CFR Part Sample Clauses

CFR Part. 800 - The regulations outlining the procedures for the protection of historic and cultural properties.
CFR Part. 6 The Subrecipient will comply with 24 CFR part 6, which implements the provisions of section 109 of title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (Title I) (42 U.S.C. 5309). Section 109 provides that no person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, national origin, religion or sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity funded in whole or in part with Federal financial assistance. The Subrecipient will adhere to the prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of age under the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 (42 U.S.C. 6101-6107) (Age Discrimination Act) and the prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of disability under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. 794) (Section 504). Section 109 of the HCDA makes these requirements applicable to programs or activities funded in whole or in part with CDBG-MIT funds. Thus, the Subrecipient shall comply with regulations of 24 CFR part 8, which implement Section 504 for HUD programs, and the regulations of 24 CFR part 146, which implement the Age Discrimination Act for HUD programs.
CFR Part. 77. Contractor agrees to comply with the notification and review requirements covered in Part 77 of the Federal Aviation Regulations in the event future construction, modification or alteration of any present or future building or structure is planned for the premises related to this Agreement.
CFR Part. 77 Requirements: Lessee covenants to comply with the notification and review requirements set out in Part 77 of the Federal Aviation Regulations [14 CFR Part 77], as amended, if Lessee plans to construct or modify any structure, antenna, or building located on the Premises or to be constructed as an Improvement.

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  • Analogous proceedings there occurs, in relation to any Security Party, in any country or territory in which any of them carries on business or to the jurisdiction of whose courts any part of their assets is subject, any event which, in the reasonable opinion of the Agent, appears in that country or territory to correspond with, or have an effect equivalent or similar to, any of those mentioned in clauses 10.1.6 to 10.1.12 (inclusive) or any Security Party otherwise becomes subject, in any such country or territory, to the operation of any law relating to insolvency, bankruptcy or liquidation; or

  • Liquidator Upon dissolution of the Partnership, unless the business of the Partnership is continued pursuant to Section 12.2, the General Partner shall select one or more Persons to act as Liquidator. The Liquidator (if other than the General Partner) shall be entitled to receive such compensation for its services as may be approved by holders of at least a majority of the Outstanding Common Units and Subordinated Units voting as a single class. The Liquidator (if other than the General Partner) shall agree not to resign at any time without 15 days’ prior notice and may be removed at any time, with or without cause, by notice of removal approved by holders of at least a majority of the Outstanding Common Units and Subordinated Units voting as a single class. Upon dissolution, removal or resignation of the Liquidator, a successor and substitute Liquidator (who shall have and succeed to all rights, powers and duties of the original Liquidator) shall within 30 days thereafter be approved by holders of at least a majority of the Outstanding Common Units and Subordinated Units voting as a single class. The right to approve a successor or substitute Liquidator in the manner provided herein shall be deemed to refer also to any such successor or substitute Liquidator approved in the manner herein provided. Except as expressly provided in this Article XII, the Liquidator approved in the manner provided herein shall have and may exercise, without further authorization or consent of any of the parties hereto, all of the powers conferred upon the General Partner under the terms of this Agreement (but subject to all of the applicable limitations, contractual and otherwise, upon the exercise of such powers, other than the limitation on sale set forth in Section 7.3) necessary or appropriate to carry out the duties and functions of the Liquidator hereunder for and during the period of time required to complete the winding up and liquidation of the Partnership as provided for herein.

  • Obligor Bankruptcy At the Cutoff Date no Obligor had been identified on the records of AmeriCredit as being the subject of a current bankruptcy proceeding.

  • Governmental Regulation Anything contained in this Agreement to the contrary notwithstanding, no Lender shall be obligated to extend credit to the Borrower in violation of any limitation or prohibition provided by any applicable statute or regulation.

  • Insolvency or Bankruptcy The appointment of a receiver to take possession of all or substantially all of the assets of Tenant, or any general assignment by Tenant for the benefit of creditors, or any action taken by Tenant under any insolvency, bankruptcy, or reorganization act, or an involuntary proceeding against Tenant that is not dismissed or bonded against within one hundred twenty (120) days after the filing thereof, shall at Landlord’s option, constitute a breach of this Lease by Tenant. Upon the happening of any such event or at any time during the duration of such event, this Lease shall terminate five (5) days after notice of termination from Landlord to Tenant. In no event shall this Lease be assigned or assignable by voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy or a proceeding in lieu thereof and in no event shall this Lease or any rights or privileges hereunder be an asset of Tenant under any bankruptcy, insolvency, or reorganization proceedings.

  • Action if Bankruptcy If any Event of Default described in clauses (a) through (d) of Section 8.1.9 with respect to the Borrower shall occur, the Commitments (if not theretofore terminated) shall automatically terminate and the outstanding principal amount of all outstanding Loans and all other Obligations (including Reimbursement Obligations) shall automatically be and become immediately due and payable, without notice or demand to any Person and each Obligor shall automatically and immediately be obligated to Cash Collateralize all Letter of Credit Outstandings.

  • Seizure all or a material part of the undertaking, assets, rights or revenues of, or shares or other ownership interests in, any Security Party are seized, nationalised, expropriated or compulsorily acquired by or under the authority of any Government Entity; or

  • Properties (a) Each of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries has good title to, or valid leasehold interests in, all its real and personal property material to its business, except for minor defects in title that do not interfere with its ability to conduct its business as currently conducted or to utilize such properties for their intended purposes.

  • Assets Each of the Parent and the Acquisition Subsidiary owns or leases all tangible assets necessary for the conduct of its businesses as presently conducted and as presently proposed to be conducted. Each such tangible asset is free from material defects, has been maintained in accordance with normal industry practice, is in good operating condition and repair (subject to normal wear and tear) and is suitable for the purposes for which it presently is used. No asset of the Parent or the Acquisition Subsidiary (tangible or intangible) is subject to any Security Interest.

  • Receiver Make application to a court of competent jurisdiction for, and obtain from such court as a matter of strict right and without notice to Mortgagor or regard to the adequacy of the Mortgaged Property for the repayment of the Indebtedness, the appointment of a receiver of the Mortgaged Property, and Mortgagor irrevocably consents to such appointment. Any such receiver shall have all the usual powers and duties of receivers in similar cases, including the full power to rent, maintain and otherwise operate the Mortgaged Property upon such terms as may be approved by the court, and shall apply such Rents in accordance with the provisions of Section 5.7.