Digital Channels definition

Digital Channels means the communications path and platforms that promote, market or sell Our products, Services, Electronic Service, brands, ideas, and/or serve Advance Written Notices to You (this include but is not limited to Website, mobile application, Our electronic shop, Self Service Machine (SSM) or via any electronic channel which We may introduce in the future )
Digital Channels means a remote access system provided by the Bank which, subject to the Service Agreement, enables the Customer to use the Internet Bank service and communicate with the Bank remotely.
Digital Channels means third-party digital messaging platforms and applications, as may be generally made accessible through Your subscription, for use in connecting end users to contact center agents. Examples of Digital Channels include, but are not limited to, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger (each, a “Social Media Digital Channel”), and SMS, web chat and email. 2. Acknowledgement and Conditions If You opt-in to utilize one or more Social Media Digital Channels, You acknowledge and represent that You:

Examples of Digital Channels in a sentence

  • If you add or remove an Account to or from one of our Digital Channels, that Account will also be added or removed to or from our other Digital Channels.

  • The SUA would not apply to: Scripts for Long Running Series, commissions for Digital Channels and Daytime commissions Where a commission for a Digital Channel is transmitted on a non-Digital Channel the SUA will be paid (exceptionally the Writer and the Producer may agree that the SUA is not payable in the event that transmission on a non-Digital Channel is considered in the interests of re-commission).

  • You may view the transaction history for your Account in all of our Digital Channels (the "Account History").

  • You may view or access your Accounts on any of our Websites or Mobile Device applications (our "Digital Channels").

  • Applications and Notices can also be sent to Us via Digital Channels.

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Digital Channels means the communications path and platforms that promote, market or sell stc’s products, Services, Electronic Service, brands, ideas, and/or serve written notices to the Customer (this include but is
Digital Channels shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.20.
Digital Channels means::ينعي :"ةينورتكلا تاونقلا"(i) the official websites of Etisalat, available at and; and"تلااصتا"ـل ةيمسرلا ةكبشلا عقاوم )1(عقوملا ىلع ةحاتملاو و ينورتكللااو ؛;(ii) the official mobile app of Etisalat, available by the name “Etisalat UAE”.نم ةيمسرلا كرحتملا فتاهلا تاقيبطت )2(تلااصتا" مساب ةرفوتملاو "تلااصتا"."تاراملاا“Effective Date” means the date on which the Agreement is in full force and effect, this being the date on which the Customer submits a signed Service Application Form or otherwise when Etisalat registers the Customer’s subscription or purchase of the Service.لماكلا نايرسلا خيرات ينعي "ذافنلا خيرات" ليمعلا ميدقت دنع أدبيو ةيقافتلاا هذهل يلعفلاو دنع كلذ فلاخب وأ ةعقوملا ةمدخلا بلط جذومن هئارش وأ ليمعلا كارتشا "تلااصتا" ليجست.ةمدخلل“Etisalat” means Emirates Telecommunications Group Company PJSC.تاراملاا ةعومجم ةكرش ينعتو :"تلااصتا".ع.م.ش تلااصتلال“Etisalat Equipment” means any equipment (including Customer Equipment), Software, systems, cabling, plant and/or facilities owned, licensed or leased by Etisalat which is supplied to the Customer and/or may be placed on the Customer Site by or on behalf of Etisalat for provision of the Service.( تادعملا عيمج ينعتو :"تلااصتا تادعم "" تايجماربلاو )ليمعلا تادعم كلذ يف امب قفارملا وأ/و تاطحملاو تلاباكلاو ةمظنلأاو نم ةرجأتسملا وأ اهل صخرملاو ةكولمملا يتلا وأ/و ليمعلل اهريفوت مت يتلاو "تلااصتا" "تلااصتا" لبق نم ليمعلا عقوم يف اهتيبثت متي.ةمدخلا ميدقت ضرغب اهنع ةباينلاب وأ“Etisalat Sold Equipment” means equipment sold to the Customer (including Software licensed to the Customer) pursuant to a Schedule as set out in the Service Application Form.تادعملا ينعتو :"ةعابملا "تلااصتا تادعم" جماربلا كلذ يف امب( ليمعلا ىلا ةعابملا جذومن يف نيبملا لودجلل ˝اقفو )ليمعلل ةصخرملا.ةمدخلا بلط“Fixed Term” means the fixed period during which the Service is provided to the Customer, being longer than one month, which is agreed to when the Service is purchased or subscribed to by the Customer.ةددحملا ةدملا ينعي :"ةتباثلا ةينمزلا ةدملا " نوكت ثيحب ليمعلا ىلا ةمدخلا اهللاخ مدقت يتلا ءارش دنع اهيلع قفتملاو دحاو رهش نم رثكلأ.اهب هكارتشا وأ ةمدخلل ليمعلا“Force Majeure Event” has the meaning given to it in Clause 22.1 (Force Majeure).ىنعملا اهل نوكي :"ةرهاقلا ةوقلا ثادحأ".)ةرهاقلا ةوقلا( 1.22 دنبلا يف ددحملا
Digital Channels means:the Flexipay Wallet Portal ( made available by or on behalf of SBU from time to time, anda. the Flexipay Wallet Application.c. USSD (*291#)d. Authorised Agent & merchant terminals
Digital Channels means the communications path and platforms that enable the promotion, marketing or selling of products and services and
Digital Channels means the Mobile Applications and the USSD shortcode *229#.
Digital Channels means any digital or other new media channels or platforms now known or hereinafter devised through which information, documents, sound or images may be transmitted (including via internet, wired, wireless and mobile transmission), including but not limited to websites and mobile applications.