Reports to Sample Clauses

Reports to. Position Title Classification Position No. Positions under direct supervision: Position Title Classification Position No. Nil We Value: • Respect for individuals and culture • Working together and supporting each other • Involving and engaging others • Ownership, transparency and accountability • Fair and ethical decisions • Improvement focus Primary Objectives of role: Provides medical care as part of a multidisciplinary team. Provides and promotes high quality and patient centred care to inpatients and outpatients of the specialty under the supervision of consultant medical staff. Works under supervision and within a multi-disciplinary team, treating people with drug and alcohol problems and reviewing their medical needs. Fulfils educational requirements of the RACP Advanced Training Curriculum in order to attain Fellowship of the Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine. In undertaking the role of this position, the occupant will need to recognise that there is a commitment to focussing on the needs of the individual, their families, carers or advocates working in partnership for better mental health outcomes. General Responsibilities CLINICAL • Under the supervision of an addiction consultant and as part of a multidisciplinary team, undertakes the assessment and management of consumers with substance use disorders to include care coordination, reporting and liaison with the consumer’s General Practitioner. • Provides a range of evidence based best practice therapeutic interventions, education, and care coordination for consumers with substance use disorders, including their carers and family. • Provides inpatient medical care within an MDT setting which includes admissions, xxxx rounds, patient reviews, and documentation and discharge summaries. • Oversees and reviews the care of patients including clinical evaluation, formulation of a differential diagnosis, arranging appropriate investigation and referrals and initiating a documented clinical care plan that promotes recovery in conjunction with the addiction consultant. • Develops and maintains formal links with primary care givers to ensure continuity of treatment and shared care management including the provision of information regarding substance use disorders. • Attends and conducts Inpatient Withdrawal Unit xxxx rounds. • Works collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team consisting of nurses, doctors, clinical psychologists, social workers, managers, pharmacy staff and Integrated Service p...
Reports to. Under the direct supervision of the Head Mechanic with respect to the day-to-day operation of the garage and in his absence the Director of Transportation
Reports to. The position reports to the Manager Clinical Education Unit and will liaise closely with the Senior Nurse Daily Operations and other staff in the unit. EMPLOYEES SUPERVISED: No direct line management of staff. ORGANISATIONAL ENVIRONMENT: Vision: Improved reproductive & sexual health and wellbeing for everyone in Victoria and beyond. Purpose: Strengthen the capacity of the primary care and community-based service system to deliver reproductive and sexual health services so that people can make decisions about their reproductive and sexual health and wellbeing that are right for them.
Reports to. STORE MANAGER POSITION SUMMARY: The senior salesperson and administrator within the unit that is responsible for the operation of the unit, in the Manager’s absence. This position is also responsible for the preparation and/or coordination of reports and documentation in the unit, as required, on a day to day basis. All appropriate documentation must be presented for signature to the Store Manager for authorization. QUALIFICATIONS: Incumbent must possess a current and valid B.C. Pesticides Dispenser Certificate and a Veterinarian Drug Dispensers Certificate. RESPONSIBILITIES: Will maintain a high level of sales productivity and customer service. This position will ‘set the pace’ for sales productivity within the unit. Will monitor and control POS system reports, daily bank deposits, cash shorts and overs. Will communicate any developments and changes to the POS system, to the rest of the staff. Will monitor and coordinate Purchase Order and Inter Branch Transfer functions, within the unit. This will involve the adherence to proper procedures for; creating, filing, and completing the Purchase Order and Inter Branch Transfer cycles. Will process and monitor Customer payments on Accounts, paid-out disbursement, NSF cheques, Unauthorized sales, payroll sheets and merchandise returns for credit or repair. Will maintain Pesticides Dispenser Registry and Veterinarian Drug Dispenser records to meet legislative requirements. Will maintain and order stationery, office supplies and packaging materials, as required. Will provide input and recommendations to the manager on productivity and evaluation of all staff. Will assist and provide input regarding the selection and ordering of products for the unit as well as input regarding the annual budgeting process. Will carry out and maintain merchandising and housekeeping standards, as directed by the Store Manager. Will maintain a clear understanding of all product lines carried in the unit. Will maintain a high degree of product knowledge when new products are introduced. Will assist Store Manager, where required, in the collection of NSF cheques and outstanding customer accounts. Will maintain a high awareness of loss prevention, protection of company assets and inventory as well as set a good example of behavior to other staff. Will handle customer complaints in an efficient and congenial manner. All customer complaints are to be communicated to the Store Manager, as they arise. Will be fully conversant with and perfor...
Reports to. Project Manager The OC will provide support for the Regional team and particularly for the personnel based at the Regional level, including:  Training Administration  Document typing, formatting and designing  Scanning and digitization of documents In the administrative support function, The ROC should coordinate with the regional-level OM in relation to the establishment of consistent systems and procedures for all aspect of the regional office administration.  Diploma III (D III), at least one (1) years relevant experience, or  Relevan Vocation High Scool at least three (3) years relevant experience  Broad capability in the use of MS Office suite of programs particularly Excel and MS Access.  The ability to work independently during the absence of the PM in the field is essential.  He/she shall have good attention to detail, and fast and accurate typing speeds.  The ability to work independently during the absence of the PM in the field is essential. The ROC will be responsible for the following key deliverables in accordance with specific requirements to be established by the regional team - OM.  Administration filling system  Office filing system.  Accurate typing, consistent and reliable data Support to regional offices. Position: Provincial Coordinator (PC)
Reports to. Building Principal JOB GOAL: To promote effective use of departmental personnel and resources. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:1. Plan, schedule, and conduct department meetings.