Saturday Sample Clauses

Saturday. Sunday and designated paid holidays shall not be counted in determining the time within which any action is to be taken or completed under the grievance procedure.
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Saturday. Notwithstanding the foregoing, pursuant to SMMC Section 4.12.110(e), Developer has the right to seek a permit from the City authorizing construction activity during the times otherwise prohibited by this Section. The Parties acknowledge and agree that, among other things, afterhours construction permits can be granted for concrete pours.
Saturday. Saturday and Sunday double time premiums will apply from 8:00 a.m. Saturday until 8:00 a.m. Monday with the exception that a Friday night shift which is scheduled to end at 8:00 a.m. Saturday will have the first two hours of overtime payable at one and one half (1½x) times. The 8:00 a.m. times referred to in this clause are subject to the "deviation" referred to in clause 7.03.
Saturday. 8A.07 If working a four (4) by ten (10) hour day work week, a clear statement of earnings and deductions is to be given to the employee by afternoon break on Wednesday, if direct deposit is used. If paid on Wednesday by cheque onsite, the employee shall receive the cheque along with a clear statement of earnings and deductions by afternoon break. In the event of failure to comply with the above, the employee shall receive two (2) hours pay for each day until the cheque and statement of earnings and deductions, (or statement of earnings and deductions, if direct deposit), is provided.
Saturday. B. Upon receiving notice or summons of jury duty, an employee shall immediately notify his/her supervisor and provide a copy of the notice or jury summons.
Saturday. Job duties / Work assignments The general expectation for a telework arrangement is that the employee will effectively accomplish regular job duties, regardless of work location. If there are telework-specific job duties and/or expectations, specify in the box below, or enter N/A. Please enter telework-specific job duties and/or expectations here: Example: Telecommuting will be intermittent; In-person attendance at departmental meetings is expected, etc. Telework arrangement modification Department Head/Manager/Supervisor may end this telework arrangement based on business need or employee job performance at any time. Employees must maintain communications with the office during teleworking hours, to include email, voicemail, telephone forwarding and other options as directed by supervisor. Equipment and technology access The university and the employee agree to work together to ensure that the alternate worksite is safe and ergonomically suitable. In the event of equipment failure or service interruption, the employee must notify the university immediately to discuss alternate assignments or other options. As a teleworking employee, you are responsible for ensuring that the designated workspace you are proposing is adequately equipped and complies with university guidelines. You will adhere to the DoIT policies for using university IT equipment and connecting to the university’s resources for work purposes. University documents and/or data that may be sensitive in nature or confidential must be kept secure and remain confidential. You may not share your university password(s) with anyone, including family members. Policies and procedure acknowledgement employee initials I understand and accept primary responsibility for my own safety within my remote work location and I agree to abide by all safety rules as if it were located on the campus of UNCP. Please initial below: I have read and understand UNCP’s Human Resources’ COVID-19 Telework Plan and Agreement I have read and understand POL 08.00.05 - Acceptable Use Policy and POL 08.00.03 - Network Management and Usage Policy I have read and agree to comply with UNCP’s Covid-19 teleworking guidelines.
Saturday. Saturday and Sunday overtime premiums will apply from 8:00 a.m. Saturday until 8:00 a.m. Monday with the exception that a Friday night shift which is scheduled to end at 8:00
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Saturday time and a half for the first two (2) hours and double time thereafter with a minimum of four (4) hours paid or worked.
Saturday. Time and one half (1½) the applicable wage rate for the first eight (8) hours and double (2) time thereaf- ter.
Saturday. The regular weekly work schedule will consist of forty (40) hours, scheduled on not more than five (5) workdays of eight (8) hours each or four (4) workdays of ten (10) hours each, if applicable, within the workweek. If a schedule of up to 12 hours per day is utilized, the parties will meet and agree on the impact on such schedule on the various provisions of the agreement.
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