Business Plan definition

Business Plan means the information required to be supplied to the
Business Plan means the information required to be supplied to the commissioner under Subsections 31A-5-204(2)(i) and (j), including the information required when these subsections apply by reference under:
Business Plan means a business plan of the Loan Parties and their Subsidiaries, consisting of consolidated projected balance sheets, related cash flow statements and related profit and loss statements, together with appropriate supporting details and a statement of the underlying assumptions, which covers a one-year period and which is prepared on a monthly basis for the first year and a quarterly basis thereafter.

Examples of Business Plan in a sentence

  • Submitted a Business Plan Funding Proposal to the CLD (Local Development Centre); its Executive met to discuss it and decided that the proposed astronomical observatory should undergo a feasibility study first viii.

  • Report was introduced by Councillor Graham Williamson, Cabinet Member Development and Regeneration Cabinet approved the Mercury Land Holdings (MLH) Business Plan and Budget Update 2023-2026.

  • It is a barrier to efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and has been dubbed ‘the missing MDG’.DFID’s Business Plan (2011-2015) identifies tackling VAWG as a priority and commits DFID to the pilot of new and innovative approaches to prevent and address VAWG.

  • Ideas for Informal agendas:• Improving Communication and support and initiatives to help channel switch (advertising training and learning opportunities)• Performance of subcontractors, management of subcontractors and capital programmes• Service Charge changes (following further work with Altair);• Rent collection innovations (e.g. VoiceScape);• Business Plan (if we update it this year);• Grounds Maintenance Every meeting will have the following: Directorate Report & Group Engagement update.

  • This follows our proposals for an AIM in our Business Plan submission for PR14.

More Definitions of Business Plan

Business Plan means a motivation report, implementation plan and term budget as contemplated in section 6 of the By-Law;
Business Plan has the meaning set forth in Section 4.11.
Business Plan means the Company’s consolidated annual budget and business plan as adopted by the Board of Directors.
Business Plan means a detailed description of the air carrier's intended commercial activities for the period in question, in particular in relation to the expected market development and the investments to be carried out, including the financial and economic implications of these activities;
Business Plan means the plan for the Project Tourism Business, updated periodically from time to time, that sets out how it is intended to operate, manage and develop the Project Property over a planning horizon and will include financial projections for the plan period.
Business Plan means the Initial Business Plan or any Annual Business Plan, as the context requires, to be delivered in accordance with paragraphs 2.1 and 2.3 of Schedule 13 (Information and Industry Initiatives);