The Program Sample Clauses

The Program a. The Program is further described in Annex A of this Agreement, the “Program Implementation Abstract.” The Principal Recipient will implement or oversee the implementation of the Program in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, which the Principal Recipient will administer using its regulations, rules and procedures. The Principal Recipient will be responsible and accountable to the Global Fund for all resources it receives under this Agreement and for the results that are to be accomplished.
The Program. The Program is a comprehensive commercial energy efficiency program that offers financial incentives and financing for qualifying energy efficiency measures in commercial buildings to customers who are property owners, tenants or managers (customers) of ACE in New Jersey. Customers must receive ACE electric delivery service and be in good standing. Incentives are available to customers for the purchase and installation of qualifying energy-efficiency measures at the location where the qualifying project is to be installed. ACE will not offer financial incentives for the same eligible measure to those customers who have received financial incentives or rebates from other ACE energy efficiency programs.
The Program. The Program in object code form and related Documentation provided to HP hereunder are deemed non-confidential, and HP is not under any obligation to SA to restrict access to or use of such Program in object code form or related Documentation, provided HP complies with the terms of this Agreement.
The Program. 1. The Fellow shall devote his/her exclusive full-time and best professional efforts to the performance of professional services and participation in the Program (“Services”).
The Program. Mashreq’s SmartSaver Global Credit Card allows eligible Cardholders to accumulate Cashback on Qualifying Transactions incurred on their Cards” during the Billing Month as per the maximum amount set by the Bank from time to time (the “Program”). Cashback accumulated on such Cards can only be redeemed by credit to the primary Cardholder’s Card account (“Primary Account”). “Only Qualifying Transactions posted by the Bank to the Primary Account would be considered eligible for the Program. The billed amount of the Qualifying Transaction will be considered for Cashback calculation in the statement that the Qualifying Transaction appears. “
The Program. Currently, Time Inc. New Media expects to make the following areas of the Ask Dr. Xxxx xxxsite publicly available on the World Wide Web of the Internet during the [*****]: Daily Q&A Vitamin Advisor Editorial Links Page Vitamin Search Archives Area Webcast Page* Herbal Medicine Chest Weekly Newsletter * We are considering discontinuing the Webcast Page from the Ask Dr. Xxxx xxxsite. In addition, The Vitamin Shoppe's role as the [*****] and [*****] banner advertiser will extend to the Eight Week Program area of the Ask Dr. Xxxx xxxsite, but only to the extent such area is made available to all users of the Ask Dr. Xxxx xxxsite at no additional fee. However, this will not extend to any "premium" offerings (i.e., made available for a fee and/or offered only to a select group of users) of the Eight Week Program, including without limitation, a "premium" e-mail offering of such program. To underscore The Vitamin Shoppe's role as the [*****] and [*****] banner advertiser of the Ask Dr. Xxxx xxxsite on the Pathfinder Network, we will add the following tag line on the home page and each other page of the Ask Dr. Xxxx xxxsite (where space is available): "Sponsored by The Vitamin Shoppe". No other sponsors or banner advertisers will appear in those areas of the Ask Dr. Xxxx xxxsite listed above after the [*****] sponsorship starts on January 1, 1999. The Vitamin Shoppe will be the Ask Dr. Well website's sole commerce partner for the sale of vitamins and supplements, although the Ask Dr. Xxxx xxxsite may, from time to time during the calendar year 1999, include commerce-based buttons that promote products or services other than vitamins and supplements. In the event, however, that a third party with whom Time Inc. New Media has a pre-existing relationship desires to have commerce-based buttons that promote vitamins or supplements, such buttons shall be located [*****] or more clicks away from the Ask Dr. Xxxx xxxsite. Hyperlinks will be placed on the navigational frame that appears on virtually all places of the Ask Dr. Xxxx xxxsite, and within the Vitamin Advisor. We will also include a branded logo link on the navigational frame. In the event the Ask Dr. Xxxx xxxsite contains within its editorial text commerce-based hyperlinks (that are typically displayed in green and are to be distinguished from editorial hyperlinks which are typically displayed in blue and from commerce-based buttons) that point to third party websites, such hyperlinks shall not directly point di...
The Program. 1. UTSW, through the Department, is responsible for the selection, supervision, management and operations of the Fellowship and the Fellow consistent with the requirements established by the ACGME.