Services include Sample Clauses

Services include. The following services or features are available under this SSMA:
Services include. 1. To identify and introduce potential strategic partners in China to CLIENT
Services include receipt of return product, inspection of product for quality assurance, sorting of products (good, bad), repackaging good product in boxes provided by Flex
Services include. A road worthy motorcycle and topbox The motorcycle will be clean and tidy, fully serviced and maintained and be electrical and mechanical fully operational. Licensing and registration will be up to date. The motorcycle will have a top box fitted to the rear of the bike. The top box will be clean, neat, tidy and secure. - A motorcycle driver and riding gear The motorcycle driver will be appropriately dressed and appear neat and tidy. The driver will also be sober and in a clear state of mind at all times. The motorcycle driver will be kitted out in clean and respectable regulated riding gear appropriate for the current weather conditions. - Smartphone, petrol and toll fees The motorcycle driver will have a smartphone with them at all times with airtime loaded on the phone and be able to communicate with THE CLIENT at all times. The motorcycle driver will be responsible for the refuelling of the motorcycle at all times. The cost of refuelling will be solely the motorcycle driver’s responsibility. All toll fees including e Toll fees are to be paid by the motorcycle driver and are the responsibility of the motorcycle driver.
Services include quality, individualized, early education services in the home; parenting education; family support services; comprehensive health education, tracking and coordination services, including nutrition, dental, and mental health services; education and support services for expectant families before, during, and after pregnancy
Services include. Rates per line will include monthly telephone service, voice mail, switch port charges, and phone usage within the Continental United States.
Services include. 1. On-Site Meeting discussing conceptual design and documentation by Designer (3 hours+)
Services include. 1.1. Party A agrees to adopt the cloud computing technical services provided by Party B, and Party B shall provide complete solutions and technical services according to Party A’s requirements.
Services include i. Job readiness and job search, including effective resume development, ii. Skill building, including learning appropriate workplace behaviors, conflict resolution, and presentation skills,

Related to Services include

  • Services Provided Subcontractor agrees to complete the following: ____________ ___________________________________________________________ (“Services”).

  • Hosted Services We shall use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Hosted Services you have purchased available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for: (a) planned downtime under our direct control (of which we shall give at least 8 hours notice via the Hosted Services and which we shall schedule to the extent practicable during the weekend hours from 6:00 p.m. Pacific time Friday to 3:00 a.m. Pacific time Monday), (b) to the extent we are notified by third party service providers of planned downtime (of which we shall provide such notice to you via the Hosted services as soon we can reasonably do so), or (c) any unavailability caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of God, acts of government, flood, fire, earthquakes, civil unrest, acts of terror, strikes or other labor problems, internet service or third party hosting provider failures or delays ("Force Majeure"). Hosted Services are provided in accordance with applicable laws and government regulations.

  • Related Services Licensee shall be responsible for obtaining and installing all proper hardware and support software (including operating systems) and for proper installation and implementation of and training concerning the Licensed Software. In the event that Licensee retains Licensor to perform any services with respect to the Licensed Software (for example: installation, implementation, maintenance, consulting and/or training services), Licensee and Licensor agree that such services shall be subject to Licensor’s then current standard terms, conditions and rates for such services unless otherwise agreed in writing by Licensor.

  • Services Included in Annual Fee Per Fund Advisor Information Source – On-line access to portfolio management and compliance information. § Daily Performance Reporting – Daily pre and post-tax fund and/or sub-advisor performance reporting. § USBFS Legal Administration (e.g., registration statement update) Pricing Services § $____ - Domestic Equities, Options, ADRs, Foreign Equities § $____ - Domestic Corporates, Convertibles, Governments, Agencies, Futures, Options on Futures, Forwards, Currency Rates, Mortgage Backed § $____ - CMOs, Municipal Bonds, Money Market Instruments, Foreign Corporates, Convertibles, Governments, Agencies, Asset Backed, High Yield § $____ - Interest Rate Swaps, Foreign Currency Swaps, Total Return Swaps, Total Return Bullet Swaps § $____ - Bank Loans § $____ - Swaptions § $____ - Credit Default Swaps § $____ per Month Manual Security Pricing (>25per day) Fair Value Services (Charged at the Complex Level) § $____ per security on the First 100 Securities § $____ per security on the Balance of Securities NOTE: Prices above are based on using U.S. Bancorp primary pricing service which may vary by security type and are subject to change. Use of alternative and/or additional sources may result in additional fees. Pricing vendors may designate certain securities as hard to value or as a non- standard security type, such as CLOs and CDOs, which may result in additional fees. All schedules subject to change depending upon the use of unique security type requiring special pricing or accounting arrangements.

  • Services to Others Clients Nothing contained in this Agreement shall limit or restrict (i) the freedom of the Sub-adviser, or any affiliated person thereof, to render investment management and corporate administrative services to other investment companies, to act as investment manager or investment counselor to other persons, firms, or corporations, or to engage in any other business activities, or (ii) the right of any director, officer, or employee of the Sub-adviser, who may also be a director, officer, or employee of the Fund, to engage in any other business or to devote his or her time and attention in part to the management or other aspects of any other business, whether of a similar nature or a dissimilar nature.

  • Marketing Services The Manager shall provide advice and assistance in the marketing of the Vessels, including the identification of potential customers, identification of Vessels available for charter opportunities and preparation of bids.

  • Ongoing Services It is important to review every investment you hold and at regular intervals. At the time of, or prior to, our recommendation to you we will discuss our on-going service proposition. This is confirmed in our ‘service proposition and engagement’ document which will be sent to you separately from this agreement.