The State Sample Clauses

The State. The Secretary Department of Premier and Cabinet Level 7 15 Murray Street HOBART TAS 7000 THE COMMONWEALTH The Secretary Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 18 Marcus Clarke Street CANBERRA ACT 2601
The State. Address Ministry of Finance Korte Voorhout 7/P.O. Box 20201 2500 EE The Hague Fax No. +31 70342 79 33 For the attention of the Director of Financieringen (at the time of this Agreement, Wouter Raab) and the Director of Bureau Financiele Instellingen (at the time of this Agreement, Rens Bröcheler)
The State. The Secretary Department of Premier and Cabinet Level 7 15 Murray Street HOBART TAS 7000 THE COMMONWEALTH The Secretary Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 3-5 National Circuit BARTON ACT 2600
The State after having previously informed T.F.M. in writing, will have access, for review and control, to the accounting books and ledgers and financial statements of T.F.M. For a given Fiscal Year, these reviews and controls must take place within a period of three years following the end of such Fiscal Year.
The State shall reimburse up to $50,000.00 to “the Grantee” upon “the State” receiving appropriate documentation of expended funds (i.e: copies of payroll documentation and proof of payment) submitted with form DSAD 69.
The State the Board,” and “the University” shall mean the employer.
The State. 1) at its own cost and expense in all things shall construct a weir across Uralla (Snake) Creek at approximately the position marked with the letter “D” on the plan delineated in the Third Schedule hereto (and being more particularly at the point 17 miles 1,750 feet along the traverse of Uralla (Snake) Creek shown on plan P.W.D. W.A. 34105 and which traverse is defined on the ground by concrete bench marks at mile intervals). The height of the weir top shall be R.L. 130.5 feet and in constructing the weir provision shall be made for the erection on the weir top of stop boards whereby the height of the weir may be increased to 132.0 feet. The general objective of the weir is —
The State. Deleted: MOU2.1. The State’s Rural Development Department shall be the nodal department within the State with overall responsibility for the Programme. The Borrower, through the State, shall make the proceeds of the Loan available to the Lead Programme Agency, and the State, through the Rural Development Department, shall make directly available to the Lead Programme Agency the counterpart funds from its own resources as required by Section 3.05. The Borrower shall cause the State to enter into a Government Order/Memorandum of Understanding (TNCDW GO/MOU) with the Lead Programme Agency, as described in paragraph 3.3 below, and a Programme Agreement with the Fund. Although the Lead Programme Agency shall have implementation responsibility for the Programme, the State shall be responsible for overall coordination of the Programme.
The State. Project Co and the Security Trustee have jointly waived the requirements under Clause 10.2(a)(i).