All Rights Sample Clauses

All Rights. All of Master Servicer’s and/or its non-Service Entity Affiliatesrights in and to such Transferred Product are being Transferred to the applicable Service Entity on the applicable Transfer Date.
All Rights title and interest in and to the Customer Materials (including, without limitation, any Customer Data and personally identifiable information) are owned and retained by Customer, including, without limitation, all proprietary rights inherent therein or appurtenant thereto. and are licensed to Service Provider as set forth herein. As used herein, "personally identifiable information" shall mean any information regarding or that identifies (or that could be used to identify) any individual, including, for example and without limitation, any individual student or parent name, address, personal identifiers such as school- or district-issued student identification numbers, and any other information or combination of information that would make the identity of the student or parent easily traceable.

Related to All Rights

Recall Rights 1. Employees who are laid off or reduced in force shall be placed on recall lists within their seniority units and shall be entitled to remain on such lists for two years. Such employees shall keep the Employer informed of their current address. Employees on the lists shall be notified in order of craft seniority within the seniority unit of all vacant assignments in the same category and level from which they were laid off or reduced in force. Preference eligibles will be accorded no recall rights greater than non-preference eligibles except as required by law. Notice of vacant assignments shall be given by certified mail, return receipt requested, and a copy of such notice shall be furnished to the local union president. An employee so notified must acknowledge receipt of the notice and advise the Employer of his or her intentions within 5 days after receipt of the notice. If the employee accepts the position offered he or she must report for work within 2 weeks after receipt of notice. If the employee fails to reply to the notice within 5 days after the notice is received or delivery cannot be accomplished, the Employer shall offer the vacancy to the next employee on the list. If an employee declines the offer of a vacant assignment in his or her seniority unit or does not have a satisfactory reason for failure to reply to a notice, the employee shall be removed from the recall list.
Call Rights In the event of (i) the termination of the Optionee's employment with Resorts at any time, under any circumstances and for any or no reason, (ii) a Change in Control or (iii) any transfer of any Option Shares by the Optionee under any circumstances (other than to a trust controlled by the Optionee for estate planning purposes, the trustee of which agrees in writing to be subject in all events and for all purposes to the Company's Call as set forth herein), including pursuant to any arrangement, proceeding, decree, judgment, order or application of law relating to the division of property for domestic relations purposes (each a "Call Event"), for a period commencing on the date of such event and expiring upon the Company's Initial Public Offering (the "Call Exercise Period"), the Company shall have the right to purchase from the Optionee, in accordance with the terms hereof and of Section 2.4(e) of the Stockholders Agreement (the "Call") (y) any or all of such portion of the Option as shall relate to vested and exercisable Option Shares as of the date written notice is given (the "Call Exercise Date"), and/or (z) any or all Option Shares owned by the Optionee as of the end of business on the Call Exercise Date.
Put Rights (a) Termination other than Voluntary, for Cause or Death. If, prior to a Qualified Public Offering, a Management Stockholder’s employment with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries is terminated as a result of a resignation by such Management Stockholder for Good Reason (but excluding Retirement if included within any definition of Good Reason) or by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries without Cause, or by death or Disability, then the Management Stockholder shall have the right, for seventy-five (75) days following the date of termination of such employment and subject in each case to the provisions of Section 6.4, to give notice to the Company to purchase from such Management Stockholder and his or her Permitted Transferees, and the Company shall be required to purchase on one occasion from such Management Stockholder and his or her Permitted Transferees, all shares of Company Stock then held by such Person(s), or which may be acquired upon exercise of Options or Exchange Options subsequent to such termination, at a price equal to the Fair Market Value of such shares of Company Stock. All shares of Common Stock acquired by such Management Stockholder pursuant to an exercise of Options in accordance with the terms of the applicable Options or the Company Option Plan upon such termination shall be subject to the put right described above.
Rights of Optionee The Optionee shall not be, nor shall he have any of the rights or privileges of, a stockholder of the Company in respect of any of the shares issuable upon the exercise of this Option unless and until certificates representing such shares shall have been issued and delivered; except that the Company shall supply the Optionee with all financial information and other reports which the Company furnished its stockholders during the Option period.
Options, Warrants and Rights Grant or issue any options, warrants, calls, puts or other rights of any kind relating to the purchase, redemption or conversion of shares of its capital stock or any other securities (including securities convertible into capital stock) or enter into any agreement or understanding with respect to any such action.
Persons Having Rights Under Warrant Agreement Nothing in this Agreement shall give to any person other than the Company, the Warrant Agent and the holders of the Warrant Certificates any right, remedy or claim under or by reason of this Agreement.
Rights Plans To the extent that the Corporation has a rights plan in effect with respect to the Common Stock on any Conversion Date, upon conversion of any shares of the Preferred Stock into Common Stock, the Holders will receive, in addition to the shares of Common Stock, the rights under the rights plan, unless, prior to such Conversion Date, the rights have separated from the shares of Common Stock, in which case the Conversion Price will be adjusted at the time of separation as if the Corporation had issued the rights to all holders of the Common Stock in an issuance triggering an adjustment pursuant to Section 9(a)(iii), subject to readjustment in the event of the expiration, termination or redemption of such rights.
No Preemptive Rights, Registration Rights or Options Except as described in the Disclosure Package and the Final Prospectus, there are no preemptive rights or other rights to subscribe for or to purchase, nor any restriction upon the voting or transfer of any equity securities of, any of the Partnership Entities. Neither the filing of the Registration Statement nor the offering or sale of the Units as contemplated by this Agreement gives rise to any rights for or relating to the registration of any Units or other securities of any of the Partnership Entities other than as provided in the Disclosure Package and the Final Prospectus and the Partnership Agreement or as have been waived or satisfied. Except as described in the Disclosure Package and the Final Prospectus, there are no outstanding options or warrants to purchase (A) any Common Units or other interests in the Partnership, (B) any partnership interests in the General Partner or the Operating Partnership, or (C) any membership interests in DCP Midstream GP, LLC or the OLP GP.
Setoff Rights During the continuance of any Event of Default, each Lender is hereby authorized by each Borrower at any time or from time to time, with reasonably prompt subsequent notice to such Borrower (any prior or contemporaneous notice being hereby expressly waived) to set off and to appropriate and to apply any and all (a) balances held by such Lender or any of such Lender’s Affiliates at any of its offices for the account of such Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries (regardless of whether such balances are then due to such Borrower or its Subsidiaries), and (b) other property at any time held or owing by such Lender to or for the credit or for the account of such Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries, against and on account of any of the Obligations; except that no Lender shall exercise any such right without the prior written consent of Agent. Any Lender exercising a right to set off shall purchase for cash (and the other Lenders shall sell) interests in each of such other Lender’s Pro Rata Share of the Obligations as would be necessary to cause all Lenders to share the amount so set off with each other Lender in accordance with their respective Pro Rata Share of the Obligations. Each Borrower agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, that any Lender and any of such Lender’s Affiliates may exercise its right to set off with respect to the Obligations as provided in this Section 10.6.
SET-OFF RIGHTS The State shall have all of its common law, equitable and statutory rights of set-off. These rights shall include, but not be limited to, the State's option to withhold for the purposes of set-off any moneys due to the Contractor under this contract up to any amounts due and owing to the State with regard to this contract, any other contract with any State department or agency, including any contract for a term commencing prior to the term of this contract, plus any amounts due and owing to the State for any other reason including, without limitation, tax delinquencies, fee delinquencies or monetary penalties relative thereto. The State shall exercise its set-off rights in accordance with normal State practices including, in cases of set-off pursuant to an audit, the finalization of such audit by the State agency, its representatives, or the State Comptroller.