Wednesday Sample Clauses

Wednesday. If a person is absent for any reason on the work day immediately preceding a mid-week Holiday, a normal two-day weekend (Saturday and Sunday), or an extended weekend, s/he will not be considered for overtime on that Holiday or weekend. If an employee does not sign the regular scheduled overtime sheet, it will be considered a refusal of overtime and so charged. All refusals will be charged if the rotation of the list is completed. If a person has an unexcused absence without pay, s/he may be excluded from overtime assignments for a period of time not to exceed ten (10) working days. During this ten (10) day exclusion, s/he will be charged for any hours that would have been offered. Emergency call-ins shall be any overtime other than regularly scheduled overtime and shall be assigned from the emergency overtime call-in sheets to the lowest hour person on said list within the building, except when specific expertise is required. No one shall be charged for the same time assignment twice. After regular scheduled overtime has been assigned on Friday, any deviation shall be processed as emergency call-in overtime. Any employee wishing to be considered for emergency overtime call-in shall sign up by each June 30 for the next fiscal year. If s/he fails to do so, s/he can add her/his name to the list upon proper notification to her/his supervisor. Failure to be available on six occasions during the fiscal year shall be cause for removal from the list until the next fiscal year. When expertise is required, only employees qualified to perform the necessary service/s will be called to do so, and no others are to be charged for the call-in. For those employees who have been deemed qualified, call-in's shall be rotated and equalized within that group of employees. Management will determine which shift the expertise overtime will be assigned. Overtime for snow removal shall be first offered to the on-site groundskeeper at the high school level, to the head custodian and/or assistant head custodian at the middle school level, and to the head custodian at the elementary level. Then the offer shall follow the same process as expertise overtime. Overtime for emergency pool care shall be offered to the S-1 classified employee first. Then the offer shall follow the same process as expertise overtime. For the purpose of overtime, the warehouse group shall be viewed as one building. A list of qualified employees possessing expertise skills will be developed for each work site by...
Wednesday. The posted schedule for full-time employees will cover the following two (2) week period.
Wednesday. If a pay day should coincide with a designated paid holiday, the employee shall be paid on the preceding working day. Each employee will receive a stub indicating the employee’s gross and net entitlements and details of all deductions and cumulative deductions.
Wednesday. The successful applicant in all cases must report to the job at the beginning of the work week following the week during which he/she was chosen, except in cases such as S & A, scheduled vacation, leave of absence, etc. Should there be no applicants, the company will fill the position utilizing the junior person from the general labour pool on a temporary basis until the posting is filled. Transfers within a classification will be allowed, if senior to applicant, but will not result in an additional posting. In the case where there is more than one opening in a classification, the senior employee will have the choice of available shift and/or line.
Wednesday. The remainder will be available: (i) to pay checks written to others that are presented to us for payment by the Federal Reserve Bank or other banks on Wednesday evening and/or (ii) to withdraw in cash or transfer funds electronically on Thursday. ATM Funds Availability. We reserve the right to collect and process all deposits; however, subject to such rights, deposits at ATMs located at and operated by our Branches will be available for withdrawal according to the above stated (over the counter deposit) availability schedule. Funds from any deposits (cash or checks) made at ATMs not operated by us or not located at our Branches will be available for withdrawal no later than the fifth (5th) Business Day after the day of deposit.
Wednesday. OCTOBER 2, 2019 Mail to: Xxxxx X’Xxxx, 0000 Xxxxxxxx Xxx NW, Maple Lake, MN 55358 Make Checks payable to: XXXXX X’XXXX, Conditional, unsigned, or incomplete entries or entries received without fees will not be accepted. Telephone or telegraph entries are not acceptable. All cancellations must be written and received by the Show Secretary before the closing date. I ENCLOSE $ .......................... for entry fees I ENCLOSE $ for Catalogs Please typewrite or print with black ink. IMPORTANT - Read carefully instructions on reverse side before filling out. Numbers in boxes indicate sections of the instructions relevant to the information needed in that box. BREED VARIETY [1] SEX (circle one) Dog Bitch OBEDIENCE TRIAL CLASS (include Xxxx Jump Hgt.) ADDITIONAL OBEDIENCE TRIAL CLASS UDX CLASS RALLY TRIAL CLASS ADDITIONAL RALLY TRIAL CLASS (including RAE Class) RLY JUMP HGT FULL NAME OF DOG  AKC REG. NO DATE OFBIRTH  C.P.. NO.  I.L.P./PAL NO. PLACE OF  USA  Canada  Foreign  FOREIGN REG. NO. & COUNTRY BIRTH BREEDER SIRE ACTUAL OWNER(S) [4] (Please Print) OWNER'S ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP DAM NAME OF OWNER'S AGENT (IF ANY) AT THE SHOW I CERTIFY that I am the actual owner of the dog, or that I am the duly authorized agent of the actual owner whose name I have entered above. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I (we) agree to abide by the rules and regulations of The American Kennel Club in effect at the time of this event, and by any additional rules and regulations appearing in the premium list for this event, and further agree to be bound by the "Agreement" printed on the reverse side of this entry form. I (we) certify and represent that the dog entered is not a hazard to persons or other dogs. This entry is submitted for acceptance on the foregoing representation and Agreement. I (we) agree to conduct myself (ourselves) in accordance with all such Rules and Regulations (including all provisions applying to discipline) and to abide by any decisions made in accord with them. I (we) certify and represent that the dog entered is not a hazard to persons or other dogs. SIGNATURE of owner or his agent duly authorized to make this entry TELEPHONE# EMAIL
Wednesday. The Company/Union/employee(s) will be responsible for reviewing said staffing and immediately identifying any issues of assignment but no later than noon, Thursday of that week. Should said posting be delayed, the verification period will be extended by twenty-four (24) hours from the actual posting of the schedule. Should any issues be identified within the twenty-four (24) hour period above, the Company will make the appropriate changes to staff employees as per Articles 10 and/or 13. Should any issues be identified after the twenty-four (24) hour period as described above, the Company’s only obligation will be to assign employees according to bid shift and plant wide seniority. Should a situation arise which is beyond the control of the company, which results in employee availability changing during the week after the staffing process has begun, the Company will make a reasonable effort to staff employees as per Articles 10 and 13 however, its only obligation will be to assign employees according to bid shift and plant wide seniority.
Wednesday. Day 1 of championships Thursday Day 2 of championships Friday Day 3 of championships. Saturday Day 4 of championships. *Schedule subject to change.
Wednesday. If a driver does not sign by this time, that trip shall become an emergency trip to be called out the next morning. Field trip drivers shall be provided with a list of phone numbers to call in case of a breakdown or emergency.
Wednesday. It is understood that the official employee schedule is posted under glass and that schedule shall control. A Union representative will be given the opportunity to initial the schedule, on or about 4:00pm on Friday. Changes may be entered on that schedule subject to the requirements of paragraph 9.3. Employees may swap shifts by executing a form provided by the Company and subject to approval of the supervisor. Nothing in this paragraph shall limit or restrict the Company’s right under the Collective Bargaining Agreement to schedule work, and adding a workday shall not be considered a change in the schedule. Employees will be responsible for knowing their schedule and any schedule changes up to 4:00 p.m. on Friday. After 4:00 p.m. on Friday, they will be notified by the Company of any schedule changes.