An Annual Sample Clauses

An Annual. Summary Conference shall be held between the teacher and the supervisor or supervisors responsible for preparing the Annual Performance Report. The topic discussed at said Annual Summary Conference shall include those topics required by law and the position description. This conference will occur prior to the writing of the Annual Performance Report
An Annual. Report including a progress report with information on outputs and results with reference to targets, work plans and time schedules, use of inputs, problems encountered or foreseen and other information related to the implementation shall be presented at least 6 weeks in advance of the Annual Meeting. Annual Project accounts related to agreed budgets, which specify income and all expenditures shall be part of the Annual Report.
An Annual. Report due by September 1 encompassing the prior fiscal year. The information will include EPC Project Name and Number, building address (or addresses) of the EPC, EPC term, interest rate on associated financing, annual EPC payments over the term of the contract, total contract value for each multiyear obligation executed in the prior fiscal year, and realized energy savings.
An Annual. General Court and a Court called for the passing of a special resolution shall be called by 21 days’ notice in writing at the least, and an Extraordinary General Court shall be called by 14 days’ notice in writing at the least. The notice shall be exclusive of the day on which it is served or deemed to be served and of the day for which it is given, and shall specify the place, day and the hour of the meeting, and in the case of special business, the general nature of that business, and shall be given, in manner hereinafter mentioned, to such persons as are, under these Bye-Laws, entitled to receive such notices from the Bank.
An Annual. NDC Notice shall be accompanied by a Directors' Certificate in relation to the information contained in, and enclosed with, the Annual NDC Notice.

Related to An Annual

  • Annual 1. The sick leave year for conversion purposes begins on the day immediately following the last payroll period in November and extends through the last payroll period in November of the following year.

  • Sick Leave Annual Cash Out ‌ Each January, employees are eligible to receive cash on a one (1) hour for four (4) hours basis for ninety-six (96) hours or less of their accrued sick leave, if:

  • Minimum Annual Royalty Beginning in the calendar year after the first occurrence of SALEs, and in each succeeding calendar year thereafter, LICENSEE will pay to REGENTS a minimum annual royalty of [Written amount] U.S. Dollars ($ Number) for the life of this AGREEMENT. This minimum annual royalty will be paid to REGENTS by February 28 of each year and will be credited against the earned royalty due and owing for the calendar year in which the minimum payment is made.

  • Payment for Annual Leave (a) Before going on annual leave, an employee will be paid the amount of wages they would have received for ordinary time worked had they not been on leave during that period.

  • Proposed Annual Caps The Directors propose that the total annual purchase amount by the Group from Sijichun under the Feed Supply Framework Agreement shall not exceed RMB31.8 million, RMB30.4 million and RMB30.5 million for the three years ending 31 December 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectively. In determining such annual caps, the Directors have considered the following factors:

  • Quarterly and Annual Reconciliation 10.6.1 The Parties acknowledge that all payments made against Monthly Bills and Supplementary Bills shall be subject to quarterly reconciliation within 30 days of the end of the quarter at the beginning of the following quarter of each Contract Year and annual reconciliation at the end of each Contract Year within 30 days to take into account the Energy Accounts, Tariff adjustment payments, Tariff Rebate, Late Payment Surcharge, or any other reasonable circumstance provided under this Agreement.