A connection definition

A connection means the right of the connecting party to become connected to the distribution network in a place specified in the connection contract, as well as the interface between the electrical installations of the contracting parties.

Examples of A connection in a sentence

A connection agreement can be used as the vehicle to require upgrades where there is limited capability for a particular characteristic at a location (eg.

This cable must run from an A connection to a B connection (never A to A or B to B).

A connection between the zz1 128-bit output block from which the f1 or f1* output is extracted and the zzi = zz2, zz3, zz4, or zz5 128-bit output blocks from which f2 to f5* outputs are extracted could lead to attacks from an adversary who are able to predict events of the form zz1(x,t) = zzi(x').Express zz1 and zzi as : zz1 (x,t) = OPC ⊕EK(y ⊕c1⊕rot(t ⊕OPC, r1)) and zzi (x) = OPC ⊕EK(ci ⊕rot(y ⊕OPC, ri)).

A connection or misalignment between the ASQ and ELECT is explained, and ECEs use of the pre-intervention developmental report is recorded.

A connection charge of Rs 1,500 is a large amount of money for this quintile.

In the event thepremise changes ownership before the work is completed, or if another contractor is chosen to perform or finish the work, the original permit becomes void, and a new permit must be obtained by the new parties in interest.5.2(b) A connection to the public sewer shall be made only after the building's plumbing has been approved by the Town Building Inspector in order to insure that minimum standards are met for the installation.

A connection can be accepted if at least one path between Si and Ti exists in the feasible network.

A connection charge and a volumetric charge form the backbone of the utilities’ revenue base.

Draft Principle 5 - A connection applicant may negotiate an access standard below the level of the automatic access standard, but above the level of the minimum access standard, where this does not adversely impact system security, the quality of supply to other network users, or where relevant, the operation of the power system in accordance with the system standards.

We estimate equation (5) using as left-hand side variable an indicator for candidates who were promoted.24 A connection in the national committee increases the promotion probability by 1.3 p.p. (10.4%) (Table 9, panel D).

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Cross Connection means any physical connection or potential connection whereby the public water system is connected, directly or indirectly, with any other water supply system, sewer, drain, conduit, pool, storage reservoir, plumbing fixture or other waste or liquid of unknown or unsafe quality, which may be capable of imparting contamination to the public water system as a result of backflow or backsiphonage. Bypass arrangements, jumper connections, removable sections, swivel or changeover devices, through which or because of which backflow could occur, are considered to be cross connections.
Illicit connection means any man-made conveyance connecting an illicit discharge directly to a municipal separate storm sewer.
Point of Connection means the point at which electricity may flow into or out of the Network;
Disconnection means a deactivation of connection assets, which results in cessation of distribution services to a consumer;
Interconnection Facilities means the facilities on SPD’s side of the Delivery Point for scheduling, transmitting and metering the electrical output in accordance with this Agreement and which shall include, without limitation, all other transmission lines and associated equipment, transformers, relay and switching equipment and protective devices, safety equipment and RTU, Data Transfer and Acquisition facilities for transmitting data subject to Article 7, the Metering System required for supply of power as per the terms of this Agreement;
Infrastructure means the equipment used to enable the use of electric powered vehicles (e.g., electric vehicle charging station).