Data Collected Sample Clauses

Data Collected. Owner agrees that the County shall have the right to collect, monitor, analyze, and disseminate data on mitigated water usage for the purposes of evaluation and analysis. Mitigation and metering data will be provided to the Washington State Department of Ecology and the Water Transfer Working Group.
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Data Collected. Equipment data collected shall generally fall into four categories: status, performance, code-generated events, and alarm-generated events. MTD understands that the categories, detail, and frequency of information collected by VHM will be limited to that generated by each particular onboard equipment type. At a minimum, it is expected that VHM shall collect and report the following information:  Any codes generated by interfaced equipment  Engine and transmission temperature  Engine, transmission, and radiator fluid pressures and/or levels  Air, charging, interlock, and A/C system status  Vehicle speed  Throttle and brake position activity
Data Collected. The personal data subject to this processing are the first name, last name, email, telephone number, billing data, postal code of the natural persons representing the Client, including its employees if applicable, with whom POPMII will be in contact in the context of providing the Service.
Data Collected. In consideration for use of the Equipment, User agrees to share copies of any and all data collected by the Equipment with SACOG during the Term of this Agreement.
Data Collected. 5. We may collect the following Data, which includes personal Data, from you:
Data Collected. The Table 1 - Data Collected for Services shows the useful type of data required to provide each service according to a high level of operational requirements and to the participants’ understanding of services operating procedures. The table specifies whether the type of data is Mandatory or Optional for the provision of the service. Data collected Services Coach Tracking Emergency Call Passenger Tracking SafeTRIP On Board Unit Identification number Mandatory Mandatory Telephone number Mandatory Vehicle VIN number Mandatory Propulsion type Mandatory Type Mandatory Make Optional Model Optional Body Optional Colour Optional Location Position confidence Mandatory Position latitude Mandatory Mandatory Position longitude Mandatory Mandatory Direction Mandatory Mandatory Position latitude n-1 Optional Position longitude n-1 Optional Position latitude n-2 Optional Position longitude n-2 Optional Service Activation Automatic/manual Mandatory Call type (Emergency/Test) Mandatory Timestamp Mandatory Service ProviderIPV6 Optional Data collected Services Coach Tracking Emergency Call Passenger Tracking Occurrence Emergency typology Optional Impact points Optional Airbag activation Optional Overturns Optional Fuel level Optional Photos Optional Videos Optional Journey/ Passengers Journey reference Mandatory Pick-up/Drop-off points Mandatory Pick-up/Drop-off points checking Mandatory List of ticket number & passengers Mandatory Boarding check status Mandatory Number of passengers Optional Mandatory Passenger name Mandatory Passenger next-of-kin Optional Table 1 - Data Collected for Services
Data Collected. None of data collected as defined in the Table in 4.1 is considered as sensitive under the Data Protection law. Consequently, there are no specific restrictions to collecting these data. However, such services can lead to the collection of data additional to those collected through the SafeTRIP OBU. For example, relating to personal health, in case of accident. These data have to be collected and stored with a high level of security and confidentiality and access should be limited, for example, only to the doctors. Moreover, in addition to these specific measures, it is especially important that the explicit and informed prior consent of the data subject be obtained if data concerning health are collected before the provision of service (for instance: storing information relating to blood group in the OBU in order to provide emergency services with better and more precise information).
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Data Collected. We will regularly collect data from Your Device to gauge the volume of Product in Your Tank. You may check this data on Our Website: xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx
Data Collected. In accordance with its performance of the Services, AJI may collect and/or possess Web Indexing Data and, subject to Section 5.2 below, Usage Data.
Data Collected. You acknowledge and agree that the Software is intended to monitor your performance on the Test you are taking (the “Service”) via the camera, microphone, keyboard, mouse and other features of the Hardware to deter cheating and provide a clear tally of any indications arising during the Test taking process that suggest cheating may have occurred (collectively, “Performance Data”). You understand and agree that to be able to provide the Service, we need to collect and use the Performance Data and certain technical and related information regarding your Hardware (“Hardware Identification Data”). By downloading or otherwise accessing the Software, you grant us a license and permission to retrieve, store and use the Performance Data and Hardware Identification Data.
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