Successful Bidders Sample Clauses

Successful Bidders. (i) A successful bidder shall move to the awarded position within 60 days.
Successful Bidders. Successful bidders shall be allowed no more than thirty (30) calendar days to accept or be accepted into the vacant or newly created job. If an employee is disqualified or disqualifies himself, he shall be returned to his original job classification. Management will give specific reasons for disqualifying an employee.
Successful Bidders 

Related to Successful Bidders

  • Shift Bidding Each unit employee will be allowed to bid for the shift assignment of their choice; however the final selection for the shift assignment will be made by the Sheriff, or his designee, and be made in the Sheriff’s discretion. When making the final selection for the shift assignment, the Sheriff, or his designee, shall consider relevant factors, including, but not limited to, seniority, prior assignments to a particular shift, and the scheduling needs of the department. The provisions of this article shall not be subject to the grievance procedure contained in Article 13.

  • Credit Bidding The Secured Parties hereby irrevocably authorize the Administrative Agent, at the direction of the Required Lenders, to credit bid all or any portion of the Obligations (including by accepting some or all of the Collateral in satisfaction of some or all of the Obligations pursuant to a deed in lieu of foreclosure or otherwise) and in such manner purchase (either directly or through one or more acquisition vehicles) all or any portion of the Collateral (a) at any sale thereof conducted under the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, including under Sections 363, 1123 or 1129 of the Bankruptcy Code, or any similar laws in any other jurisdictions to which a Loan Party is subject, or (b) at any other sale, foreclosure or acceptance of collateral in lieu of debt conducted by (or with the consent or at the direction of) the Administrative Agent (whether by judicial action or otherwise) in accordance with any applicable law. In connection with any such credit bid and purchase, the Obligations owed to the Secured Parties shall be entitled to be, and shall be, credit bid by the Administrative Agent at the direction of the Required Lenders on a ratable basis (with Obligations with respect to contingent or unliquidated claims receiving contingent interests in the acquired assets on a ratable basis that shall vest upon the liquidation of such claims in an amount proportional to the liquidated portion of the contingent claim amount used in allocating the contingent interests) for the asset or assets so purchased (or for the equity interests or debt instruments of the acquisition vehicle or vehicles that are issued in connection with such purchase). In connection with any such bid, (i) the Administrative Agent shall be authorized to form one or more acquisition vehicles and to assign any successful credit bid to such acquisition vehicle or vehicles, (ii) each of the Secured Parties’ ratable interests in the Obligations which were credit bid shall be deemed without any further action under this Agreement to be assigned to such vehicle or vehicles for the purpose of closing such sale, (iii) the Administrative Agent shall be authorized to adopt documents providing for the governance of the acquisition vehicle or vehicles (provided that any actions by the Administrative Agent with respect to such acquisition vehicle or vehicles, including any disposition of the assets or equity interests thereof, shall be governed, directly or indirectly, by, and the governing documents shall provide for, control by the vote of the Required Lenders or their permitted assignees under the terms of this Agreement or the governing documents of the applicable acquisition vehicle or vehicles, as the case may be, irrespective of the termination of this Agreement and without giving effect to the limitations on actions by the Required Lenders contained in Section 9.02 of this Agreement), (iv) the Administrative Agent on behalf of such acquisition vehicle or vehicles shall be authorized to issue to each of the Secured Parties, ratably on account of the relevant Obligations which were credit bid, interests, whether as equity, partnership, limited partnership interests or membership interests, in any such acquisition vehicle and/or debt instruments issued by such acquisition vehicle, all without the need for any Secured Party or acquisition vehicle to take any further action, and (v) to the extent that Obligations that are assigned to an acquisition vehicle are not used to acquire Collateral for any reason (as a result of another bid being higher or better, because the amount of Obligations assigned to the acquisition vehicle exceeds the amount of Obligations credit bid by the acquisition vehicle or otherwise), such Obligations shall automatically be reassigned to the Secured Parties pro rata with their original interest in such Obligations and the equity interests and/or debt instruments issued by any acquisition vehicle on account of such Obligations shall automatically be cancelled, without the need for any Secured Party or any acquisition vehicle to take any further action. Notwithstanding that the ratable portion of the Obligations of each Secured Party are deemed assigned to the acquisition vehicle or vehicles as set forth in clause (ii) above, each Secured Party shall execute such documents and provide such information regarding the Secured Party (and/or any designee of the Secured Party which will receive interests in or debt instruments issued by such acquisition vehicle) as the Administrative Agent may reasonably request in connection with the formation of any acquisition vehicle, the formulation or submission of any credit bid or the consummation of the transactions contemplated by such credit bid.

  • JOB BIDDING The City reserves the right to organize work and assignments. Bureau managers will consult with the Union prior to implementation of a reorganization to discuss proper application of this Article. Whenever the City determines that it will fill a vacancy in a new or existing job, present employees shall be given the first opportunity on the following basis: the City may choose from among the two (2) most senior qualified bidders for 25% of all vacancies occurring within a bureau in a Fiscal Year. Prior to posting, the City must identify a posting as one which will be subject to this provision.

  • Competitive Bidding The Design Professional shall ensure that any plans and specifications prepared, required, or recommended under this Agreement allow for competitive bidding. The Design Professional shall design such plans or specifications so that procurement of services, labor or materials are not available from only one source, and shall not design plans and specifications around a single or specific product, piece of major equipment or machinery, a specific patented design, or a proprietary process, unless required by principles of sound engineering practice and supported by a written justification that has been approved in writing by the City. The Design Professional shall submit this written justification to the City prior to beginning work on such plans or specifications. Whenever the Design Professional recommends a specific product or equipment for competitive procurement, such recommendation shall include at least two brand names of products that are capable of meeting the functional requirements applicable to the Project.

  • Preliminary Approval Order “Preliminary Approval Order” means the Order entered by the Court preliminarily approving the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and directing the manner and timing of providing Notices to the Class Members.

  • Bidding a. The Auctioneer reserves the right to regulate the bidding and shall have the sole right to refuse any bid or bids without giving any reason for such refusal.

  • Approval Order The Approval Order shall have been entered by the Bankruptcy Court.

  • NON-COLLUSIVE BIDDING CERTIFICATE By submission of this bid or proposal, the Bidder certifies that: 1) This bid or proposal has been independently arrived at without collusion with any other Bidder or with any Competitor; 2) This bid or proposal has not been knowingly disclosed and will not be knowingly disclosed, prior to the opening of bids, or proposals for this project, to any other Bidder, Competitor or potential competitor: 3) No attempt has been or will be made to induce any other person, partnership or corporation to submit or not to submit a bid or proposal; 4) The person signing this bid or proposal certifies that he has fully informed himself regarding the accuracy of the statements contained in this certification, and under the penalties being applicable to the Bidder as well as to the person signing in its behalf. Not a negotiable term. Failure to agree will render your proposal non-responsive and it will not be considered. CONFLICT OF INTEREST QUESTIONNAIRE - FORM CIQ -Do you have any CONFLICT OF INTEREST TO REPORT OR DISCLOSE under this statutory requirement? Do you have any CONFLICT OF INTEREST TO REPORT OR DISCLOSE under this statutory requirement? YES or NO If you have a conflict of interest as described in this form or the Local Government Code Chapter 176, cited therein- you are required to complete and file with TIPS. The Form CIQ is one of the attachments to this solicitation. There is an optional upload for this form provided if you have a conflict and must file the form 9 No Filing of Form CIQ If yes (above), have you filed a form CIQ by uploading the form to this RFP as directed above? 0 No response Regulatory Standing I certify to TIPS for the proposal attached that my company is in good standing with all governmental agencies Federal or state that regulate any part of our business operations. If not, please explain in the next attribute question. 5 1 Yes Regulatory Standing Regulatory Standing explanation of no answer on previous question. 5 No response

  • Bidding Phase 2.5.1 The Professional, following the Owner's approval of the Abatement Document Phase, shall assist the Owner in obtaining bids and in award and preparation of Construction Contracts.

  • Sale Order The Sale Order shall be entered by the Bankruptcy Court. The Sale Order shall, among other things, (i) approve, pursuant to Sections 105, 363 and 365 of the Bankruptcy Code, (A) the execution, delivery and performance by Sellers of this Agreement, (B) the sale of the Purchased Assets to Purchaser on the terms set forth herein and free and clear of all Encumbrances (other than Encumbrances included in the Assumed Liabilities and Permitted Encumbrances), and (C) the performance by Sellers of their obligations under this Agreement; (ii) authorize and empower Sellers to assume and assign to Purchaser the Assigned Contracts; and (iii) find that Purchaser is a “good faith” buyer within the meaning of Section 363(m) of the Bankruptcy Code, not a successor to Sellers and grant Purchaser the protections of Section 363(m) of the Bankruptcy Code. Purchaser agrees that it will promptly take such actions as are reasonably requested by Sellers to assist in obtaining Bankruptcy Court approval of the Sale Order, including furnishing affidavits or other documents or information for filing with the Bankruptcy Court for purposes, among others, of (a) demonstrating that Purchaser is a “good faith” purchaser under Section 363(m) of the Bankruptcy Code, and (b) establishing adequate assurance of future performance within the meaning of Section 365 of the Bankruptcy Code.