Project Implementation Sample Clauses

Project Implementation a. The Concessionaire shall develop the Project in accordance with the Standards and Specifications as mentioned in Schedule 4 and as per the concept plan of the Project, approved by Concessioning Authority, within the Project Milestone specified under Article 2.8 or such extended date as may be approved by Concessioning Authority.
Project Implementation. Applicant District must submit a completed Innovation and Effectiveness Grant Application (“Application”) attached hereto as Exhibit A and made a part hereof. Applicant District will work to complete the Project as defined in Application based on College Innovation and Effectiveness Plan.
Project Implementation. 2.1 The execution of a Service Contract shall authorize AAI DS to proceed under the terms and conditions of this Agreement and such Service Contract.
Project Implementation. 2. The Borrower shall:
Project Implementation. (i) The Company shall be responsible for commencing and completing the build-out of the Project according to the schedule set forth in the Coverage, Phasing, and Implementation Plan. For the Term of this Agreement, Company is authorized to and solely responsible for mounting, installing, operating, repairing, upgrading, replacing, maintaining, and removing Company’s Facilities, which shall include all Network Equipment funded under this Agreement except as set out herein. A list of Company’s Facilities that are (i) Secured Company’s Facilities or (ii) to be placed on a publicly owned Vertical Asset, both in general and per each Public Facility shall be attached hereto as Exhibit G to the extent such facilities are known at the time of Agreement execution and shall thereafter be updated by the Company with each Requisition Form submitted and with each amendment to the Coverage, Phasing, and Implementation Plan. The Company shall not own: (i) any existing or future Towers and any associated equipment shelters installed with County or Grant Funds, (ii) any real property acquired by the Counties for the Project, or (iii) any utilities connections that could be reasonably necessary to connect other potential users to a Public Broadband Tower, except that the Company shall own any fiber, land, materials, or facilities paid for with the Company’s own funds and not with the Company Grant Project Budget or other public funds.
Project Implementation a. Establishing fully equipped and staffed field offices, as described in Subsection 1, for supervision of the works for the Contractor’s staff and the Employer’s Representative at the start of the Contract.
Project Implementation. Project Management CenturyLink with Airbus support Project Plan for A9-1-1 Solution West/CenturyLink Managed Hosted VESTA System Architecture Airbus Managed Hosted VESTA Services Network Architecture Airbus Network Architecture contained within the Managed Hosted VESTA Solution Airbus Redundant MPLS Connectivity between the ECMCs, CenturyLink data center, and each CUSTOMER FacilityEstablish and test connectivity CenturyLink CUSTOMER Facilities CenturyLink/CUSTOMER CUSTOMER Facility Site Preparation (floor space, power, etc.) CUSTOMER/CenturyLink CUSTOMER Facility Project Survey for Airbus Managed Hosted VESTA Services PSAP Equipment CenturyLink/Airbus Project Survey Analysis and Report Airbus Project Survey Guideline and Documentation Airbus/CenturyLink Site Readiness as addressed in Project Survey Analysis and Report CenturyLink/CUSTOMER PSAP Data Collection, Configurations/ListsStar Codes, Transfer, Contact List, etc. CenturyLink/Airbus/CUSTOMER Airbus Managed Hosted VESTA Services PSAP Equipment – Install and Maintain and CUSTOMER Facility CenturyLink Airbus Managed Hosted VESTA Services PSAP Equipment – Provide and Stage Airbus Managed Hosted VESTA Services Training Airbus Pre-production and End to End Testing Airbus/CenturyLink/CUSTOMER Develop Migration plan and execute Migration Testing Airbus/ CenturyLink/CUSTOMER Managed Hosted VESTA Services Production Turn-up Airbus/ CenturyLink/CUSTOMER MIS Reporting CUSTOMER Managed Hosted VESTA Services– Monitoring Airbus/CenturyLink Managed Hosted VESTA Services - Tier 1 Maintenance CenturyLink Network Monitoring and Maintenance Airbus/CenturyLink Managed Hosted VESTA Services Upgrades Airbus/CenturyLink Managed Hosted VESTA Services Log storage and backups Airbus/CenturyLink Problem Reporting CenturyLink/CUSTOMER/Airbus Problem Triage and Resolution CenturyLink/Airbus/CUSTOMER Airbus Managed Hosted VESTA Services Network Capacity Management Airbus MPLS Network Capacity Management Airbus Managed Hosted VESTA Solution Network Capacity Management Airbus Table 1: Responsibility Matrix