Classified employee definition

Classified employee means a member of the unit.
Classified employee means an employee in the classified service, or an employee currently on leave from the classified service in accordance with established Merit Rules governing leave.
Classified employee means an employee of a school district

Examples of Classified employee in a sentence

  • Displacement Right (Bumping): The right of a Classified employee, under certain conditions, to displace an employee with the least seniority in a classification.

  • When a Classified employee is required to work on any of the above holidays, he/she shall be paid compensation for such work at one and one-half times his normal rate of pay in addition to the regular pay received for the holiday.

  • An employee who has not completed his/her probationary period and who voluntarily leaves the service of the District, and who is subsequently reemployed as a Classified employee may be required to successfully serve a new probationary period of one (1) year of active service beginning on the date of the reemployment in such position.

  • A Classified employee who successfully serves and completes the initial probationary period shall be designated as a permanent Classified employee of the District.

  • A Classified employee, who works beyond 30 minutes a day in excess of his or her part time assignment, for a period of 20 or more consecutive work days, shall have his/her assignment increased to include this additional time and be entitled to the fringe benefits provided by the District and statute on a pro-rated basis consistent with the increase in time actually worked.

More Definitions of Classified employee

Classified employee means a person employed by a public
Classified employee means a state employee or a state employee on leave from employment who is under the jurisdiction of the Merit System of Personnel Administration as provided in the Oklahoma Personnel Act, Section 840.1 et seq. of this title;
Classified employee is applied to employees who are not required to hold a certificate or a letter of authorization as a prerequisite to obtain or keep their job. Adopted: January 10, 1983 Effective: January 1, 1983 Employment, Policy 4015 The Board of Education is obligated to hire the most qualified applicants to fill existing vacancies. Qualified applicants who have followed the District application process may include in-district transfers, as well as individuals not currently employed by the Cherry Creek School District. Proposed: May 10, 1982 Adopted: June 14, 1982 Recruitment, Selection and Filling Vacancies, Policy 4110
Classified employee means an employee appointed to a position in the classified service whose appointment and continued employment are subject to the classified service provisions of this chapter;
Classified employee means a member of the Washington school
Classified employee means a person who does not hold a
Classified employee means any person employed by a school district under a written annual contract who is not required to have a teaching certificate issued by the Department of Education as a condition of employment.