PLACE OF Sample Clauses

PLACE OF. BUSINESS The Partnership will maintain an office and principal place of business in Santa Clara, California or at such other place or places as the General Partner may from time to time designate.
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PLACE OF. IMPLEMENTATION Place of implementation is the place where the fuel will be filled. This place (as point, i.e:at anchoring place, at the wharf or special places similar to this) must be definitively defined by telex/fax/e-mail confirmation or agreement.
PLACE OF execution All data processing activities are carried out exclusively within the EU or the EEA. Otherwise, a separate contractual agreement must be concluded.
PLACE OF. LIMITED PARTNERSHIP BUSINESS 3.1 Location..................................................................... 12 3.2 Qualification................................................................ 12
PLACE OF. EXECUTION The execution of this Agreement shall be complete only upon its execution by the Promoter through its authorized signatory at the Promoter’s Office, or at some other place, which may be mutually agreed between the Promoter and the Purchaser, in after the Agreement is duly executed by the Purchaser and the Promoter or simultaneously with the execution the said Agreement shall be registered at the office of the Sub-Registrar. Hence this Agreement shall be deemed to have been executed at. The Purchaser and/or Promoter shall present this Agreement as well as the conveyance/assignment of lease at the proper registration office of registration within the time limit prescribed by the Registration Act and the Promoter will attend such office and admit execution thereof. That all notices to be served on the Purchaser and the Promoter as contemplated by this Agreement shall be deemed to have been duly served if sent to the Purchaser or the Promoter by Registered Post A.D and notified Email ID at their respective addresses specified below: Name of Purchaser MR. Address: Notified Email ID: , Promoter name :M/s. M/X. Xxxxxxxxxx Housing, XX. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx. Address: X.Xx.000/00, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, XxxxxxXxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxx 000000, Notified Email ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xx It shall be the duty of the Purchaser and the promoter to inform each other of any change in address subsequent to the execution of this Agreement in the above address by Registered Post failing which all communications and letters posted at the above address shall be deemed to have been received by the promoter or the Purchaser, as the case may be. JOINT PURCHASER That in case there are Joint Purchaser all communications shall be sent by the Promoter to the Purchaser whose name appears first and at the address given by him/her which shall for all intents and purposes to consider as properly served on all the Purchaser. Stamp Duty and Registration: - The charges towards stamp duty and Registration of this Agreement shall be borne by the Purchaser. Dispute Resolution: - Any dispute between parties shall be settled amicably. In case of failure to settled the dispute amicably, which shall be referred to the Authority as per the provisions of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, Rules and Regulations, there under. GOVERNING LAW That the rights and obligations of the parties under or arising out of this Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of ...
PLACE OF. The Chairperson shall fix the time and place of sittings of a Board of Arbitration after consultation with the other members thereof and he shall notify the parties as to the time and place so fixed, provided that the Board of Arbitration shall meet not later than seven days after it has been constituted unless by consent of both parties the date is set back. Hoard of Arbitration A Board of Arbitration shall, such as it thinks fit, expeditiously and carefully enquire into the grievance and all matters affecting the merits and right of the to settlement thereof. of Arbitration In the course of the hearings, the Board of Arbitration may make all such suggestions and do all such things as it deems right , and proper for encouraging a fair and amicable settlement of grievance and shall hear such representations as may be made on behalf of the parties and shall diligently seek to mediate between them. A Board of Arbitration may determine its own procedure and shall give full opportunity to all parties to evidence and make representation. A Board of Arbitration may accept, admit and call for such evidence as in equity and good conscience it thinks fit, whether strictly legal not. Any party to a reference to a Board of Arbitration may be before the said Board by two or fewer than two persons designated by the parties respectively for the purpose provided that every party appearing by a representative shall be bound by the acts of such representative or representatives. in of If without good cause shown, any party to proceedings before a Board of Arbitration to attend or be represented, the Board of Arbitration may proceed if the party had duly attended or had been represented. The Arbitration Board established under Articles and Shall not have the authority to add to, subtract from, or amend any of the provisions of this Agreement. Notwithstanding, the Board have the power to dispose of any involving dismissal or disciplinary action by any which it deems just and equitable. The decision of: The majority of the members of an
PLACE OF execution The execution of agreements is deemed to take place at the location of our establishment.
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PLACE OF. Arbitrations shall be heard at Thunder Bay, Ontario, or at such other places as may be agreed upon by the Association and the Employer.
PLACE OF. Section 6.9. Place of Business" \1 21. Change its principal place of business without providing 30 days' prior Written Notice of the change to the Noteho1der Representative and the Servicer. Section 6.10. "Section 6.10. \1 21. Without the Noteho1der Representative's prior Written Consent (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld) surrender, terminate, cancel, modify, change, supplement, alter or amend in any material respect, or waive or release in any material respect, any of its rights or remedies under the Partnership Agreement; provided, however, the consent of Noteho1der Representative is not required for an amendment of the Partnership Agreement resulting solely T-27388.001/1127884.doc 65 Council Agenda: 9-9-2014 from the "Permitted Transfer" of partnership interests of Borrower as defined in and permitted by the Security Instrument.
PLACE OF. EXECUTION The execution of this agreement shall be complete only upon its execution by the promoter through its authorized signatory at the promoter’s office, or at some other place, which may be mutually agreed between the promoter and the Allottee(s) in the State of Odisha after the agreement is duly executed by the Allottee(s) and the promoter or simultaneously with the execution the said agreement shall be registered at the office of the Sub-Registrar. Hence this agreement shall be deemed to have been executed at Bhubaneswar/Cuttack/ Jatni.
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