In Cash definition

In Cash means Net Smelter Return Royalty paid in full and delivered in US dollars to Owner.
In Cash means in U.S. dollars, unless otherwise specified.
In Cash means the payment of Instalments in cash. For such operations, any branch of Banca di Roma, all of which are empowered to collect Loan Instalments, may be used regardless of which branch disbursed the Loan in the first place.

Examples of In Cash in a sentence

  • Cash Flows In. Cash flows in (revenue) will be calculated using Genworth Group payments as of the valuation date and projected forward over the Initial Term and Renewal Period, taking into account any future contractual margin reductions, historical volume trends, and any known events as documented in the most recent quarterly capacity management processes.

  • Bid prices shall be firm except that price revisions will be permitted in accordance with the following procedure: Revisions to the original Contract price shall be based on prices published in the OIL PRICE INFORMATION SERVICE (OPIS) under the heading In Cash Markets, weekly average Spot report under “N.Y. Harbor Spot Barge Weekly Average” and Ethanol Spot Market Prices (New York).

  • In Cash Settlement may be made by electronic transfer net of bank charges to the relevant correspondent bank(s) quoting the applicant's name and stating the appropriate Portfolio into which settlement monies are paid.

  • If an employer discharges an employee or the employee quits the employer may pay the wages earned and unpaid at the time the employee is discharged or quits by making a deposit authorized pursuant to this subdivision, provided that the employer complies with the provisions of this article relating to the payment of wages upon termination or quitting of employment.9.1.9 Exceptions To Payment Directly To Employee In Cash Or Negotiable Instrument.

  • The power of attorney granted to the Mortgagee in this Section 3.01, being coupled with an interest, shall be irrevocable until the Secured Obligations have been Paid In Full In Cash.

More Definitions of In Cash

In Cash means that all your assets which are not currently in liquid form are to be liquidated, sold, redeemed, etc. in order that your account can be transferred to the Receiving Institution in the form of cash.
In Cash or any other similar requirement. In addition, any Lender may, at its discretion, assign or purchase any Loans or Commitments by means of any cash or non-cash consideration, including through a “cashless roll” so long as agreed with the counterparty to such transaction, and such assignments or purchases shall be deemed to comply with any requirement hereunder or any other Loan Document that such payment be made “in Dollars,” “in immediately available funds,” “in cash” or any other similar requirement. Section 1.07
In Cash means in U.S. dollars.
In Cash or any other similar requirement. Section 1.08
In Cash or any other similar requirement. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in this Agreement, any Lender may exchange, continue or rollover all or a portion of its Loans in connection with any refinancing, extension, loan modification or similar transaction permitted by the terms of this Agreement pursuant to a cashless settlement mechanism approved by the Borrowers, the Administrative Agent and such Lender. Section 1.11
In Cash means that assets which are not currently in liquid form will be sold, redeemed, or otherwise disposed of and the net cash proceeds will be transferred to the Receiving Institution.