Pay Period Sample Clauses

Pay Period. 20.01 Employees shall be paid by cheque or by direct deposit during the regular working hours of Thursday of each week. If Thursday or Friday is a designated holiday, pay will be distributed on Wednesday. If paid by cash, pay will be distributed no later than Friday.
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Pay Period. The term “pay period” denotes compensation earned during the first (1st) day through the fifteenth (15th) day of each calendar month, or compensation earned during the sixteenth (16th) day through the last day of each calendar month. There shall be twenty four (24) pay periods in each calendar year.
Pay Period. 23.01 Wages shall be paid weekly, by cash, cheque or electronic deposit. If payment is by cheque/electronic deposit it must be distributed/deposited before quitting time on Thursday. If payment is by cash, payment shall be made no later than quitting time on Friday. If Thursday or Friday is a holiday and payment is by cheque, pay will be distributed on Wednesday.
Pay Period. All regular employees covered by this Agreement shall be paid in full each week. Not more than one (1) week’s pay shall be held on an employee. Each employee shall be provided with a statement of total hours and gross earnings and an itemized statement of all deductions made for any purpose. Payroll checks shall be in sealed envelopes.
Pay Period. The interval between pay days shall be no longer than seven (7) calendar days.
Pay Period. The College shall pay employees every two (2) weeks. The College shall endeavour to include payment for overtime worked in the first pay period following the pay period in which the overtime was worked.
Pay Period. (a) An employee shall be paid bi-weekly on every second Friday. A statement shall be given to the employee at the end of each bi-weekly pay period showing the period worked, salary earned and all deductions therefrom.
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Pay Period. The wages of employees shall be paid on the same day every two weeks. Each employee’s paycheck stub shall indicate hours, hourly rate, gross salary at his/her regular and overtime rate and all deductions from his/her gross salary shall be identified and the amount of each deduction shown.
Pay Period. The pay period shall be every two (2) weeks. Employees shall receive their bi-weekly checks on the Friday following the close of the pay period.
Pay Period. Pay period shall be by calendar month for full and part-time faculty, with full- time faculty paid on the last normal working day of the month and part-time faculty paid between the 9th and the 11th of each month.
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