Project Implementation Sample Clauses

Project Implementation a. The Concessionaire shall develop the Project in accordance with the Standards and Specifications as mentioned in Schedule 4 and as per the concept plan of the Project, approved by Concessioning Authority, within the Project Milestone specified under Article 2.8 or such extended date as may be approved by Concessioning Authority.
Project Implementation. V.1 The Project Sponsor agrees on and after the Effective Date to use all reasonable efforts to implement the Project without undue delay and otherwise in accordance with the terms of the Contract Documents. To the extent of any conflict between this Agreement and other Contract Documents, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail.
Project Implementation. Applicant District must submit a completed Innovation and Effectiveness Grant Application (“Application”) attached hereto as Exhibit A and made a part hereof. Applicant District will work to complete the Project as defined in Application based on College Innovation and Effectiveness Plan.
Project Implementation. The Recipient agrees to the following Project implementation terms:
Project Implementation a. Establishing fully equipped and staffed field offices, as described in Subsection 1, for supervision of the works for the Contractor’s staff and the Employer’s Representative at the start of the Contract.
Project Implementation. (a) The Concessionaire shall construct the Project Facilities in accordance with the Specifications and Standards, Applicable Laws, terms of Applicable Permits and Good Industry Practice. The Concessionaire shall, for such purposes, do all such acts, deeds and things, as may be required under this Agreement. The Concessionaire shall make payments towards Annual Lease Rentals in the terms specified in this Agreement.