Monday through Friday Sample Clauses

Monday through Friday. Landlord shall have the right to prescribe the weight, size and position of all safes and other heavy property brought into the Building and also the times and manner of moving the same in and out of the Building. Safes and other heavy objects shall, if considered necessary by Landlord, stand on supports of such thickness as is necessary to properly distribute the weight. Landlord will not be responsible for loss of or damage to any such safe or property in any case. Any damage to any part of the Building, its contents, occupants or visitors by moving or maintaining any such safe or other property shall be the sole responsibility and expense of Tenant.
Monday through Friday. For the first three (3) hours, at time and a half; double time thereafter.
Monday through Friday. All grievances and disputes will be processed in strict accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
Monday through Friday. Each employee must have worked all the available scheduled straight time hours of a day, before receiving overtime pay for hours worked thereafter on the same day. The above requirements may be waived at the discretion of the employee’s supervisor in the event of a pre-planned and pre- approved absence or if the employee’s supervisor authorizes an unplanned absence. This discretion will be applied in a fair and consistent manner.
Monday through Friday. If during the last month of the term Lessee shall have removed all or substantially all of Lessee's property, Lessor may immediately allow anyone else to occupy the premises without relieving Lessee of liability for rent for that period of time unless Lessor receives rental income from Lessee's space, in which event such payment will be credited against Lessee's rent obligation for the period of time the space is occupied by someone else.
Monday through Friday. Tenant's access shall be accommodated by the Office Building security system at all other times.
Monday through Friday i) The normal hours of work, except for Lodge employees, Screening Program for Breast Cancer (SPBC) employees, Early Detection Coordinators and Population Health Promotion Practitioners, shall be 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, seven (7) hours forty-six (46) minutes per shift (one hundred and eight point seven five (108.75) hours in three (3) weeks).
Monday through Friday. In the event Tenant requires heating and air conditioning during off hours, Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, there will be a $40.00 per hour charge. Tenants off hours usage will be billed monthly. Landlord and Tenant shall mutually agree upon an estimated usage prior to Lease commencement. Tenant will be billed monthly on this estimated amount and any changes will be adjusted on the end of the year.
Monday through Friday. Members of the Union shall not lose time or pay for the time spent in such meeting.