PAYMENT IS DUE Sample Clauses

PAYMENT IS DUE. Any payment made by the Borrower is considered late if made more than day(s) after any payment due date (“Payment Due Date”). This shall include, but not be limited to, any payment made related to the Repayment Period, the Due Date, or any other payment mentioned in this Note.


  • Payments Due Within 30 days of the Province’s receipt of the Contractor’s written statement of account delivered in accordance with this Schedule, the Province must pay the Contractor the fees and expenses (plus all applicable taxes) claimed in the statement if they are in accordance with this Schedule. Statements of account or contract invoices offering an early payment discount may be paid by the Province as required to obtain the discount. Schedule C – Approved Subcontractor(s) [Approving subcontractors using Schedule C is optional. If the Province is willing to approve certain named subcontractors at the time of entering into the Agreement, the approved subcontractors can be listed here. If not, then insert “Not applicable.” under the “Schedule C – Approved Subcontractor(s)” heading above. All bracketed instructions must be deleted.] Schedule D – Insurance [Schedule D must be used without modification (except for inserting or deleting the information contemplated by the instructions below) unless Risk Management Branch has been consulted concerning the modification. All bracketed instructions must be deleted.]