Gross Calorific Value of “GCV” shall mean that quantity of heat expressed in Kilowatt- hour produced by the complete combustion of one (1) normal cubic metre of Natural Gas at twenty-five (25) degrees Celsius and an absolute pressure of one decimal zero one three two five (1.01325) bar with excess air at the same temperature and pressure as the Natural Gas when the products of combustion are cooled to twenty-five (25) degrees Celsius and when the water formed by combustion is condensed to the liquid state and the products of combustion contain the same total mass of water vapor as the Natural Gas and air before combustion.