Advisory Committee Sample Clauses

Advisory Committee. To better monitor the Project between Milestones and f acilitate providing timely f eedback, the Applicant may establish an advisory committee for the Project. The advisory committee will consist of one or more representatives appointed by each of the Parties and shall meet as often as Alberta Innovates deems appropriate but not more than once per quarter. The advisory committee is intended as an inf ormal forum for discussion, dialogue, and sharing of inf ormation between Milestones, and will not direct or steer the Project. The Applicant is solely responsible for managing the technical, f inancial and other challenges associated with the Project.
Advisory Committee a)The Managing Member may appoint a committee of representatives of the Non-Managing Members (the “Advisory Committee”). The Managing Member may, in its discretion, select on an annual basis Non-Managing Members who are entitled to appoint (and remove or replace at any time for any reason or for no reason) their representatives to serve as members of the Advisory Committee. Upon being constituted, the Advisory Committee shall have no less than three (3) and no more than nine (9) members at any time. At no time shall any member of the Advisory Committee be a representative of the Managing Member or any of its affiliates. Meetings of the Advisory Committee may be held in person or by telephone, in the discretion of the Managing Member.(c)Any member of the Advisory Committee (i) may resign by giving the Company at least thirty (30) days’ prior written notice and (ii) shall be deemed removed if the Non-Managing Member such member represents has withdrawn its entire Capital Account balance. Any Non-Managing Member that has appointed a representative to the Advisory Committee shall be entitled to remove or replace such representative at any time and for any reason.(d)The Company shall reimburse each representative of a Non-Managing Member on the Advisory Committee for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by such member in connection with attendance by such member at meetings of the Advisory Committee. The members of the Advisory Committee shall not, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, owe any duties to the Company, to any Non-Managing Member, or to any other person by virtue of serving on the Advisory Committee. Each Non-Managing Member with a representative serving on the Advisory Committee and such representative shall each be an Indemnified Person for purposes of Article 6.
Advisory Committee. “Advisory Committee” shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Subsection 6.4(a).
Advisory Committee. An Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from EPCC and San Elizario ISD will meet at least quarterly to facilitate communication, to evaluate instructional and programmatic activities, to identify issues and challenges and make recommendations, and to enhance collaboration. The Advisory Committee shall periodically make reports to their respective boards or appropriate administrators. Specifically, the Advisory Committee will meet in order to:
Advisory Committee. (a) The General Partner will select certain Combined Limited Partners to each appoint a representative or designee to serve on a limited partner advisory committee (the “Advisory Committee”).‌ (b) The Advisory Committee will review and approve or disapprove of certain conflicts of interest presented to it by the General Partner and advise the General Partner on other matters presented to it by the General Partner or as otherwise specified in this Agreement. If the General Partner consults with the Advisory Committee with respect to a matter giving rise to a conflict of interest, and if (i) the Advisory Committee approves such matter notwithstanding such conflict of interest after the General Partner has disclosed all material facts relating to such conflict of interest or (ii) the General Partner acts in a manner, or pursuant to standards or procedures, approved by the Advisory Committee with respect to such conflict of interest, then, notwithstanding any duty otherwise existing at law or in equity, none of the General Partner or any of its Affiliates will have breached its duty (fiduciary or otherwise), if any, or have any liability to the Partnership or any Partner by reason of such conflict of interest for actions in respect of such matter taken in good faith by them, including actions in pursuit of their own interests. (c) The duties and functions of the Advisory Committee are not intended to provide the Advisory Committee with the ability to approve, disapprove or otherwise control the investment decisions of, or with respect to, the Partnership or the decisions made by the General Partner related to entities in which the Partnership has invested for purposes of, and within the meaning of, the U.S. Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act of 2018, as amended, and any rules or regulations thereunder (“FIRRMA”), or to otherwise cause the indirect interest of a “foreign person” through the Partnership or an Alternative Investment Vehicle in any Portfolio Company to constitute an “other investment” with respect to a “foreign person” that is a member (or that has a designee as a member) of the Advisory Committee, and the duties and functions of the Advisory Committee (or any particular member thereof) shall be construed in a manner consistent with such intention (terms used in quotations in this Section 5.4(c) have the meanings ascribed to them under FIRRMA).‌ (d) Unless a provision of this Agreement specifically requires the Advisory Committee to ...
Advisory Committee. Consultant acknowledges that Newco may form an Advisory Committee for the purpose of providing strategic and other guidance to Newco (the "ADVISORY COMMITTEE"). Consultant hereby agrees, to the extent requested by Newco and for no additional consideration, to (i) assist Newco in identifying candidates to serve on the Advisory Committee and (ii) make available [ONE (1)] employee of Consultant, to be agreed upon by Consultant and Newco, to serve on the Advisory Committee.
Advisory Committee. Subsequent to Closing, IBKC shall cause FCB to establish an Advisory Board. Messrs. Ralph P. Baltz and Bruce Burrow shall constitute the Executive Committee of such Advisory Board and shall each receive a fee of $50,000 per annum for a minimum of two years service in such capacity.
Advisory Committee. The Committee shall be made up of three individuals appointed by the Foundation. The Donor may recommend the individuals. Should the Donor not recommend the individuals or should a member of the Committee resign, the Foundation shall appoint the members. All members are subject to approval by the Foundation. The initial members of the Advisory Committee are listed on Exhibit A, attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. Permanent members of the Advisory Committee may recommend their successors to serve on the Advisory Committee.
Advisory Committee. Within a reasonable time after the Closing, the Board of Directors of the Company shall form an advisory committee by designating the identity and number of individuals to serve on such committee (the "Advisory Committee"). The Advisory Committee shall exercise such authority as determined by the Board of Directors. The Employee shall serve on the Advisory Committee during the Employee's employment with the Company along with others to be named by the Board of Directors.
Advisory Committee. It is the ongoing responsibility of the Assistant General Manager for Operations, the Medical Director, the Program Coordinator, and the Chief Labor Relations Officer (hereinafter collectively referred to as AResponsible OfficialsA) to monitor and evaluate the operation of the Authority's Drug and Alcohol Program and to make such amendments as may be necessary from time to time to carry out its purposes. To provide information and advice to the foregoing persons, the Authority will invite an equal number of representatives of the labor organizations representing affected Authority personnel to serve on an Advisory Committee. One member of the Advisory Committee shall be a representative of the labor organization representing the transportation and maintenance employees of the Authority's City Transit Division. Other representatives shall be chosen by the remaining labor organizations on a basis to be agreed upon by such organizations. The Responsible Officials or their designees will meet with the members of the Advisory Committee and discuss with them the views, suggestions, and other input of the labor organizations representing affected Authority personnel (a) semi- annually concerning the overall functioning of the program; (b) prior to adding positions beyond those already classified in Section I(d)(i) above as safety sensitive; (c) prior to implementing a substantive change in the program as written; (d) prior to the final selection of any change in the EAP Provider, the Referral Agency or the testing laboratory; and (e) at other times upon reasonable request. To the extent that any aspect of, concern with, or decision or employment action taken as a result of this policy is properly the subject of (a) the collective bargaining obligation between the Authority and any labor organization, or (b) the grievance and arbitration procedure of any collective bargaining agreement between the Authority and any labor organization, this meet and discuss procedure neither supersedes nor substitutes for those obligations or contractual procedures.