PAY DAY Sample Clauses

PAY DAY. (a) The Employer shall pay each Nurse every two (2) weeks. The amount shall be in accordance with the applicable hourly rate for the Nurse’s classification and increment level listed in Appendix “A”. Payment will include regular pay and will include any other income earned during the preceding pay period. Every effort will be made to supply requested information to a Nurse as to the amount paid on or before pay day.
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PAY DAY. 1. Employees will be paid bi-weekly by direct deposit to their bank accounts.
PAY DAY. SECTION 1. Employees shall be paid in full once each week (on the same day), but in no event shall more than five (5) days’ (Saturday, Sunday and holidays excluded) wages be withheld.
PAY DAY. Employees shall receive their pay each week. Upon request, extra Meat Department employees shall be paid in full when their work is completed. Failure to pay such extra Meat Department employees upon completion of work shall require the Employer to pay the employee eight (8) hours pay for each twenty-four (24) hour period until payment in full has been made. In the case of termination of employment of any employee, the final paycheck shall be given to the employee not later than seventy- two (72) hours after the completion of his last shift.
PAY DAY. 32.01 (a) Except in weeks in which a statutory holiday is observed:
PAY DAY. 24.1 Payday shall be biweekly and in no case shall more than six (6) days' pay be held back. Employees shall be paid prior to the end of their assigned shift.
PAY DAY. SECTION 1. Employees shall be paid in full once each week (on the same day), but in no event shall more than five (5) days’ wages be withheld (Saturday, Sunday and holidays excluded). If the regular payday falls on a Holiday, the employees shall be paid on the last regular work day before the holiday. The Employer will have the following options of making payment: negotiable check made on a local bank, paid prior to quitting time at job site, direct deposit in employees’ bank account, or by mail. The Employer shall furnish to each employee at the time of payment of wages, an itemized statement showing the pay basis (i.e., hours or days worked), rate or rates of pay, gross wages, and all deductions for that pay period. In addition, the name, address and phone number of the Employer shall be indicated. No adjustment of disputed pay will be made unless the Employee or the Union shall make a claim in writing to the Employer’s representative within fifteen (15) days from the pay period in question, or from the date of any pay adjustment.
PAY DAY. 30.01 Pay day shall be once per week on Friday in the a.m. In the event that a paid holiday falls on a Friday, pay day shall be the Thursday preceding the holiday. Employees’ pays shall be deposited in each employee’s bank of choice. When an employee has a pay shortage of more than two (2) hours pay the discrepant amount will be paid on the day following the issuing of the pay stub.
PAY DAY. Employees' paychecks will be available on a weekly basis no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday.
PAY DAY. 8.1 Pay day shall be every second Friday. Each pay period, employees shall receive a statement showing deductions and adjustments and their pay shall be deposited into the employee's bank account(s). The employee is accountable to provide appropriate bank account numbers for up to two (2) deposit accounts. If a pay day falls on a general holiday, then the pay day shall be the preceding business day. For purposes of this clause, “business day” shall mean any day between Monday and Friday, inclusive, which is not a statutory holiday. Salary Grids