Response Time definition

Response Time means the difference in time between the change of the component to be measured at the reference point and a system response of 90 per cent of the final reading (t90) with the sampling probe being defined as the reference point, whereby the change of the measured component is at least 60 per cent full scale (FS) and takes place in less than 0.1 second. The system response time consists of the delay time to the system and of the rise time of the system.
Response Time means the time required for an instrument system to reach 90 percent of its final reading when the radiation-sensitive volume of the instrument system is exposed to a step change in radiation flux from zero sufficient to provide a steady state midscale reading.
Response Time means the time taken (after the incident has been reported at the concerned reporting center), in resolving (diagnosing, troubleshooting and fixing) or escalating to (the second level, getting the confirmatory details about the same and conveying the same to the end user), the services related troubles during the first level escalation.

Examples of Response Time in a sentence

  • Snowflake shall use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the Initial Response Time Target for the applicable Severity Level, as measured during in-region Snowflake Support hours set forth in Table 3 below (such hour(s), “Business Hour(s)” with the total Business Hours in an in-region support day being “Business Day(s)”).

  • Initial Response Time (by email or call back) is within eight (8) Working Hours.

  • AvePoint shall make all commercially reasonable efforts to respond to such support requests within the given Response Time.

  • Red Alert applies during Working Hours (or as Initial Response Time (by email or call back) is targeted within thirty (30) minutes of Red Alert being invoked by Questionmark, during Working Hours.

  • Human response on Live Chat runs to Response Time Objectives linked to priorities 1-3, with priority 1 at <15 minutes, priority 2 at <30 minutes, and priority 3 at <60 minutes.

More Definitions of Response Time

Response Time the time within which Supplier begins to handle a reported malfunction;
Response Time means the interval of time from when an Authorized User requests, via the Services, a Transaction to when visual confirmation of Transaction completion is received by the Authorized User. For example, Response Time includes the period of time representing the point at which an Authorized User enters and submits data to the Services and the Services display a message to the Authorized User that the data has been saved.
Response Time means the elapsed time between the receipt of a service call and the time when SCPDC begins the Maintenance and Support, including a verbal or written confirmation to the Licensee thereof.
Response Time means the time incident is reported to the help desk and an engineer is assigned for the call.
Response Time means the time immediately fol- lowing the turnout time that begins when units are en route to the emergency incident and ends when units arrive at the scene.
Response Time means the time from which a call is received by the EMS agency until the time the ambulance and complete crew arrives at the scene, unless the call is scheduled in advance.
Response Time means the time period in which the assigned support resource shall provide Client with an initial technical response as a result of an Issue reported by Client.