The Program Sample Clauses

The Program. The Program is a comprehensive commercial energy efficiency program that offers financial incentives and financing for qualifying energy efficiency measures in commercial buildings to customers who are property owners, tenants or managers (customers) of ACE in New Jersey. Customers must receive ACE electric delivery service and be in good standing. Incentives are available to customers for the purchase and installation of qualifying energy-efficiency measures at the location where the qualifying project is to be installed. XXX will not offer financial incentives for the same eligible measure to those customers who have received financial incentives or rebates from other ACE energy efficiency programs.
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The Program a. The Program is further described in Annex A of this Agreement, the “Program Implementation Abstract.” The Principal Recipient will implement or oversee the implementation of the Program in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, which the Principal Recipient will administer using its regulations, rules and procedures. The Principal Recipient will be responsible and accountable to the Global Fund for all resources it receives under this Agreement and for the results that are to be accomplished.
The Program. The Parties shall undertake a Development Program with the overall objective of obtaining all FDA approvals necessary for the commercialization of the Products (hereinafter, the “Program”).
The Program. The Program in object code form and related Documentation provided to HP hereunder are deemed non-confidential, and HP is not under any obligation to SA to restrict access to or use of such Program in object code form or related Documentation, provided HP complies with the terms of this Agreement.
The Program. 1. The participant accepts the program as organized for the STAR BA Study Trip 2017 for the entire travel period (“Program”), as proposed by the committee. The participant will actively participate in this program.
The Program. The Career Enhancement Program is a nine-level phased program; based upon the accumulation of point scores for education and achievement, as well as certain specified specific job assignments.
The Program. The parties will design the Program to allow Interns to obtain practical experience in Organization’s operations. During the Internship, the student will participate in the activities described in Exhibit “A” attached and incorporated.
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The Program. The sponsorship package described in this letter will extend to all areas of the Siegxx Xxxe that are made publicly available during the Term. To underscore, The Vitamin Shoppe shall, during the Term, be the [*****]. Time Inc. New Media shall prominently display the following tag line on the home page: "Sponsored by The Vitamin Shoppe". Time Inc. New Media shall prominently display the same such tag line on each other page of the Siegxx Xxxe (where space is available; provided that such space will be available on a majority of such other pages of the Siegxx Xxxe). [*****]. During the Term, The Vitamin Shoppe will be the Siegxx Xxxe's sole and exclusive commerce partner for the sale of vitamins and supplements, and [*****] commerce-based buttons on the Siegxx Xxxe (other than those from The Vitamin Shoppe) will themselves promote vitamins or supplements sold by a third party. The Siegxx Xxxe may, however, from time to time during the Term, include commerce-based buttons that promote the products or services of a third party who sells vitamins or supplements; provided that any such commerce-based buttons do not themselves promote vitamins or supplements and any commerce-based buttons that do promote vitamins or supplements are located one or more clicks away from the Siegxx Xxxe. Hyperlinks to The Vitamin Shoppe's website will be placed prominently on the navigational frame that appears on virtually all pages of the Siegxx Xxxe. We will also prominently include a branded logo link on the navigational frame. In the event the Siegxx Xxxe contains within its editorial text commerce-based hyperlinks (that are typically displayed in green and are to be distinguished from editorial hyperlinks which are typically displayed in blue and from commerce-based buttons) [*****]. At Time Inc. New Media's written request, The Vitamin Shoppe will develop and maintain within its website certain customized page(s) which will feature and offer for sale selected brands, which brands shall be introduced with the words "as discussed by" or "as seen on" or such other language as may be designated by Time Inc. New Media in its sole discretion. The customized page(s) will consist of no fewer than one (1) page, after which a visitor may be taken into the main portion of The Vitamin Shoppe website. Users who click the tagline, a banner advertisement, marketing button or other equivalent promotion of The Vitamin Shoppe while on the Siegxx Xxxe will be automatically linked to such custom...
The Program. 1. The Fellow shall devote his/her exclusive full-time and best professional efforts to the performance of professional services and participation in the Program (“Services”).
The Program. UF Health maintain a secure electronic database of confidential patient information owned by UF Health, including but not limited to clinical and hospital treatment records, physician notes, laboratory and imaging records, patient demographic information, insurance and third-party payor information and other information regarding UF Health patients and proprietary information. This aforementioned information and the EpicCare Link software shall be collectively referred to as the "Program". UF Health reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Program or Practice’s access to the Program or terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason.
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