Point of Contact Sample Clauses

Point of Contact. Computershare shall designate a point of contact to coordinate and be accountable for the continued security of all Customer Confidential Information and related systems in Computershare’s possession or to which Computershare has access.
Point of Contact. Member and SAE-ITC shall each appoint an exclusive point of contact for the purpose of coordination of technical information and notices relating to this Agreement. Either party may change their point of contact by written notification. Invoices will be sent to the Organization Point of Contact unless otherwise specified in writing by Member. Organization Point of Contact Name: SAE-ITC Name: Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx Address: Address: 00000 Xxxxxxx Xxxx., Suite 120 Bowie, MD 20715 Telephone: Telephone: 000.000.0000 Fax: Email: Email: xxxxxxxx@xxx-xxx.xxx
Point of Contact. For information concerning procedures for responding to this solicitation, contact Procurement Specialist Xxxx Xxxx at (000) 000-0000 or email at xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx. Such contact shall be for clarification purposes only. For information concerning technical specifications, please utilize the question / answer feature provided by BidSync at xxx.xxxxxxx.xxx. Questions of a material nature must be received prior to the cut-off date specified in the RFQ Schedule. Material changes, if any, to the scope of services or bidding procedures will only be transmitted by written addendum. (See addendum section of BidSync Site). Contractors please note: Proposals shall be submitted as stated in PART IVSubmittal Requirements. No part of your proposal can be submitted via FAX. No variation in price or conditions shall be permitted based upon a claim of ignorance. Submission of a proposal will be considered evidence that the Contractor has familiarized themselves with the nature and extent of the work, and the equipment, materials, and labor required. The entire proposal must be submitted in accordance with all specifications contained in this solicitation. The questions and answers submitted in BidSync shall become part of any contract that is created from this RFQ.
Point of Contact. The OFS CCO shall be the contact official at the Treasury responsible for monitoring compliance with this Exhibit.
Point of Contact. The Recipient shall ensure and maintain accurate information on its Authorized Representatives and Points of Contact in its AMIS account.
Point of Contact. Customer shall designate an Authorized Representative as Admin who will be responsible for payments for the Service Offerings and other account-specific details.
Point of Contact. All requests, questions or other communication about this Solicitation shall be made in writing to the System Agency's point of contact addressed to the person listed below. All communications between Respondents and other System Agency staff members concerning the Solicitation are strictly prohibited, unless noted elsewhere in this RFA. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in disqualification of Respondent's Solicitation Response. Name: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, CTCD, CTCM Title: Purchaser Address: 0000 Xxxx 00xx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, XX Phone: 000-000-0000 Email: Xxxxxx.xxxxx@xxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx on behalf of Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx.
Point of Contact. A person or entity having the authority to receive and act upon scheduling or dispatch communications from the other Balancing Authority and available through a communications device mutually agreed upon on a 24-hour, 7-day basis.