The Service Sample Clauses

The Service. Provider (a) shall take out and maintain, and shall cause any Subcontractors to take out and maintain, at its (or the Sub contractors', as the case may be)own cost but on terms and conditions approved by the Procuring Entity, insurance against the risks, and for the coverage, as shall be specified in the SCC; and
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The Service. The Service consists of: (i) the purchase of U.S. Treasury securities with Available Cash from Customer’s Account; and (ii) actions taken from time to time with respect to such U.S. Treasury securities by MS&Co., each as instructed and authorized by Customer in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, as further set forth below. The term “Available Cash” means the amount of any excess equity in the form of cash in the Account, which would, consistent with Applicable Law, be available on demand for withdrawal or transfer in accordance with Customer’s instructions.
The Service. 1.1 We will supply you with the services in accordance with our conditions and the accompanying signed Service Agreement and fully completed customer requirements form. The combination of which will form a service contract between the parties.
The Service. The Provider shall be solely responsible for providing the Services which shall for the avoidance of doubt include all matters relating to the recruitment, employment, engagement and termination of employment or any other contract of all persons engaged or to be engaged in the provision of the Services including independent contractors and the acts and omissions of such persons. The Provider shall carry out any other necessary checks in relation to staff that the Trust reasonably requires the Provider to carry out including police checks. The Provider shall comply with and it shall ensure that all staff are informed and aware of the standard of performance they are required to provide pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and are able to meet that standard. The adherence of the staff to such standards of performance shall be routinely monitored and remedial action shall be promptly taken where such standards are not attained. In the case of circumstances which, acting reasonably, the Trust considers constitute an emergency or a serious disruption to the Services, the Trust shall be permitted to require the immediate removal of any particular member or members of the staff or others employed or engaged by the Provider from the provision of the Services and any such requirement by the Trust shall not give rise to any liability whatsoever on the part of the Trust to the Provider or any other party and shall not affect in any way the obligations of the Provider to carry out the Services to the Agreement . The Provider shall provide all premises, equipment and materials and other things whatsoever required for the provision of the Services in accordance with this Agreement. [The Provider shall submit monitoring reports as set out in Schedule 4.] [Please delete if monitoring reports are not appropriate. If monitoring reports are desirable, please delete square brackets and include details of when and how these should be provided and what details should be included within Schedule 4] PAYMENT The Trust shall pay to the Provider the sums set out in Schedule 3 inclusive of VAT (if applicable) for the provision of the Services in accordance with this Agreement.
The Service. 2.1 Company shall respond to any reported fault with the VOIP Service as soon as reasonably practicable during Company’s normal working hours and will use all reasonable endeavours to correct any fault within Company’s control.
The Service. The Service Provider agrees to provide the following: . Hereinafter known as the “Service”. Service Provider shall provide, while providing the Service, that he/she/they shall comply with the policies, standards, and regulations of the Client, including local, State, and Federal laws and to the best of their abilities.
The Service. 1) Providing a rental valuation of the property, and offering advice as required.
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The Service. 2.1.1 EFI makes the Service available to the Customer pursuant to this SAAS Agreement and the Quote for each Subscription Period. The Service is purchased on a Subscription basis and may be accessed only by Users equal to the number of User Licenses purchased under the Quote.
The Service. The Invoice Payment Dashboard Service (“Service”) is a separate service used in conjunction with your Revenue Share Agreement. You may from time to time use the Service by directing us to pay in whole or in part the unused and available proceeds of the Advance to eligible counterparties (including amount, account numbers etc.) you designate on the Invoice Payment Dashboard (such directions, “Withdrawal Orders”). Subject to the terms herein, you may make Withdrawal Orders up to an amount equal to the Advance remaining and available in the Designated Account less any Service Fees. For each Withdrawal Order we process, you will pay us the fee indicated in Section 2 (“Service Fee”). Each Service Fee will be paid from the amount of your Advance remaining and available in the Designated Account by us debiting the Designated Account, or, at our discretion, by debiting your Bank Account. If the balance of your unused and available Advance is less than the amount of a Withdrawal Order plus the related Service Fee, you may not use the Service to facilitate payment of the Withdrawal Order. You hereby acknowledge that any Authorization Agreement will apply to this Agreement with like effect. You assume sole responsibility for any Withdrawal Order and such orders may be relied upon by us, whether or not any error could be detected by us. You do not have the right to cancel or amend any Withdrawal Order once given to us. You acknowledge and agree that we are facilitating the payment as your agent and may, in our sole discretion, reject any Withdrawal Order, including those which do not comply with the requirements of this Agreement, our internal policies, or applicable laws and regulations. You are solely responsible for timely payments to your payees and we have no liability for any late payment.
The Service. The Services shall enable you to connect the Registered Devices to the Internet by either a Wired Connection and/ or by 4Wireless as shall be stated in the Service Information. The Service will not be compatible with or support the use or connection of connected devices such as wireless speakers or printers or the use of TV casting devices. The Service is necessary for you to be able to subscribe to any Additional Services. We aim that the 4Wireless service will be available but cannot guarantee this. The number of Registered Devices depends on our Agreement with the Owner and/or if you subscribe to any Additional Service. This will be confirmed in the Service Information. ADDITIONAL SERVICES 4Network 4Network allows the devices registered to your ASK4 account to be able to communicate with one another over the wired and wireless network within your accommodation. This means that you can connect your devices within your own virtual, private and secure wireless network via the building’s shared infrastructure, facilitating the use of devices like digital media players (e.g Chromecast), network-enabled printers, wireless speaker systems and Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. Without enabling 4Network, your wireless devices will be able to connect to the Internet but won’t be able to see or connect with each other. 4Connect and 4Connect Plus 4Connect is an add-on service that enables a resident to register and connect multiple devices (e.g. iPads, games consoles, laptops) 4Voice 4Voice allows you to make calls over your internet connection. Please note the service may be used to connect to emergency services by dialling 999 but the connection may not be to the emergency services centre closest to you and the service should not be relied on as the only means of calling emergency services as the functionality of the service depends on the availability of power, the internet connection and other factors outside of our control. Support We’ll provide assistance by telephone, email, text message or by other means we may determine during Support Hours to enable access to the Service and Additional Services via the Registered Devices We may, at our absolute discretion, provide for support engineers to assist you at your Residence, but we are not required to do so. We can only support access for Compatible Devices and we cannot provide general support for any Registered Device outside of support to get it to connect to the Services or Additional Services. We cann...
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