PAYMENT IS DUE Sample Clauses

PAYMENT IS DUE. Any payment made by the Borrower is considered late if made more than day(s) after any payment due date (“Payment Due Date”). This shall include, but not be limited to, any payment made related to the Repayment Period, the Due Date, or any other payment mentioned in this Note.
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  • Payments Due Within 30 days of the Province’s receipt of the Contractor’s written statement of account delivered in accordance with this Schedule, the Province must pay the Contractor the fees and expenses (plus all applicable taxes) claimed in the statement if they are in accordance with this Schedule. Statements of account or contract invoices offering an early payment discount may be paid by the Province as required to obtain the discount. Schedule C – Approved Subcontractor(s) [Approving subcontractors using Schedule C is optional. If the Province is willing to approve certain named subcontractors at the time of entering into the Agreement, the approved subcontractors can be listed here. If not, then insert “Not applicable.” under the “Schedule C – Approved Subcontractor(s)” heading above. All bracketed instructions must be deleted.] Schedule D – Insurance [Schedule D must be used without modification (except for inserting or deleting the information contemplated by the instructions below) unless Risk Management Branch has been consulted concerning the modification. All bracketed instructions must be deleted.]

  • Payment of Amounts Due (a) In case an Event of Default described in clause (a) of Section 2.01 shall have happened and be continuing, then, upon demand of Beneficiary, Grantor will pay to Beneficiary the whole amount which then shall have become due and payable on the Note, for principal or interest or both, as the case may be, and after the happening of said Event of Default will also pay to Beneficiary interest at the Default Rate on the then unpaid principal of the Note, and the sums required to be paid by Grantor pursuant to any provision hereof, and in addition thereto such further amount as shall be sufficient to cover the costs and expenses of collection, including reasonable compensation to Trustee and Beneficiary, their agents and counsel and any expenses incurred by Trustee or Beneficiary hereunder. In the event Grantor shall fail forthwith to pay all such amounts upon such demand, Beneficiary shall be entitled and empowered to institute such action or proceedings at law or in equity as may be advised by its counsel for the collection of the sums so due and unpaid, and may prosecute any such action or proceedings to judgment or final decree, and may enforce any such judgment or final decree against Grantor and collect, out of the property of Grantor wherever situated, as well as out of the Mortgaged Property, in any manner provided by law, moneys adjudged or decreed to be payable.

  • Down Payment The Mortgagor has contributed at least 5% of the purchase price for the Mortgaged Property with his/her own funds.

  • Payment of GST If GST is payable on any supply made by a party (or any entity through which that Party acts) (Supplier) under or in connection with this Agreement, the recipient will pay to the Supplier an amount equal to the GST payable on the supply.

  • Xxxx Xxxxxxxx and Presentment The Service includes a feature that electronically presents you with electronic bills from select Billers. Electronic bills may not be available from all of your Billers. Electronic bills are provided as a convenience only, and you remain solely responsible for contacting your Billers directly if you do not receive their statements. In addition, if you elect to activate one of the Service's electronic bill options, you also agree to the following:

  • Payment of Amounts The Death Benefit payable on the death of the Owner, or after the death of the first Owner, or upon the death of the spouse who continues the Contract, will be distributed to the designated Beneficiary(s) as follows:

  • Payments Due on Non-Business Days Anything in this Agreement or the Notes to the contrary notwithstanding, any payment of principal of or Make-Whole Amount or interest on any Note that is due on a date other than a Business Day shall be made on the next succeeding Business Day without including the additional days elapsed in the computation of the interest payable on such next succeeding Business Day.

  • RIGHT TO WITHHOLD PAYMENT LEA may withhold payment to CONTRACTOR when: (a) CONTRACTOR has failed to perform, in whole or in part, under the terms of this contract; (b) contractor has billed for services not approved through an IEP or written agreement with LEA; (c) CONTRACTOR has billed for services rendered on days other than billable days of attendance or for days when student was not in attendance and/or did not receive services; (d) CONTRACTOR was overpaid by XXX as determined by inspection, review, and/or audit of its program, work, and/or records; (e) CONTRACTOR has failed to provide supporting documentation with an invoice, as required by EC 56366(c)(2); (f) education and/or related services are provided to students by personnel who are not appropriately credentialed, licensed, or otherwise qualified; (g) LEA has not received prior to school closure or contract termination, all documents concerning one or more students enrolled in CONTRACTOR’s educational program; (h) CONTRACTOR fails to confirm a student’s change of residence to another district or confirms the change or residence to another district, but fails to notify LEA with five (5) days of such confirmation; or (i) CONTRACTOR receives payment from Medi-Cal or from any other agency or funding source for a service provided to a student. It is understood that no payments shall be made for any invoices that is not received by six months following the close of the prior fiscal year, for services provided in that year. Final payment to CONTRACTOR in connection with the cessation of operations and/or termination of a Master Contract will be subject to the same documentation standards described for all payment claims for regular ongoing operations. In addition, final payment may be withheld by the LEA until completion of a review or audit, if deemed necessary by the LEA. Such review or audit will be completed within ninety (90) days. The final payment may be adjusted to offset any previous payments to the CONTRACTOR determined to have been paid in error or in anticipation of correction of documentation deficiencies by the CONTRACTOR that remain uncorrected.

  • Distributions; Xxxxxx Xxx Guaranty On or before each Determination Date (or as soon thereafter as is reasonably practicable), Xxxxxx Mae shall calculate the Lower Tier Distribution Amount for the current calendar month. On each Distribution Date, Xxxxxx Xxx shall withdraw from the Certificate Account the portion of the Lower Tier Distribution Amount distributable thereon and shall make the distributions to the Holders of the related Lower Tier Regular Classes in the respective amounts and in the applicable manner determined pursuant to Section 2.02. In the event that the amount on deposit in the Certificate Account on any Distribution Date shall be less than the applicable portion of the Lower Tier Distribution Amount distributable thereon, Xxxxxx Mae shall provide from its own funds the amount of any such insufficiency. In addition, in the event that (i) the applicable portion of the Lower Tier Distribution Amount shall be insufficient to pay all interest due and payable on the related Lower Tier Regular Classes on such Distribution Date or (ii) such Distribution Date is a Final Distribution Date for any Class and the distribution on such Distribution Date of the applicable portion of the Lower Tier Distribution Amount will not be sufficient to reduce the Class Balance of such Class to zero on such Final Distribution Date, then Xxxxxx Xxx shall (a) withdraw from the Certificate Account, such amount as shall be necessary to remedy such insufficiency and (b) to the extent that funds in the Certificate Account shall be insufficient therefor, apply its own funds towards remedying the same.

  • Payment of Funds No federal appropriated funds have been paid or will be paid by or on behalf of the parties to any person for influencing or attempting to influence an officer or employee of any federal agency, a Member of Congress, an officer or employee of Congress, or an employee of a Member of Congress in connection with the awarding of any federal contract, the making of any federal grant, the making of any federal loan, the entering into of any cooperative agreement, and the extension, continuation, renewal, amendment, or modification of any federal contract, grant, loan, or cooperative agreement.