New Technology Sample Clauses

New Technology. When new technology is introduced into a workplace, it will be the responsibility of the employer to provide appropriate training to the employees directly affected. Such training will include any health and safety implications or information that will enable employees to operate the equipment without discomfort and will help maintain their general well-being.
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New Technology. A. The board and the union recognize the importance of using technology as a way to streamline and reduce paperwork within our school system. The parties also recognize the benefit of technology in assisting our students by ensuring that they receive the services they deserve.
New Technology. The parties agree that with the introduction of new techniques and technologies, it is important that advance planning be made to anticipate skills, needs and training required. It is agreed that the workers affected by the introduction of new technologies should have every opportunity to apply themselves to the new skills and the new technology. The Company will assume that cost of on-the-job training to afford Bargaining Unit employees (who have the basic knowledge and ability to be trained) the opportunity to keep current with new methods, tool, machines and new technology affecting their work and job security. The Company will notify the Union in advance of any introduction in new technology and will notify the Union in advance of the introduction of new techniques so as to give the affected Bargaining Unit employee (who has the basic knowledge and ability to be trained) the opportunity to become acquainted with the new skill needs so that he will be available to perform the work when needed. Senior employees who have the basic knowledge and ability to be trained will be given preference under this clause according to appropriate shift representation. COMMITTEE ON NEW TECHNOLOGY There shall be established a committee of four, two from the Company and two from the Union to deal with the whole question of New Technology, the introduction of new techniques, and the introduction of new techniques through automated equipment. The Committee will be responsible for investigating and examining all issues related to the introduction of such equipment and its impact on the affected employees. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Company for implementation, concerning the use of affected employees in the area of the training as it relates to new technology. The Company members of the Committee shall be two representatives from the Manufacturing Engineering Department. It is understood that the Committee will meet at least once every month unless otherwise agreed to.
New Technology. 32.01 The University agrees to provide employees whose work is directly affected by the introduction of new technology with the opportunity to receive appropriate training if such training is needed to perform the employee’s duties in the current position.
New Technology. The Company and the Union agree that it is to their mutual benefit and sound economic and social goals to utilize the most efficient machines, processes, systems, methods and/or materials. In this way, the Company will be able to compete effectively in the marketplace. In order that employees can better prepare themselves for the skill requirements of the future and in its fulfillment of its obligation to provide information to the Union, the Company will provide notification to the Union full-time Business Representative or his designee of the Company's plans for the introduction of new technology which may affect the employees. This notification will inform the Union of anticipated schedules of introduction of new technology, and will identify areas of skill impacts and any training programs, which may be associated with those impacts. The Union and its representatives will protect the confidentiality of Company sensitive and proprietary information disclosed in the notification. The Company will provide employees in the affected classification(s) in the bargaining unit the opportunity to volunteer for the training. If in its sole discretion the Company decides to provide training, the most senior employee in the applicable classification who volunteers will be selected for training.
New Technology. 1. UC and Supplier believe an essential element of advancing the core objectives and mission of UC is to encourage the development of health care technology that significantly improves the quality, process and/or outcome of care. In support of this belief, the Parties acknowledge that certain products and implants which incorporate breakthrough technologies have the potential to significantly improve non-clinical operational efficiency, or improved clinical outcomes when compared to the level of safety, operational efficiency, process of care and/or outcomes delivered through use of the products covered under this Agreement (hereafter, "New Technology Products").
New Technology. The Project and all of the matters set forth in the Whitepaper are new and untested. The Project might not be capable of completion, implementation or adoption. Even if the Project is completed, implemented and adopted, it might not function as intended, and any tokens associated with a blockchain adopting the Project may not have functionality that is desirable or valuable. Also, technology is changing rapidly, so the Tokens and the Project may become outdated.
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New Technology. 25.01 The parties agree that with the introduction of new techniques, technologies and equipment, it is important that advance planning be made to anticipate skills, needs and training required, and will be discussed with the Union In the case of new technology, the Company will, if the need arises, train employees to operate or maintain this equipment so as not to displace employees out of seniority.
New Technology. Employees who are displaced as a result of automation or technology may be provided training programs for entry into other classifications as required by the Company.
New Technology. 26.1 Whenever a new technology is introduced into a unit member’s work environment which the unit member will be required to use, the District will provide the following:
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