Order Forms Sample Clauses

Order Forms. For Products, Customer and Snow (or Customer and Partner, as applicable) will execute Snow order forms (each an “Order Form”) which will describe the (a) Product Type, (b) length of Customer’s right to use, or license to, the Product (“Product Term”), (c) quantity, endpoints, Product descriptions, license metrics, authorized users, and other usage parameters as applicable (“Usage Parameters”), (d) pricing and fees (“Fees”) and (e) other relevant details.
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Order Forms. The parties may enter into Order Forms under this Agreement. SurveyMonkey and Customer may agree that Customer’s Affiliates may enter into Order Forms under this Agreement. Any such Order Form may be signed by SurveyMonkey or a SurveyMonkey Affiliate pursuant to the requirements for under Section 14. Any reference in the Agreement to “Customer” will refer to the Customer entity signing the Order Form and any reference in the Agreement to “SurveyMonkey” will refer to the SurveyMonkey contracting entity signing the Order Form. Each Order Form will incorporate the terms and conditions of this Agreement and will be a separate contract between the entities entering into the Order Form
Order Forms. Any translation and post-editing work offered within the framework of this contract shall be the subject of a specific order form issued by the Translation Centre. This order form shall specify the volume of the work to be carried out, the deadline by which it is to be carried out, and the remuneration due.
Order Forms. Customer may purchase specific Services from QuoVadis by entering into one or more mutually agreed upon purchase schedules, purchase orders, or order forms (whether online or electronic) that set forth the specific Services being procured by Customer under this Agreement, the term when each such Service is to be provided by QuoVadis (the “Service Term”) and the related payment terms for such Service (each, an “Order Form”). Order Forms are considered “mutually agreed upon” either (i) when executed by both parties in writing, or (ii) when Customer affirms its electronic acceptance to an Order Form that QuoVadis has presented to Customer via electronic means. Customer and QuoVadis acknowledge and agree that each Order Form will be governed by and incorporated by reference into the terms of this Agreement.
Order Forms. As of the Effective Date (as defined on the applicable Order From) of any Order Form, such Order Form shall be deemed part of, and shall be subject to, these Terms and Conditions. The Customer agrees to the committed term length listed on the Order Form (the “Service Term”). In the event that Customer continues receiving the Services after the expiration of the Service Term, the parties’ rights and obligations under the Agreement, including but not limited to Customer’s payment obligations, shall continue until either party requests to terminate the Agreement and disconnect the Services by providing the other party with sixty (60) days’ written notice, in accordance with the termination provision contained herein.
Order Forms. Customer may purchase the Service from ZealiD by entering into the agreed upon Order Form. The term when the Service is to be provided by ZealiD, the Service packages included, the related payment terms and any other terms for such Service are considered “mutually agreed upon” either
Order Forms. This Blackboard master agreement (“Master Agreement”) between Customer and Blackboard describes the general terms by which Customer may license or purchase, as applicable, an Offering (as defined below) from Blackboard. This Master Agreement, together with the Order Form(s) and Schedule(s) referencing it, form the entire agreement between the Parties in respect of the specified Offering. Customer acknowledges that it only has right to use and/or receive the Offering to the extent provided pursuant to one or more applicable Order Forms.
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Order Forms. The Parties shall conclude Order Forms on the basis of which Betty Blocks shall perform Services for Client. The Order Forms are inextricably linked to and are supplemented by the provisions in these Terms. The signing of these Terms alone, in the absence of a signed Order Form, shall not create any obligation of Betty Blocks to provide any Services to Client. Any other (general) terms and conditions of Client shall expressly not be applicable to this Agreement. Signed Order Forms shall only create obligations for the Xxxxx Blocks entity signing the Order Form. For the avoidance of doubt, Betty Blocks’ legal entities that have not signed an Order Form are not jointly and severally liable for any acts and omissions of the Betty Blocks entity that signed the Order Form.
Order Forms. The Order Form shall set forth what Passport is to provide to Customer under this Agreement. To the extent Customer wishes to procure, and Passport wishes to provide, any additional products or services, the parties shall enter into one or more additional Order Forms as applicable that shall each form a part of and be subject to this Agreement.
Order Forms. During the Term, and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and Customer’s payment of all applicable Fees, Convercent will provide to Customer the Services identified in one or more Order Forms executed by both parties (each, an “Order Form”). Order Forms are incorporated by reference into this Agreement. To the extent of any conflict between this Agreement and an Order Form, the Agreement shall control, except to the extent the Order Form expressly identifies a provision of the Agreement to be superseded by the Order Form. The “Services” shall consist of the products and modules provided via a Convercent website and/or mobile application, all user documentation, information and materials contained within such products or modules, and related support, professional services and other services provided by Convercent as explicitly identified in one or more Order Forms. Customer shall not use the Services beyond the limitations set forth in an Order Form.
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